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Why so Specific? Why is there a best time of the year to lay turf? In the UK, the perfect conditions for laying turf are met in early-spring or mid-autumn. The soil should be weed free — it may take several weeks to ensure that all the weeds are gone. Aftercare Matters Whether you choose to lay your turf during the ideal time of year, or any other time, appropriate aftercare should always be taken.

You should also water your lawn daily if there is not adequate rainfall to do this for you. Keep off the grass for as long as possible. Avoid mowing for as long as possible, but when you do cut it, set your lawnmower blades to the highest setting to avoid unnecessary stress to the grass. But you can lie around until the cows come home! Lay is a transitive verb, meaning it needs to transport something i.

When you lay the blanket down, "blanket" is the direct object. Chickens and bees often have eggs as direct objects. Here are two examples of lay in the present tense:.

What is the Difference between Lay days and Lay time?

Lay is also the past tense of lie to recline. That's not confusing at all! Today you lie on the bed. Yesterday, you lay on the itchy couch. Here's another lay in the past tense:. Please lie down if that helps you understand.

You lie down when you're tired, or you might tell a lie and say you're wide awake right before you lie down and fall asleep. Water, water, water Water the installed lawn thoroughly, which also helps settle the soil. Try to keep foot traffic off the sod for a week. Water every day, preferably in the morning: During the heat of the day, you lose a lot of water to evaporation. And if you water at night, the sod goes to bed wet, which can encourage fungal disease. After the first week, cut back watering to every other day, tapering off to just twice a week by the third week. Then like any lawn, give it an inch of water a week, more during hot summer months.

9 Times EXO Lay Proved He Is The Most Kindhearted Idol You’ll Ever Know

Mow the lawn When the grass reaches 3 inches high, it's time to mow it down to 2 inches. Because your new lawn is still fragile, use a walk-behind mower rather than the heavier ride-on type for the first trim, and be sure to bag the clippings. Though you'll probably want to grow it higher in the summer months — to encourage a deep root system and to shade out weeds—always aim to cut off one-third of the grass's length anytime you mow, and be sure to use a sharp blade.

Fertilize once more Allow your lawn about three to four weeks' growth, then feed it again with a starter fertilizer to make up for nutrients that washed away during the heavy watering schedule. These guys have made it their business to figure out the best way to grow lawn grasses. Here's some advice from the pros for DIY sod installation. Neat green rectangles of sod fit tightly against each other when laid in straight lines, but they won't conform to a curve, such as around the edge of a flower bed. Some people cut the sod lengthwise into strips that can be bent around a curve, but This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook says smaller pieces like that are more likely to dry out and die than ones that remain full-width.

Instead, Roger makes his sod curve the way a tailor might, by cutting a dart or two in a full-sized piece.

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With the sod laid next to the curve, he grabs a couple of spots along one edge and pinces them together to make the sod follow the contours of the bed 1. This creates a triangular upward fold that he slices down its crease with a razor knife 2.

Secrets From Sod Farmers

One side of the cut goes down against the ground; he lays the other flap on top of it 3. Using the cut edge of this flap as a guide, he saws the knife through the sod and removes the triangular piece underneath 4.

What is lay time? definition and meaning -

Now, the flaps meet and — voila — the cut disappears. Before you spend a lot of money to lay down sod, spend a little bit to have your soil tested. Then you'll be sure you're providing the best environment for your new lawn to thrive. A do-it-yourself kit from a garden center will give readings on pH how acidic or alkaline your soil is and the levels of crucial nutrients— nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

But for the most accurate and complete results, have your soil tested by your county extension service or state university. They'll analyze a sample from your yard and send you a report, like the one shown at right, detailing the soil's pH, texture, and nutrient levels, and recommending how to correct any deficiencies. Soil can be tested year-round, but it's best done in the spring or fall. To collect a good sample, dig at least five holes, 6 inches deep by 2 inches wide, in various spots in your yard.

5 Key Steps to Laying Sod

As you go, avoid or remove any grass, weeds, thatch, or roots. Mix all the samples together, then put about 2 cups of the mix into a zip-seal bag and send it to the lab. The more information you give with the sample, the more useful its recommendations will be. Note what kind of turf grass you'll be using; whether the yard gets lots of shade, sun, or foot traffic; or if the soil has been recently disturbed due to construction.

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