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Lots of crates, X wings and U wings and A wings Jyn takes special note of the A wings; Saw has a bunch of the other two, but not those , and of course, dozens of people all swarming through the space. Jyn takes her time, counting how many of the fighters look like they can actually fly, and how many are missing critical parts or have obvious damage. She notes the small fleet of astromechs humming along through the organized chaos, the distinct lack of security droids, the rare flash of a protocol droid bustling by.

Another stack turns out to be full of…synth-leather? Wow, enough to make boots for a whole battalion. Alright, so the security is sloppy, the leadership is wishy-washy, and the noise is almost unbearable; but Jyn is forced to admit that at least the Alliance is pretty well stocked. Jyn slips away from the crates and aims for the edges of the hangar.

She escapes through an unmarked door and finds herself in a slightly less crowded passageway. She tells her stomach to get over it, and hunts for a staircase. She finds one, and runs lightly up the stairs and into what is indeed a mess of prefab wall sections and modern doors screwed uncomfortably into ancient stone halls. Jyn slinks through haphazardly installed server spaces, barracks, and conference rooms, and what might be some kind of maintenance storage room.

So she scouts, wandering through and absorbing every little bit of information about Alliance operations that she can. Consoles and comm technicians, armories locked and an auditorium empty , she counts and memorizes and marvels privately at just how many people are all crammed into this space.

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Saw has about three thousand people spread across the Mid-Rim in roughly two-hundred person cadres some bigger, most smaller , but Jyn thinks there might be three thousand people just in this one building. She finds an office with an almost laughably easy lockpad, and it only takes her a few seconds to crack it open. Her raw nerves jangle with fear and a reflexive anger, and she lashes out with her right fist towards the speaker before she even gets a good look at him.

The blow glances off his arm instead of ramming into his gut, and it gives him time to jump back and out of striking range. His voice is accented, something Mid-Rim but not from anywhere Jyn recognizes. Fifteen or sixteen, she decides, though his clean shaven face, slightly too-long hair, and clothes that hang just a little too large off his lanky frame are clearly meant to make him look younger.

Maybe Cracken brought him out as a direct counter to Jyn, an attempt to show Saw that the Alliance also knew how to raise soldiers. He raises his hands instantly, palms out, eyes wary. So she shrugs, ignores the door entirely, and makes a sharp gesture at her feet. His hands stay up and his eyes wary, but his mouth twists a little in humor at her blatant deflection. When he speaks again, his voice is no longer condescending, merely dry. Slowly, Jyn settles back on her heels and lets her fists lower. She folds her arms and glares at him, waiting.

Five seconds between blinks, chin level with the floor. He raises an eyebrow at her. He pushes from the wall and stalks past her. Jyn flinches as he almost brushes against her arm in passing no, wait, not a flinch, just…dodging. Because he might be up to something , and she turns to watch him as he crosses behind her. He stops a few steps away and glances back over his shoulder. Maybe she can get a hand in one of his pockets. He leads her through several of the twisting hallways, and then up another level, where the smells of burnt caf and frying grease mix with the slightly overwhelming scent of dozens of sentient bodies all pressed together in a hot, humid space.

Jyn gives him the side-eye. He sighs. Seems like an important piece of any report. This time he does smile, if only briefly. He leads her back behind one of the counters were a few people and an old R1 are manning a food line. One of the humans, a tall, handsome fem with caf-dark skin and the curliest hair Jyn has ever seen turns and smiles at them. Got anything off hand? The request seems to delight Sophie, who throws back her head and laughs. Do I have anything, pah, the impudence.

A gawky Rodian snaps to attention from behind. The tall woman looks at her too, and so does the Rodian, and at least two of the other workers. She figures that means she passed. And real meat? Her stomach growls a little, hopefully too low for anyone to hear over the clanking of the kitchen staff and the ambient noise of the mess hall.

And that was a nutrient bar. Half a nutrient bar. The cook shoves the heaping plate at Cassian, and then a second, equally heaping plate at Jyn. Jyn eats quickly, eyes flicking around the mess hall, marking exits and people and storage spaces, but Cassian…. He pauses, his plate almost as empty as hers, and looks up. Jyn looks from his fork to his face and smirks. Going to play the Coruscant Opera circuit someday? She ignores his comment, pointing her fork at his mouth.

Jyn lets it go, scraping up the last of the food from her plate with relish. This was shaping up to be a really good recon mission. All the humor burns out of her in a flash. When he catches her looking, he drops his gaze to his hands, clenching his fingers slowly on the table top. Abruptly, Jyn jumps to her feet. She grabs both of their empty plates and stomps off towards the bins where other empty dishes are stacked, dumps both, and then without glancing back for him, heads for the door opposite of the one they came in. She shrugs. She has no idea. Forgot password? We moderate all questions to prevent duplicates, offensive grammar, and laziness.

You can choose a race in Skyrim and you can customize your characters in both worlds. Just letting you know, but if you ever really Fus' Ro Dah'd, according to Newtons Law and Physics, not only would you kill yourself, but you'd also open up a black hole that would swallow the entire universe. Or, at least your entire Skyrim Universe. Dragons aren't always in the 'Skyrim' universe.


And it's the Elder Scrolls universe, that's like calling the fallout universe the 'New Vegas' universe. Skyrim is only a place in the Elder Scrolls universe, and in other places in this universe are quite nice and mild temperature. Because I want weapons how I want my music Heavy, and Metal Hey iron and steel weapons in skyrim are metal, and greatswords are pretty heavy.

Your arguement is invalid. Okay but like the average age of skyrims characters are what? Just stand and think for one sekund. In skyrim there was not allways dragons, only for VERY short periodes. The skyrim universe is not only skyrim but all of tamriel and the rest of the planet. You would not be the freaking dragonborn just beacause you live in the universe, thats like saying "i live in the norse lands meaning im a viking". And think about it, in fallout you would get bombed with radiation, and all the things like meeting the brotherhood of steel, super luckilly getting a pip-boy, randomly finding a fatboy, being trusted by almost everyone, meeting the minuitmen and getting a power armor and all those other random things making surviving super easy, plus aiming would be thousands of times harder.

There would be no quests, and do you actully think that you could just kill houndreds of people and creatures like that?

You wouldn't have VATS wich would mean sertain death for many. You wouldn t be able to pause the game while picking an other weapon, nor just for thinking. So to everyone that thinks that surviving in fallout would be piece of cake. Ebooks and Manuals

Just think about it for one god damn sekund. I played sky rim for 4 years! I played Fallout for one year! Because Skyrim isn't irradiated, filled with giant insects, 80's culture, and it's so fucking beautiful! I love Skyrim! I love Tamriel! For the Empire! I'm getting carried away Daniel it almost never snows during the winter, it's actually been quite a long time since we got an actual "White Winter".

Why in gods name do you not want free vehicles and rule lands and get any gun you want? You fucking retard.

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Because there is modern medicine and the world isn't about to be destroyed by a giant dragon, and I could just live in a vault. Itd be lit to hold a Fatman and fire it at radroaches every day plus dragons can kinda eat ya alive. Lads, let's be honest here, in the Fallout universe there is medicine, guns, and a whole load of other technological advancements. Your chance of surviving in the Fallout universe is like 10x higher, you could even be lucky enough to live in the NCR, the Institute, or be from a Vault.

Hell, maybe you'll be burned alive by Alduin and his minions, or have your soul captured by some Elven mage. Not to mention; assuming the ES universe is anything like medieval times, surgery and the like would be more At worst here: Perpetual war with a brutal death, lifeless life, with subversive demigods playing with you.

You can't possibly hope to fight that unless you are very very talented and lucky, i. Fallout on the other hand, at worst you'll be attacked by raiders, enslaved, mutants, robbed, ghoulified, murdered, shot at, shot i hear Goodsprings has a good doctor who can help with that , starve, die of dehydration, or die of radiation poisoning.

But you can resist most of that, because war, war never changes. But wif skyrim, 1. Obtain bandages. Open shop removing arrows from knees. Get bitches. Well you see Skyrim has magic. Fucking healing magic. And no rads So, as SeaBass said but different Be badass 2.

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Level up. Fuck Bitches. I like Fallout better, but it is harder to live in. Skyrim is a place, the Elder Scrolls are some scrolls. It would be very challenging live in a scroll. Fallout isn't a place, it's a game series that contain the wasteland as a world. He is referring to game series. Not specifically the land of the nords Well Skyrim is part of the Elder Scrolls series he didn't have to put elder scrolls if he was just focusing on Skyrim.

It's called The Elder Scrolls 5 for a reason. Second, radiation and endless suffering would not be fun. Despite my love for Fallout. Get a few Radaways and also considering you'd have it for your entire life, of course you'd get used to it. In skyrim I could just sell books or something and all I have to do is not let that prick of a dragonborn in.

Skyrim is life the music is so intense and chilling in Riften with the Thieves Guild forever hello what's not to be desired. I love Skyrim and all but I always liked the badassery of living in Fallout, plus in Skyrim there is way to much stuff that can kill you fast: Dragons Trolls Forsworn Dark Brotherhood Thieves Random people attacking you The Super Mutants Mole Rats Giant Ants Rather fight a dragon than a pissed off Deathclaw, or family of pissed off Deathclaws Or a Mirelurk Queen and it's family Dovahkiin would come into my house, put a basket on my head and rob me.

But the Lone Wanderer would just shoot me. To the creator, it's the Elder Scrolls universe, unless specifically in the Civil War period. As well, I think I'd rather live in ES than FO, only because I wouldn't have to risk dying from literally everything around me, including the air.

Skyrim doesnt have a universe Its called the elder scrolls,i wonder how many titles of elder scrolls series were played by people who believe there is a so called "Skyrim Universe". And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph's shout, Dragonborn, for your blessing we pray!

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