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This guide extends the fine line of products brought to you by Kingdom of Pets, industry leaders in providing you reliable dog obedience and health care resources across a wide range of media. Our flagship dog training program, Secrets to Dog Training , has reached over , satisfied dog owners and is going strong! Each chart moves from specific symptoms to a recommended path of treatment , and advises if, when, and how urgently you should seek veterinary attention. When it comes to dog health care products, these charts are an absolute gem!

A detailed reference to more infectious canine diseases that you can shake a syringe at - and clear recommendations for a failsafe program of vaccination. Detailed care advice written in plain English, on how to deal with everything from allergies to canine cancer. A full catalog of all of the common parasites that can affect your dog - internally and externally - complete with color DIAGRAMS that will help you identify these tiny enemies if they make your dog their home.

Because I really want the best for all dogs and their owners, I'm throwing in four exciting Free Bonus Books if you order online by midnight Saturday, July 6th.

Dog Training Tips from Guide4Dogs

Our first aid guide is the intelligent dog owner's resource for first response dog emergencies. From accidents to health problems, from fights to bites, this handbook is written for dog owners who understand the power and peace of mind that comes from being prepared. You'll Discover: How to perform "Doggie CPR," Chest Compression pages , and even the canine version of the Heimlich Maneuver in life-threatening situations page 15 - it doesn't get more essential than that!!! Why "shock" means a lot more in medical terms than you might think, and how to treat a dog suffering from it.

In this handbook, Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog , Stanley offers an impressive scroll of recipes that are guaranteed to get the drool flowing and spoil your dog for life Starting with the all-important list of what NOT to feed your dog, the handbook includes an incredible menu that will teach your dog the real meaning of variety when mealtime comes around.

With nearly pages full of everything from "Down-Home Hound Hashbrowns" for the dog who loves breakfast to "Little Lassie Livers" for puppies, you're bound to hit on your dog's favorite dish - and have loads of fun trying There's even a section on international cuisine for your pooch!!! From the entirely sensible such as how to find a great dog park that's not a "dog park" to the completely ridiculous such as how to find the right costume for your dog for the pet parade , you'll take your relationship with your dog to a whole new level!!!

The best part about it??? As if he didn't go over the top enough already with his gourmet recipes, Stanley has come back for more with a handbook containing 20 Super Healthy Recipes for Your Dog Perhaps his own dogs were getting a bit on the heavy side!

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These recipes are designed to be easy to prepare and will prove once and for all that healthy food can taste just as good as everything else - to your dog at least. This page handbook is much leaner than his first recipe book, but no doubt just as delicious!!! Online Books are easier to find, easier to buy, and they cost much less, for both reader and publisher…. Whether you are a first time dog owner or having your fifth one, we could all need a bit of help when it comes to training them.

Many would agree that dogs are similar to that of children; they are born as its own species but each of them has its own character right from the start and will stay with them for life.

How to understand and influence your dog's behaviour

Their characters can be seen as soon as you look at them as puppies; you will see one who is full of life running around like a mad one and then you will get the quiet puppy in the corner etc. So what help does dog owners get in Mallorca? Well, you have the option of choosing one of the many even though not many got a proper license private dog trainers and the only way to find out if they suit you and your dog is to go and try them out.

However so far not many do offers dog classes but hopefully that will change, because the demand is there or at least the dogs are…. Antler Dog Tales. Sharon Sigler Roger Sigler. Job Michael Evans. Dog Problems. Carol Lea Benjamin. Veronica Denice Zimmerman. Veronica D Zimmerman. Gotta Go! Successfully Potty Training Your Dog. Michelle Huntting.

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