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A thick, gray silence expands and takes its place. It's not a sexy or promising silence. It's dense and pre-emptively sad. For one irrational moment, she wishes they'd never met.

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The elevator arrives. It's steel and glass and disturbingly hot inside. Like a greenhouse, she thinks, which would make them the plants. It's a weirdly appealing thought. She swipes her hair off her forehead and hits the button for level six. She'd meant to say something clever but she's tired and hot.

Her grid is overtaxed too. Flickering lights. The elevator stops. It jerks and she stumbles. He reaches out - reaches out but doesn't touch her, as if he'd brace her with the Force. She feels heat coming off him. He's close. Too close She's stupidly wound up and now they're stuck in a small, glass box. He looks up. Her cultivated, quippy, clever voice has dropped into her chest. She sounds like a woman again. Not a placeholder or a diplomat. She sounds like the woman she is.

A generator kicks in and the elevator fills with a dim, green glow, but it's still dark down on the street. People wander around, checking their phones, waiting for the light. They lean back into the glass. If anyone looked up they'd see him lifting her skirt. She smiles and tilts her hips. She's wearing nothing underneath. No knickers. No bra. Just the dress and her favorite heels. Sweat drips between her breasts as he crushes her close.

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Then his hand is on her warm, bare hip and his mouth is hard on hers. Her legs want to spread. She kisses him back and turns to face the street. The glass is soft beneath her palms. Little sighs. Little moans. Her hips begin to thrust. She's hoping, hoping someone will look up.

Their eyes meet in the glass. Intense, happy She had a feeling that she would. Malin James is an essayist, blogger and short story writer. For more information, visit malinjames. You can also find her on Twitter and Amazon. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Geri and Jade confirmed as Drag race UK judges. The best inflatable swimming pools for your summer. Getty Images. Do you dance? What do you like? Oh, you know Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Erotic fiction: read Camp Ardenne.

50 Must-Read Erotic Fiction Novels, Anthologies, And More | Book Riot

The first book in a series, Beautiful Bastard started out as Twilight fan fiction — much like Fifty Shades of Grey — and has developed quite a fan following. This steamy and romantic novel is an enemies-to-lovers erotic fantasy, with a lot of angry sex in a variety of semi-public locales, from back seats to boardrooms. The novel is told in alternating points of view between Chloe, an intern working on her MBA, and Bennet, her boss aka the beautiful bastard , which makes for a delicious read-aloud experience.

Suburban domesticity just got a lot sexier! The memoir of Parisian art critic Catherine Millet is chock full of exotic sexual exploits and observations. Millet recounts adventures from her uninhibited sex life and shares her insights on everything from masturbation to orgies.

If the idea of reading an entire book aloud turns you off, try reading just your favorite steamy passages — or mark them for your partner to read on their own. You could also invest in two copies of a book, one for each of you to read, and have an intimate two-person book club.

Rex Brangwyn: Building Erotic Intelligence (E10)

Snacks required, clothing optional! The best thing about reading erotica together is discovering new fantasies and ways to arouse each other. Happy naughty reading!