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It is easy to be kind with the money of others. Then it would be anything but selfish of me not to tell you about all the comma splices in your writing. I'm nineteen and not about to tell you or anyone else how to write. I'm just saying my comp two teacher would rip me a new one if my paper misused so many commas like this. Is helping others because it makes me feel good bad?

Selfish and unselfish acts in football 2017/2018

I don't get anything in return because I don't really tell anybody when I do it. Kindness is contagious. It's great you are helping others out and research shows that we wind up feeling good too Not selfish. Keep it up. Polly Campbell speaks and writes about success, resilience, and personal development. She is the author of Imperfect Spirituality. The best advice might be what you say to your younger self. Wishing others well might be the best thing you can do for yourself. The words you say to yourself and others can impact your success. Back Psychology Today.

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What Counts As Altruism? People Judge Good Acts Harshly When They Are Performed For Selfish Ends

Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. When Should You Share a Secret? Polly Campbell Imperfect Spirituality. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. The selfish act of kindness Kindness is a win-win quality. Certainly, that's not a bad thing But, is all that kindness - selfish? Here are some other ideas to get you thinking: Help someone unload the groceries from their cart.

Drop off a meal to a friend who has a new baby. Write a love note to your partner. Put your neighbor's newspaper on her front porch during your morning walk. Look the checker, bank teller, waiter, or others who serve you, in the eye and say "thank you.

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Why are we so comfortable with good intentions without results. Then it would be anything but Submitted by Anonymouse on November 25, - am. Selfish kindness? Submitted by Gabriel on June 20, - pm. Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted. All comments. Replies to my comment. Leave this field blank. About the Author. In Print:. View Author Profile. More Posts. Continue Reading. Most Popular. Three Steps to Identifying a Borderline Personality.

Watch Your Tone. The Selfish Act of Kindness. Is Kindness a Weakness? Survival of the Kindest. OK, so I made my left onto his street, and he freaked out. He leaned on his horn repeatedly and gave me the frowning of a lifetime. So what happened? In his mind, I should have come to a stop with no stop sign and let him blow through his stop sign so he could go first. That's what this incident and this column comes down to: Me first! Now I get it.

We all want to go first, but what is wrong with someone when they think they're literally above the law? That fellow travelers should heed the right of way on the off chance that crazy old men want to blow through stop signs and go first?

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  • Don't worry. I took care of it. I'm very gifted with words. He was so impressed with my eloquence that he asked me where he could buy my novel before driving on. So maybe you don't live in New York City. I mean, I guess that's possible. Some people don't. People from Chicago, for example.

    2. They Do Not Respect Other People's Time

    Also, people from Canada. It's really too long of a list to get into. In any event, for people in New York City and other cities, I guess , there's a thing known as calling a cab. What you do is stand on the street, wait for yellow cars with "on duty" lights to drive by, and raise your hand or shout "taxi" or both. Oh, if you're a cartoon from the '50s, you do that two-fingers-in-your-mouth whistle thing, but I've never actually seen that in real life.

    9 Acts of Extreme Selfishness - Oddee

    Anyway, New York City is a crowded place, and you'd probably know that if you weren't from Chicago or Canada, so sometimes you can't help it when there are more people than cabs. I get it. But sometimes people are just dicks. They want a cab. They see a person in the street waiting for a cab. And then they get a brilliant idea: walk 10 feet in front of the person already hailing a cab and start flagging. Y'see, it's a brilliant idea because the cab will see them before the person who was waiting before them.

    What is going through this person's head? Hey, here's another real life story. Let me take you back to my first week in college. Yes, I was very hot then, and no, I won't include a picture of me from college. What kind of a twat would do that? So during that first week of college, it's not uncommon for parents to come up with their kids and help them acclimate and move for that first day. Consequently, there's always a rush on hotel rooms, and depending on your college and surrounding area, accommodations can be scarce.

    In any event, I remember that my parents really had to scramble to find a room, and they ended up staying at some cut-rate affair about 15 miles away. Not the biggest deal in the world. During that first day orientation, we bumped into a friend of mine from high school who attended my same college. Her mom was there, too. The folks made small talk about '90s things y'know, like how cool snap bracelets are and how great the decade would be for BuzzFeed to reminisce about once the Internet becomes commonplace.

    Then the conversation turned to how hard it was to get a room, and my friend's mom dropped a little tip on us. She said something to the effect of:. Yes, I know that's a lie. People lie. But here's the part that still surprises me. Doesn't it occur to liars like this that there could well be actual families with actual handicapped needs who are now fucked out of a room because of that fun lie they told about their child having spinal injuries?

    I mean, the thought has to occur, right? And I guess it's just not a problem because "Me first! I know that a lot of you are annoyed that you don't know me as well as you'd like. Anyway, your fictitious prayers have been answered. Here's a story from fifth grade:. I don't really remember what it was, but my fifth grade teacher kept a test tube of something near the sink. One day I picked up the test tube, trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at, and then I put it back down in its container. Too hard. I was pretty sure it had cracked and was now leaking into the bottle it was kept in, but I didn't want to find out, and no one saw me, so I went about my day hoping that goat syphilis could not be contracted in its airborne form.

    About a week later, the teacher noticed the damage and asked if anyone knew who did. My classmate Rich said that Darren had done it, that he had seen Darren knock the bottle over with his coat and then put it back. First off, yes, Rich was a twat.

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    • Despite the negative connotation of "selfish," selfishness is not always bad!
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    • I mean, seriously, right? Anyway, at that point I confessed, because I was fine with sneaking around and avoiding punishment, but I couldn't deal with someone being punished because of me.

      1. They Withhold Important Information

      But that happens all the time. People let other people get fired for their mistake. And they're OK with that. But how can you embezzle money and watch someone else go to jail, saying "Better him than me? I feel these people must rationalize a difference, but there is none. Or maybe they don't even bother. Now, I know that many people think of New York as a gathering of godless heathens, but on Christmas Day the city is as shut down as you will ever see it.