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So, as you are planning to walk fully and intentionally in your calling and purpose be sure to grab both the PowerSheets Goal Planner and the Emily Ley Simplified Planner to help you get started, keep you, focused and on track! Plans are fine. However a plan means nothing without corresponding action.

How exactly will that work out for you?

How To Be Intentional About Your Calling And Purpose

Not too well, right? And YES , we are responsible for giving God our best and becoming our best, so we can be fully used, by Him. It just makes the journey sweeter. Praying about your calling and purpose is so important. Prayer is simply a conversation with God. Prayer is the glue that allows you to be intentional about your calling and purpose. She even includes bible scriptures and sayings to help small business owners feel empowered.

Grab it NOW! God has designed all of us uniquely and specifically. Buy the journal, pens, and planners. Speak with you planner friends on how to better effectively plan. Join a Facebook group for public speaking or LinkedIn group. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Angelica Duncan is a Cheerleader of Women for ladies who are Kingdom-focused and purpose-driven, by their calling in business and leadership.

Welcome to the Alabaster Box of ShepreLeadership! Just Starting? Share Tweet Pin 15 shares. Start speaking aloud your calling and purpose. Remember, faith without works is dead. Prayer is KEY! And really you should start with prayer, first. You NEED it! Need A Business Idea? Here Are 51! Start your business in your pajamas! You could be up and running by Monday! Your privacy is important to me. Comments Buy the journal, pens, and planners. So GOOD!! Keep going! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Connect with me on Facebook! As a Designing Your Life Coach, she believes that coaching helps people in times of transition to view the life they genuinely wish for and to achieve aspirational goals in an authentic way. Naomi has extensive HR management experience in global IT, enjoys Design Thinking facilitation and training for managers.

We have to keep checking in with ourselves and be willing to ask the tough questions. If you feel your happiness meter is off and have no idea what next, it is time to dive into your life design. Harriet partners with business leaders to leverage strengths and enhance skills so they can deliver organizational performance today as well as prepare and plan for future challenges. She also works extensively with high potential Asian talent, women executives at all levels and leaders exploring career transitions.

Navy veteran. Cindy helps empower staff to have successful careers, and leaders to create engaging workplaces. Is your current, desired, or former career in higher education? Any part of that journey feeling uncomfortable or ready for an upgrade? I coach higher ed professionals whether faculty, staff, administrators, or graduate students fulfill their aspirations while developing much needed peace of mind.

I would love to have a conversation with you to learn more about your goals and passions! E-mail me for a confidential discussion. Carly is a certified executive and leadership coach and consultant who has served emerging and established leaders across the globe for two decades. In addition to her private coaching and consulting practice, Carly serves on the leadership team of the Career Management Center at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she oversees career development for all MBA and mid-career students.

We work with executives of all ages, and now increasingly students and those in NFP to determine new and more valued work futures for themselves. She holds graduate degrees in both Counseling and Educational Psychology. She has extensive experience in non- profit program design, development and administration where she used Design Thinking for social innovation. She now applies the Design Thinking process to life design for women in the second half of their life. I partner with clients in discovery of their best potential selves. Career and professional Coaching is my true passion! Welcome to The Next You Studio.

Think of this experience as the white t-shirt of life and career design — simple, minimal, real, approachable. My own path has taken me to teaching English in Japan, to fundraising in Chicago and to all 50 states and 6 continents so far. I went to a small liberal arts college and a D1 research university for business school. I am a coach, trainer, facilitator, and storyteller. My professional life and coaching practice have centered around helping individuals, groups, and organizations, find, tell, and live better stories. Intentional storytelling is an essential part of the life-design process because stories help us to make sense of our lives, the world, and our role in it.

They help us name the change we want to bring. To help people discover and inhabit these stories of transformation, I create carefully designed workshops, training, and coaching experiences nested in applied improvisation, storytelling, and creative experimentation. I am a psychologist, as well as a design thinking facilitator based in Bangkok, Thailand. My specialist is in positive psychology, as well as Designing Your Life tools. I am a certified diversity life coach with additional training in design thinking. I have many fun and creative ways to help you overcome productivity blocks, improve relationships and find happiness.

Let's work together to design the life you are meant to live. I coach in English and Portuguese. Designer and consultant. Design Thinking partitioner and trainer. Joseph is a designer who believes in social innovation, and promoting Design Thinking. He is experienced in projects in industrial design, health care, aging, etc. Youth Employment Start , etc. Before going into the design field, Joseph started out with an MBA and used to work in the US in show biz, and licensing.

He is also a photographer videographer, and have done commercial work. Joseph produces and hosts video programs on social media. Entrepreneurial Coach and Certified Business Model Designer, assisting my clients to start up and design disruptive business models inspired from who they really are. Forming a young entrepreneur camp for high school and university students in Asia.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach and a Designing Your Life Coach, I help highly successful hungry go-getters to slow down, de-stress, develop a better relationship with food and exercise, reframe negative self-talk, investigate habits and triggers, and set strategies for success. I will soon be presenting on biannually at the famed Rancho La Puerta in Mexico as well. I have been an HR professional for 20 years. I work as coach to help both managers and employees build their competencies and resolve employee issues, and I enjoyed doing such things.

Now I am dedicating myself to be a great coach. We spend most of our lives working- work that defines us and demands our energy. Yet, sometimes we get stuck. There's many things we get stuck on-- how can I be a better leader?

I work with people who are stuck on figuring out that next step. Together, we reflect on who they are at their best, uncover what they have to offer and figure out ways to create meaning and fulfillment. Then we bring these insights to life. I assist my clients in developing the clarity they desire - in intention, direction, and action. My approach blends over 25 years of strategic planning experience with my deep commitment to an integral coaching philosophy.

I'm a graduate of Stanford's Product Design program and I work with companies to implement design thinking where it has never been used before. This fall I'm starting a teaching position at the University of Tulsa where I'll be part of the Mechanical Engineering faculty and I'll be starting a design program for the University. I'd like to offer Designing Your Life as a class any student can take.

I coach people in the discovery of possibilities that bring purpose, meaning, and joy to work and life. We collaborate to design your way forward - from launching a new career to easing into retirement, from natural life transitions to navigating the unexpected events that disrupt us. I leverage thirty years of rich experience in learning, leadership development, employee engagement, career development and executive search. My understanding of development and the challenges in personal change will help us navigate your design process.

I am Clare Morrison, principal at Proceed Collected. I would be honored to join you on that journey. Her life coaching clients are people in personal or professional transition who want to apply Designing Your Life practices to finding their way to what is next for them. Her client-centered approach includes inquiry, self-awareness, reflection, action learning, resilience practices, and positive psychology.

She enjoys walks along Lake Michigan, family and friends, her qigong practice, journaling, and urban gardening. The Tech Edge J. Career Development professional focused on working with adults and youth to enhance career planning and management skills. Experienced in providing counseling and education across a broad range of contexts as well as management within education, community health and small business environments. I am particularly interested in applying creative strategies to career development, with dual qualifications in Career Development and Art Therapy.

Leadership coaching for mission-focused individuals and small teams.

Program Overview

Liz supports emerging and established leaders in advancing their career and amplifying their social impact. Her practice as both coach and consultant is guided by the following values: co-creation and partnership, authenticity, connection, stewardship of valuable time and resources, empathy, innovation, and a focus on personal and organizational impact. I do coaching for people who want to thrive in public tests in Brazil to enter the public service. That involves, also, career coaching.

I have been coaching leaders and teams in the public service as well. As a passionate Career Educator and Coach, Lynda has supported hundreds of clients locally in Winnipeg and across Canada for over 10 years. She is excited to support clients as a Designing Your Life Certified Coach, to work through the Design Thinking Process: ultimately providing a framework to get unstuck and applying the mindsets to build a well-lived and joyful life.

SolJob: 13 years of Career Coaching for outplaced and unemployed workers including 3 years of Life coaching for workers. Following a successful career in business development, I want to use my skills to help others. Working with young people to help them with their transitions these past 8 years, I've witnessed the changing face of work. In my personal time I have trained as a coach and offer early and mid-career coaching, supporting clients to explore their options and take the first steps to improve their work life in this fast-changing world.

ThinkPartner Coaching Ltd. Deborah is both a creative and critical thinker. Her thirst for diversity has made the world of entrepreneurship her playground. She is a certified executive coach, strategic think partner and a design thinking enthusiast. Her coaching style is energizing and collaborative. She focuses on resolving challenges and discovering new possibilities. She is a powerful connector of ideas and concepts helping people explore directions that are aligned with their values. Deborah believes that it is better to live life by design rather than by default.

My approach is positive, collaborative and solution-focused. I established my coaching business in and have coached individuals from a diverse range of sectors including health, banking, law, sport, higher education, government and publishing. I LOVE that my job allows me to connect with and guide Butler University students and alumni through the career development process. I am a university career counsellor and cross-cultural sojourner who has redesigned his life several times and lives the dream. Founder and Managing Partner of Executive Recruitment firms focused on Africa, with a strong focus on working with innovative and fast scaling companies.

Specifically focused on sourcing and assessing leadership that is effective in high pressure and volatile environments. Coach to Executives and Entrepreneurs, especially Women, that are looking for a more effective ways to manage career and life goals. I am a coach for management teams and executives, a facilitator and a leadership mentor who is keen to help professionals realize their goals, live their dreams, and thrive in not just their careers but also lives. My coaching niche has evolved by combining my extensive executive experience with a fast paced but rich coaching education.

My coaching approach blends various coaching principles with the latest research data on neuroscience, emotional intelligence and human evolution behavior and as such is a unique combination of science and creativity based Designing Your Life methodology. I help people in all stages of life gain clarity. I also provide pro-bono coaching to individuals in career transitions. My strengths are in identifying career goals, establishing action plans, improving networking outcomes, and achieving interview success rates.

Founder, facilitator and coach of an innovation process consulting firm based in Thailand and Southeast Asia. May has passion in innovation processes and design thinking.

May coaches as a hobby. In order to introduce Designing Your Life to Thailand, she has translated the book into Thai, and it is in the process of being published. She believes there is a better in each person and organization, and loves nothing more than seeing that better unleashed into the world. My coaching and training practice is designed for individuals and organizations managing change and innovation.

I am a certified executive and leadership coach with a focus on design thinking, mindfulness, and character strengths, and my career includes work as a startup founder and entrepreneur, venture capitalist, educator, coder and civic leader. I am also an accredited yoga instructor, and I often encourage wellness in coaching conversations.

Peter provides comprehensive planning services to individuals and business owners to support their financial well-being. As the Founder and Managing Representative of Sherpa Financial Services Peter utilizes his extensive experience in research, planning and investment management to support clients on their life journey. Peter offers insights that result in unique and comprehensive strategies for his clients. This guidance, the true mission of Sherpa Financial, represents Peter's vision for assisting clients in all phases of their financial lives.

As a career development expert and coach PCC accredited by International Coaching Federation , Clark passionately devotes his professional life to helping his clients explore, transform and thrive. I work with MBA students on developing their career goals and their professional development skills. Through workshops, individual coaching and advising, and providing relevant information, I help them with their plans and job search skill development. My mission is to amplify and consolidate the fragile process of organizational creativity - by coaching business leaders, designing and facilitating strategic brainstorming sessions and training teams to use collaborative thinking tools.

She has worked in HR for 20 years. She was the educational and equality counsellor for Akureyri. One of her projects was organizing and running a Folk High School for Women. She worked at the National Power Company from where she was an internal coach and participated in all areas of HR hiring, talent management, strategy, equality etc.

I am a career advisor at Butler University, a private, non-profit, residential, undergraduate liberal arts institution. I am a liaison to our students and faculty in our College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a focus on our natural and social sciences majors.

Recognized life and leadership coach, consultant, and facilitator. HBS-trained former CEO with more than three decades of experience across various industries and organization types — Fortune , entrepreneurial, academic, and military. My goal is to help my clients learn and grow - into the people they aspire to be, for themselves, their families, friends and colleagues, and the causes they hold dear. I believe we all have an inner knowing and the wherewithal to find our way. I partner with clients to dream and grow into their dreams.

Georgie is dedicated to facilitating personal and professional growth by capitalizing on best practices learned working over 25 years in education, business, talent management, and professional development. She is passionate about helping people leverage their strengths and core values to reach meaningful goals and create a robust path forward. Georgie is thrilled to be part of the Designing Your Life community and use it as a framework for self-reflection and life design with clients! Workfit partners, with interested and interesting people and organizations to make a positive difference for their communities and for our planet in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Education for Good EFG equips talents with practical innovative tools, entrepreneurial mindset and user-centric design skill sets in order to nurture compassionate talents to innovate effectively. We use design thinking methodology and tools to work with education sectors and youth in Hong Kong. We nurture over youth and over teachers per year. Hunter Wright is a certified executive coach, consultant and principal of Huntley Partners. Hunter developed High Performance Women coaching for emerging and established leaders seeking to elevate their impact at work, at home, and in life.

While most executive leadership programs focus primarily on intellectual growth, High Performance Women engages the whole person - intellectual, emotional and physical — and aligns personal values to achieve peak results. School, High Performance Women coaching drives meaningful results.

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My focus as a coach is to help my clients find more life satisfaction no matter what stage of life they are in. I'm particularly adept at coaching clients through critical transitions in life, namely high school to college, college to career, empty nesting, and life after loss. Most recently, I've added organizational coaching to my resume assisting school districts in both Southern and Northern California in building out new programs and improving moral and team cohesiveness.

An expert in Chinese retail banking transformation and talent development, Champagne Yu is currently at the Bank of Communications of China HQ , with a certificate of coaching International Coaching Federation. She does research on career planning within the changing Chinese banking industry and is committed to providing talent development consulting to her clients who seek solutions for continuous growth, career, and life changes.

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Jennifer is a business consultant and college professor. Her passion for change management and business strategy always goes back to the people in a company's organizational design. Aligning people within teams to support each other with their talents and interests improves productivity, retention of exceptional talent, loyal customer relationships and is the key driver of competitive advantage.

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