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The Conclusion seeks to provide a synthetic overview of the various facets of the development of the eighteenth-century tradition of literary criticism of opera. First of all, it is a critical tradition that reveals some of the general movements of Italian literary criticism as a whole. In Muratori and Gravina, for example, "melodramma" is viewed from the standpoint of the philological and erudite interests of Arcadia.

The study of opera thus forms part of the plans for literary reform in eighteenth-century Italy. Elements of the Orsi-Bouhours polemic over the relative merits of French and Italian literature are noted, as well as the impact of the "querelle des anciens et des modernes". The fact that eighteenth-century neo-Classicism is enriched by Cartesian Rationalism and the English tradition of empirical philosophy is taken into consideration, and the gradual movements towards a romantic position are identified. Metastasio emerges as an important critic in his own right, an aspect of his personality that modern scholars have not fully appreciated.

Finally, the Conclusion suggests further avenues of research that may lead to a fuller comprehension of the dominant theatrical genre and social divertissement of eighteenth-century Italy. Vancouver : University of British Columbia Library. For non-commercial purposes only, such as research, private study and education. Freez - Southern Freeez Frente! Geils Band J. D'Ubaldo - The Rhythm is magic M.

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O - Vivo per lei con seconda voce O. O - Quando ti senti sola O. Crowly Ozzy Osbourne - N. Diddy - Do That P. Bertoli - Pescatore con voce F.

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Kelly - The Worlds Greatest R. Kelly - Thoia Thoing R. Kelly R. Qual petto percota non vegga il pugnal. Spend the night here? Arise, all the agents of hell that rouse mortals to bloody acts! Night, wrap us In motionless darkness.

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Do not let the knife see The breast which it strikes. Lieto or lo vieni ad incontrar con me. Sounds of celebration are heard. The King! Now come and greet him cheerfully with me. They go out. Musica villereccia, la quale avanzandosi a poco a poco annuncia l'arrivo del Re. Sounds of folk-like music are heard, coming nearer, announcing the arrival of the king. The servant leaves.

L'elsa a me volta? Se larva non dei tu, ch'io ti brandisca. Mi sfuggi, eppur ti veggo! A me precorri Sul conuso cammin che nella mente Di seguir disegnava! Orrenda imago! Solco sanguigno la tua lama irriga! Ma nulla esiste ancor. Odesi un tocco di campana E' deciso. Non udirlo, Duncano! E' squillo eterno Che nel cielo ti chiama o nell'inferno. Entra nelle stanze del Re. The hilt turned to me? If you are not a dream, let me grasp you. You fly from me, and yet I can see you! You run ahead of me along the unclear path which my mind intended to follow!

Horrid sight! The blade is streaked with blood! Only my bloody imagination gives it shape and presents a dream to my eyes as a reality. On one half of the world nature now is dead. Now the murderer creeps like a phantom through the shadows. Now the witches consummate their secrets. Motionless earth! Stay hushed at my steps. A bell rings It is decided. That bell invites me!

Do not hear it, Duncan.

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It is a knell That summons you to heaven or to hell. Oh, qual lamento! Risponde il gufo al suo lugubre addio! Ah, that moaning! The owl responds To his mournful farewell. La precedente, Macbeth stravolto con un pugnale in mano. Si avvicina a Lady e le dice sottovoce: Fatal mia donna! Il sonno per sempre, Glamis, uccidesti! Sei vano, o Macbetto, ma privo d'ardire: Glamis, a mezz'opra vacilli, t'arresti, Fanciul vanitoso, Caudore, tu se'.

Chi mai lo direbbe l'invitto che fu? Le sue guardie insanguinate. Che l'accusa in lor ricada. Strappa dalle mani di Macbeth il pugnale, ed entra nelle stanze del Re. My fated lady, did you not hear murmuring, as I did? What did you say a moment ago? God be with us always, they said. I wanted to say Amen but the rebellious word froze on my lips. Glamis, you have murdered sleep for ever. Cawdor, you will never sleep again. You are bold, Macbeth, but have no daring.

You hesitate halfway, Glamis, and stop. Cawdor, you are a conceited child. Who would ever call him the unconquered man he was? Smear his guards with blood so that they will be accused. I cannot go back in! Si guarda le mani Oh! Questa mano!

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Non potrebbe l'Oceano Queste mani a me lavar! Looking at his hands Oh, this hand! The ocean could not wash my hands clean! Non ti vinca un vil timor. Deh, sapessi, o Re trafitto, L'alto sonno a te spezzar! Parte trascinato da Lady. My hands are stained too. A sprinkle of water and they will be c1ean again. The deed too will pass into oblivion. They're knocking louder.

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We must remove all suspicion from the murderer. Be yourself, Macbeth. Have courage! Don't be defeated by fear. O murdered King, if only I could rouse you from your deep sleep. Lady Macbeth drags him off. Qui m'attendete, o Banco. Entra nella stanza del Re. Wait here for me, Banquo. He goes into the King's chamber. Per l'aer cieco lamentose voci, Voci s'udian di morte. Mourning voices were heard in the blind air, voices of death. The bird of ill omen moaned gloomily and the earth was felt to shake. Banco entra precipitoso nella stanza del Re Correte!

Tutti accorrete! Oh delitto! I cannot say it! Banquo rushes into the King's chamber Hurry! Ho there! Everyone come here! O gran Dio, che ne' cuori penetri, Tu ne assisti, in te solo fidiamo; Da te lume, consiglio cerchiamo A squarciar delle tenebre il vel! L'ira tua formidabile e pronta Colga l'empio, o fatal punitor; E vi stampi sul volto l'impronta Che stampasti sul primo uccisor. ALL: What is it? What has happened? ALL: Open your mouth, hell and swallow all creation in your womb. Heaven, let your flames fall on the unknown, detestable murderer. God, you can look into our hearts, aid us, we trust in you alone.

We look to you for light and counsel to tear through the veil of darkness. Deadly castigator let your formidable, ready anger take the villain and mark his head as you marked that of the first murderer. Act 2 Top Act 1 Act 3. Stanza nel castello. Macbeth pensoso, seguito da Lady Macbeth. A room in the castle. Macbeth enters, deep in thought, followed by Lady Macbeth. Veraci Parlar le maliarde, e re tu sei. Dunque i suoi figli regneran? Parte precipitoso. The deed cannot he undone. The sorceresses spoke the truth and you are king.

Because of his sudden flight to England Duncan's son has been accused of parricide and the throne was left empty for you. So will his sons reign? Will Duncan have died for them? He rushes out.

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Nuovo delitto! E' necessario! Compiersi debbe l'opra fatale. O scettro, alfin sei mio! Ogni mortal desio Tace e s'acqueta in te. O longed-for night, throw a veil over the guilty murderous hand.

Pieno di ospiti e cover hanno suonato canzoni che non facevano dal vivo da anni

A new crime! It must be so! The fatal deed must be done. Power means nothing to the dead; for them a requiem and eternity. Oh, desire of the throne! Oh, sceptre, at last you are mine! Every living desire is quieted and calmed in you. The man who was prophesied king will soon fall lifeless.

A park. In the distance is Macbeth's castle. Two groups of assassins enter from several directions. Chi v'impose unirvi a noi? Fu Macbetto. Ed a che far? Deggiam Banco trucidar. Insiem con voi. Rimanete, or bene sta. Cieca notte, affretta e spegni Ogni lume in terra e in ciel. Trema, o Banco! Who commanded you to join us?

It was Macbeth. To do what? We are to slaughter Banquo. Together with you. He will come here with his son. All is well. ALL: The sun has disappeared, now let night reign, wicked and bloodstained. Blind night, hurry to extinguish all light on earth and in heaven. The time is near, now let us hide. We shall wait for him in silence. Tremble, Banquo, the point of a dagger is stuck in your side! BANCO: Studia il passo, o mio figlio usciam da queste tenebre un senso ignoto nascer mi sento il petto, Pien di tristo presagio e di sospetto.

In notte ugual trafissero Duncano, il mio signor. Mille affannose immagini M'annunciano sventura, E il mio pensiero ingombrano Di larve e di terror. Fuggi, mio figlio! Fleanzio attraversa la scena inseguito da un sicario. I can feel an unknown sensation rising in my heart, filled with sad foreboding and suspicion. How the gloom falls more and more darkly from heaven! It was on a night like this that they stabbed my lord Duncan.

A thousand feverish images foretell misfortune to me and cloud my thoughts with phantoms and fears. They go off into the park Alas! Fly, my son! Fleance crosses the scene pursued by one of the assassins. Magnifica sala. Mensa imbandita. A magnificent hall with a table laid for a banquet. CORO: Salve, o donna! Pago son io d'accogliere Tali ospiti a banchetto. La mia consorte assidasi Nel trono a lei sortito, Ma pria le piaccia un brindisi Sciogliere, a vostr'onor. Da noi s'involino Gli odi e gli sdegni, Folleggi e regni Qui solo amor.

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Giustiamo il balsamo D'ogni ferita, Che nova vita Ridona al cor. Cacciam le torbide Cure dal petto; Nasca il diletto, Muoia il dolor. I am pleased to greet such guests at the banquet.