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I should have multiple recordings of the landbirds, including a lot of variation. I hope the Timor calls might be a useful resource for Timorese students and managers. Occasional recorder, more soundscapes than species ID skills not great. My equipment: Tascam DR digital field recorder fitted in a Telinga parabola. Software: Adobe Audition for sound editing. I am a birder from eastern Pennsylvania. I keep a blog of my birding and nature adventures called the Baypoll Blog.

I was born in Verona North-East Italy , and I'm graduated in environmental and forest sciences in Padova in ; I'm also a nature guide for Veneto region. Birder from , I'm member of a local birdwatching association: Verona Birdwatching. My favourite birds are the owls! Avid young birder from Northwest England, currently without proper audio recording equipment. I've been lucky to live and work with birds all over Northern Europe learning new things along the way.

My main interests are differentiating dialects within species and breaking down songs using sonograms. Bird song is fantastically elegant, readily available and so complex, yet many birders are unable to identify birds by their calls or songs. I want to change this. To enthuse people to listen carefully and even record for themselves. Please feel free to use any recordings found here, though if doctoring them, I wish to be contacted for permissions first.

If my recordings are to be published, please acknowledge accordingly. An obsessive-compulsive birder, and a wildlife biologist by day. I'm convinced that I get as excited about bird vocalizations as I do about birds. I have been birding for about 27 years, and have always loved hearing, enjoying, and trying to understand not only what birds were talking, but what they were saying. A fellow xeno-canto contributor, Ryan O'Donnell, introduced me to the recording process, and I became a convert. I use an Olympus digital voice recorder LS that is usually hooked up to a Sennheiser ME shotgun microphone with a K6 power module.

I edit my recordings using Audacity and RavenLite 1. I am an Australian writer and keen birder if erratic! I work one day per week as a volunteer in Melbourne Museum in the birds, mammals and herpetology collections. My interests and output are illustrated at www. My name is Cristian Pinto, I live in Santiago of Chile and I started birding when I was a child with the support of my father, whom started to breed parrots, canaries and maintain a large collection of wild birds.

I learnt a lot in those days about the both worlds of ornithology and I remember that time with a lot of gratitude. Nowadays I'm interested in all kinds of birds of the neotropical region but my favorite group are passerines and procellariformes and I have been collaborating for the chilean NGO "Red de observadores de aves y vida silvestre" ROC and their projects.

I really appreciate the hard work of the ROC for support the new generations of ornithologist and serious birders, and also to gather the old ones with core values as collaboration, nature conservation and sustainability. If you need more information about my records or you need raw files for analysis, feel free to contact me: cristian.

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Por favor me ajudem I am an amateur bird watcher with no claim to any expertise or much experience. Bird watching is more or less a rare liesure activity for me and most of my sightings occur incidentally while traveling near my home. A girl who's currently interested in those beautiful two-legged oviparous creatures with its unique bellied, fluffy colorful feathers, and various cool sounds to discover. A guide for Field Guides Inc. I am keenly interested in avian vocal diversity, particularly of Neotropical birds.

For two decades, I have been studying the avifauna of Peru in particular, but am keen to learn about birds and their voices wherever I go. I hope to have my full catalog of recordings available through a combination of the two websites. My interest is on animal ecology and ornithology. I am a Brazilian-born nature photographer, biologist and naturalist guide living since in the Pantanal and Bonito region, Central Brazil.

My work, as well as some samples of nature sound recordings that I make, can be checked out at Photo in Natura and Photo in Natura blog. A Consulting Biologist, Daniel Edelstein has led birding tours for more than 25 years and presented public birding presentations in more than 20 states. His three federal survey permits include Ridgway's Rail, with his Consulting Biologist surveys consisting of survey, permitting, and regulatory assistance for diverse clients such as landowners, engineering firms, government agencies e.

He also conducts songbird and raptor point count surveys, in addition to designing them for clients. I'm record birds sounds for the Chilean library webpage call Conserva: Sounds and Videos of wildlife of Chile. Experienced birder, photographer, raptor counter. Inexperienced recordist. Audacity indeed. Advice welcome. Visit: www. Deaf-blind, amateur birder and sound recordist living in the New York City metro area. Most of my recordings so far are of birds seen in my backyard or at local parks.

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I also have some recordings from a few trips I have made, such as a good number from trips to Israel, Canada and France, and some from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida. A few recordings are made with my mobile phone. I am a naturalist, especially interested in birds, insects Orthoptera and Odonata and amphibians, based in NW Italy. Recording bird and grasshopper sounds since I'm a professional ecologist and have been a keen all round naturalist since childhood with wildlife sound recording becoming an interest which developed in the late 's.

I've been fortunate to spend time recording in Hungary in as part of a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship and have subsequently assisted my good friend Gerard Gorman with sound and sonagram data for two of his woodpecker books. This involves identifying the effects of selective or 'irregular' silviculture upon woodland birds compared to traditional woodland management and low intervention, closed canopy woodland.

Irregular forest management aims to maintain a broad range of tree age classes from young naturally regenerated seedlings through to old veterans and reflect the natural dynamics of the woodland ecosystem. The novel application of sound recording through acoustic sampling across the different stands of trees will be undertaken to measure variation in bat species richness and abundance.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a wildlife sound recordist! I'm phd of ornithology. I specialize in the ecology of forest birds. Addditionally I make a research on the territory of Belarus. I use a Olympus LS My name is Darin A. My hobbies include writing blogs, watching news channels, and playing rugby. In my free time, I like to watch TV, and play rugby. My duties relate to ecosystem science and management programs, particularly ecological integrity monitoring and species at risk recovery.

I am a professional wildlife photographer. During my childhood I developed a strong fascination for nature and wildlife. My love of photography began when I was in my teenage years. For many years photography remained a hobby that I practiced intensively during my free time.

In , I embarked on a trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming where I was able to photograph the infamous wolves. It was during this trip that I became as passionate about photography as I was about nature. I currently lead photo expeditions throughout the Western United States. I am excited to share my passion for wildlife photography with others. I have used a Remembird but have now bought an Olympus LS-5 for both notes and bird vocalisations. La Selva. I am a freelance bird illustrator, writer and photographer living in Toronto, Canada.

Over the years I have traveled extensively throughout the Americas and parts of Africa and Asia. I've recently been corrupted by photography, but will eventually go through my large backlog of recordings I am interested in all things nature but particularly birds. Relatively new to serious sound recording, though my equipment is relatively modest - up to recently, my recorder was an Olympus LS Most recordings from will be made using this combination. Prior to that, recordings will have been made using a Sennheiser MKE, which I either hand-held on a selfie stick, as I didn't have a dedicated device, or attached to a tripod.

I now also have a Rycote Super-Softie and Lyre for hand-holding the microphone. I do not do a great deal of editing of the files beyond cutting out unwanted sections and smoothing beginnings and endings. I use Audacity for this, which I find more than adequate. I record in wav format and in mono as I am only using one microphone and save my edited files in both wav and mp3.

I can identify a number of common birds by their songs and calls but am far from being an expert and am still learning. I may post some from time-to-time that will be unknown if I haven't seen the bird to make the identification and appreciate comments from those more knowledgeable than me. Avid birder and sound recordist originally from England. I got into sound recording when I started giving talks about bird identification and didn't like some of the records available then.

I am a very keen birder who loves chasing around the tropics in search of rare species. At the same time, I am a conservation scientist who works on the impacts of land-use change in the tropics on birds in the hope of improving the conservation outcomes for threatened species. I focus most of my time in Southeast Asia and I love spending my spare time in the forest recording bird song. I am delighted to be able to share my cuts on X-C.

Birding in Asia since , leading tours for Birdquest, recording whenever possible. My recordings on xeno-canto vary from old ones digitised from cassette tape, to more recent ones that are purely digital. My website is www. I started making sound recordings in late Birder and biologist from Switzerland. Biologist and birder living in Iringa, Tanzania. I have an interested in wildlife recording and bioacoustics and have been recording birds in Tanzania and Africa for the past 35 years.

I consider myself a serious birder. I have traveled to more than countries and to all 50 states in pursuit of my "hobby? For more information, please visit my website: schulmancreative. My favorite local birds are our night herons both yellow- and black-crowned, seasonally on Sligo Creek in MD and pileated woodpeckers. I am a Costa Rican living in Costa Rica. I am a paragliding pilot and I often times fly with the birds as some show me where the thermals are located.

I live in the Mountains of the Central Valley and have the opportunity to see and listen to so many birds near my home. Eventually I found this web site and it has been a great pleasure going through the archive of so many wonderful sounds. I live in the Boston area and record primarily in New England. I use an Olympus LS-7 with internal mics.

I am a birder biologist living in western Arizona along the Colorado River. I am just starting to get into sound recording and nocturnal recordings. I have always been interested in vocalizations but I have only recently started recording. I archive unedited files of all my recordings, which are available to anyone interested. Intervals have not been shortened withouting noting such, except for very brief glitches. My name is David Wheeler. I have also birded on five continents on my own nickel, starting as a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia, Unfortunately, I do not own proper recording equipment, so I have yet to contribute to this wonderful site.

My regular job is as an environmental scientist for the State of Utah, regulating used oil recycling. My main interest are Gurney's Sugarbirds biology and seasonal movements and other nectarivore birds where I am involved in long term ringing study at Lydenburg, Mpumalanga since Also breeding of Secretarybirds and ringing of nestlings and patagial tagging birds to study movements. Current project on African Rock Pipits and collecting sound data of singing birds - to study individual and inter-populaton variation between populations.

General breeding biology of birds also focus of study. I am a photographer. I am specialzed in wildlife, wilderness landscapes and underwater photography. I record the songs of birds occasionally. I can not recognize them by voice but maybe I'll learn :. I am a Biology student, with Major in Ecology and Evolution. Since I was a child, birdwatching is one of my favorite passions! Entomologist, I manage a working group on Orthopteras Grasshoppers, crickets and bushcrickets in Natagora : Association for the protection of nature and the awarness of the importance of protecting biodiversity.

These animals produce sounds just like birds. They participate in the establishment soundscapes. Sensitive since childhood to acoustic environments , I naturally also involved in avian class. I submit local recordings that might be of interest to my students and those interested in the bird sound of the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope to submit some of my older recording from other geographic areas in the future. I have lived in the Bay Area since but only started birding in I throughly enjoy time outdoors and have recently become much more interested in recording and identifying bird sounds in addition to working on the trickier bird ID's such as sparrows and gulls.

Birding has brought me to a great many new and beautiful places and parts of California and the US. In the near future I look forward to traveling internationally as a birder, something I have yet to do. I live in Hoedspruit in South Africa's Limpopo Province where I work as a freelance safari guide focusing on all aspects of natural history. My sound recording activities include mammals, birds, amphibians and insects. For more information see www. I do keep higher quality recordings than those uploaded and will be happy to provide them to anyone needing additional material for scientific purposes.

I am Dharma Giri, A wildlife Naturalist by profession and conservator by choice. Having a keen interest in flora and fauna around the globe, I keep moving in search of new nature possibilities. Now I am in Uttaranchal, India. I have been birding since , and have a increased my skills in bird sound recording, during my Cornell Lab Workshop.. I am retired and enjoy the odd bit of relaxed birdwatching from time to time. I can identify most of the common UK residents by sight and am learning to do the same by song or call. In the same location in France a few years back, I thought I heard nightingales in June.

Returning this year in early May I was thrilled to hear them so close to my tent, singing all day and sometimes at dusk and dawn. When I played back one of the recordings after dark I got a response which I interpreted as 'shut up and go to sleep'. Current home, County Durham coast within walking distance of clifftop nature reserve.

Career, first in IT, then graduated in applied theology and worked for the church for about 15 years before retirement. The amount of time he spends in the high altitude forests keeps him in constant touch with year-round seasonal sightings. His key features are his ability for astute observation and smooth communication. A multi-linguist English, Hindi, Nepali and Bengali who is well versed with the tribal tongue; he forms a seamless connection between the forest and its local guardian. Moreover, his understanding of the bird behaviours, food habits, and foraging pattern studies puts him one step ahead of other birding tour operators and naturalists.

Soy un observador de aves de Buenos Aires, Argentina, con especial gusto por los sonidos de las aves, y socio de Aves Argentinas. I have been recording in Colombia, specially in the Andes but all over the country due to my birding tours. Biologo de Piura, Noroeste del Peru. Almost 20 years of experience working with biodiversity-related issues with non-profit sector, public sector and multilateral agencies in marketing, communications, ecotourism, strategic planning, fundraising and management. My interests are focused on biodiversity conservation, especially birds, using communication and marketing tools to promote public awareness and get support from different stakeholders.

My experience includes strategic communications, nature-related content generation, edition, publishing and biodiversity-related projects coordination. Areas of Interest: biodiversity, marketing, environment, communication, public awareness, nature content generation, fundraising strategies, birdwatching and ecotourism, sustainable development. A Sociologist by profession. Amateur birdwatcher. I am an Air Force veteran and keep deep interest in bird behaviour and bird photography.

I am interested in faunal assemblages in human-modified landscapes, tropical biodiversity, migratory birds, tropical ecosystems and their conservation by local people. I completed my doctorate at the Australian National University focusing on the conservation of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. I have written or edited six books on the biodiversity of Southeast Asia and China, and over 50 papers on various aspects of biodiversity conservation. If you intend to use my recordings for general publications or ornithological research, please contact me at zoothera yahoo.

More details about my work is available at my personal website www. I am an animal conservationist cum rehabilitator from Rajkot Gujarat,India. An avid birder and nature lover. I own a wildlife and bird tour company specialising in Patagonia and the Southern Cone, and still do a bit of bird guiding down there - mainly for Fuegian and Patagonia birds, both in Chile and Argentina. I'm particularly interested in the wintering strategies of neotropical migrants, especially those that reach southern latitudes.

I'm slowing learning the art of recording birds, and enjoy looking for places free from anthropogenic sounds! My wife create video for myself and a few friends. One of the most difficult problems is to record sound relevant to the visual section of the video. Of course the camera has an audio microphone but its mission in life seems to capture poor sound which is not relevant to the subject.

You will of course see that the professionals have several assistants with micro phones covered in fur which can be positioned in a suitable position. Professional productions frequently use music to fill in, giving atmosphere to the production. My equipment is me, my tripod and my camera. Some times my wife replaces the human section. Tropical rain forest, one of my favourite environments provides really useful background sound most of the time but mostly bird hides and guides and the birding group, and worst of all wind, traffic and aircraft are not helpful.

Last year I did some video where the local airstrip spent there time towing up free fall parachutists. I am always scratching around for good overall sound. This time as an example I have had my camera on the seashore of Cape Town but the world is my oyster so they tell me so please a section with others like me. I am a retired organic chemist living in New Jersey in the United States, a member and past president of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club see our website dvoc.

I have enjoyed birding nearly my entire life but only became "hardcore" in the early s. I am a retired family doctor. I have an Msc inOrnithology from Birmingham University and have just begun an interest in bird sing recording Just wish the equipment was not so expensive. I go to R wanadoo about every two years and would like to do recording out there. I am a lifelong birder and bird photographer. In I retired from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources following a career of 30 years as a wildlife biologist and 8 years as chief of the Wildlife Diversity nongame Program.

I also volunteer in various avian advisory capacities for Iowa DNR. I have been birding and recording in the neo-tropics for about 14 years. I have purchased 7 acres of paradise in Antioquia, Colombia, near Jardin for an eco-lodge. The endemic Yellow-eared Parrot visits the site most of the year!

Available at www. I have lived and worked in many remote locations in Australia, and I now live in Adelaide. Birds, threatened and endangered species primarily. The app has. Atenciosamente Douglas Bete. I am Dr. Oksodo Ehi Francis a field ornithologist. I have extensive knowledge of bird species from West Africa perspective.

I have recorded over bird species in Nigeria. I have recorded calls of bird species in my country. Presently researching on the critically endangered African Grey Parrot distribution and factors affecting the population in southwestern Nigeria. I Have published over 24 papers on the diversity and richness of bird species.

Previously had my Ph. I and my twin brother, Pascal Roche, became self-taught amateur ornithologists in France in To me, the most exciting part of birding is the breeding season with singing and bird behaviors associated to it. I will not drive 50 kilometers to see a lost errant bird I have never seen before Listening to owls at night in freezing nights again with potential breeding record!

I started to record bird sounds only two years ago. As I usually placed this affordable recorder on a small tripod I found out that its internal microphones can produce recordings of very decent quality. From our discovery hikes of the last six years in North America and South Africa, my wife, Rebecca Roche, and I built the following website with some sounds and images we captured in nature. Otherwise, as a professional, I have been a crop geneticist for the last forty years with emphasis on plant breeding and crop physiology.

SONI [M. Zoology ; Ph. I wake up and say, "What kind of random shit can I say today? There are many ways to get revenge, but only one way to solve a rivalry: Have your hearses drag race.

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Started birding in , recording in Currently working at the Evolutionary Ecology Group University of Antwerp on cooperative breeding in the Placid greenbul. Aim at recording crystal-clear tracks not in need for any post-recording editing. I rarely succeed, so most tracks are slightly filtered, the noise reduced and normalized without having changed the integrity of the vocalization. I'm primarily interested in using acoustic recordings to aid in scientific research.

I've worked extensively on the vocal behaviour of long-tailed manakins in Costa Rica and how it relates to mate choice. Currently I'm working on a project to assess species diversity in the boreal forest using acoustic recorders. I am a keen birder from New Zealand. More interested in bird photography but I plan to make more bird call recordings in the future. Bird calls that have been downloaded and stored on the phone can be quickly recalled and played, aiding bird identification in the field.

Biologist, birder and guide resident in Ecuador. I graduated at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, where I conducted bird research on extra-pair paternity, breeding systems, evolution of song, speciation and community ecology. I got hooked on Neotropical biodiversity and wilderness and now live in the capital Quito where I work for Rockjumper Birding Tours. Activities apart from guiding include scientific research, exploring new areas, bird photography and bird sound recording. For a selection of my photo stock go to www. I am founder and webmaster of www.

Nebraska Birder from Wayne NE. Since retiring in I have been devoted to birding and field ornithology. I co-authored with Ted Beedy "Birds of the Sierra Nevada: Their Natural History, Status, and Distribution", published by University of California Press in and have written more than four dozen papers on status, distribution, and behavior of western birds. Of those papers, two covered vocalizations of White-breasted Nuthatches and another vocalizations and drumming phenology of Nuttall's Woodpecker. I have a paper on Lark Sparrow song in Western Birds 50 2.

The nuthatch papers and Lark Sparrow paper all use recordings from the xeno-canto collection and they would not have been possible without this resource. I generally use my parabola mounted on a light tripod to reduce handling noise. I am currently working on the songs of Cassin's and Plumbeous vireos and using them to clarify the breeding ranges of these species, which is currently not well-understood, particularly in ne California.

Hola a todos!! Soy amante de la naturaleza y grabo ocasionalmente sin equipo profesional. Quiero seguir aprendiendo sobre estas apasionantes actividades. I am 33 years old.. Now I am guiding in Peru, Bolivia, Chile I like the bird life and I love to know the birds calls.. I hope to share my calls.. Recording bird sounds in Latvia since , using Telinga stereo mic with parabolic dish.

I never use playback in the field, and all sound recordings posted on XC are free from any internal shortenings, inserts or mixes with other sounds. I am a professional photographer specialized in bird photography and I also work as a guide for birders that want to visit southeastern Brazil. I love to tape birds almost as I like to photograph them.

Mainly interested in biogeography of neotropical birds. Our goal is to raise community consciousness through demonstration of the status of birds and ecosystem, through the development of a data base, that would be kept on the Protected Areas files in order to keep generating environmental tools that could be used on decision making for the areas that should be protected. A group of organized people within the community is performing the monitoring of birds within the Island, we have received workshops from experts like Barbara Mckinnon, Alex Dzib that are encouraging key decision makers to spread the birds knowledge as a crucial conservation tool.

Ornithologist and guide from southern Brazil. My experience consists on researches and self investigations since Nowadays I have been birding and guiding in all regions of Brazil, working with Birdquest. I am retired and have developed interest in bird photography few years ago. I like to travel around the world to appreciate the nature and spectacular birdlife. I'm am an opportunistic recordist not armed with anything fancy--most frequently just a smartphone. Though a nice windscreen and mic are now in my quiver.

I'm a field biologist and as such spend a fair bit of time outside. Most of my recordings are still on various hard drives scattered across the planet. Would be nice to migrate them to XC. I like birds. I don't have great recordings, but I've got some good species from Australia, Ecuador, and a few from Borneo that I hope to get uploaded soon.

Undergraduate Biology student at the University of Victoria. Interested in Ornithology. Travelling S. I am a biologist from Spain. I am an active recordist of bird sounds, frogs, insects, mammals and soundscapes. In created a sound label to publish sound guides of the animals of Spain and also soundscapes from abroad.

I give workshops to teach people to identify birds by ear using recordings and sonograms. Actually in charge of the Sound Library of the Natural History Museum of Barcelona, organizing and digitizing the old analogic collection. Living in southern Denmark on Falster island. Keen nature person. Interested in birds and creatures as well as fauna.

Member of DOF. Danish association of ornithologists. Volunteer in a nature reserve near my home town. I'm also a bee keeper. I'm regularly deployed on various military missions around the world and get to see new and interesting species from the wild. Currently, I'm working on an acoustic monitoring project using birds as indicator species to determine if important habitat types are being managed properly on the range. My research interests are mainly the study of human impact on bird communities in natural habitats, such as forests, agroecosystems, alpine pastures, etc.

I started recording birds on tapes for 'hobby' and now redescovering this passion using my new Tascam DR I am chemist and I want a MSc on environmental chemist. Passionated on water chemistry and aquatic ecosystems. Birdwatcher since I was 19 years old. I am a sound-obsessed amateur who has found his 'calling' in studying and enjoying bird song. I began birding in the early s, but it is only since about that I have immersed myself in the subject and sought to devote myself to increasing our understanding of birds and their lives. I am currently writing a book on bird songs in the media and I use this site extensively to aide my research.

All submitted sounds were obtained naturally without playback unless otherwise indicated. Early recordings were mostly unedited, but in the past couple years I do a bit more signal amplification and noise filtering for cuts submitted to this site. I try to always indicate when I've done so. For a given recording there is sometimes more than is submitted here - just let me know if you are interested in the original, full-length. I am a lifelong birder currently living in Wickenburg, Arizona and working as an interpretive ranger at the Hassayampa River Preserve.

I am an Arizona native and spent the previous several years working as a field biologist there and other western and midwestern U. For recording bird vocalizations, I currently use the video function of my Nikon Coolpix L 30x digital camera and then convert the video files to mp3 files using audio-extractor. My travels have mostly been across the western U. I plan to travel more in the future and get photos and audio recordings of birds as I go to contribute to the global databases that sites like Xeno-Canto and eBird provide.

A medical doctor by profession, and an adventurer and avid nature photographer by passion. Living in Singapore, and practicing medicine in both Singapore and Australia, my adventure travels have enabled me to explore all seven continents of the world. Hope to contribute some lesser recorded bird sounds from around the world. I am an ornithologist and conservation biologist living in Honolulu, Hawaii, where my wife and I run our own wildlife management organization called Pacific Rim Conservation. Many of the bird sound recordings I make are used in my work; for behavioral and taxonomic research, to help capture birds in mist nets for demographic research, and for translocations to augment or reintroduce populations of endangered species.

I work mostly in Hawaii and the tropical Pacific, but I enjoy birding anywhere. I am a word nerd and a bird nerd. I always travel with binoculars and field guide. Now I have added audio recorder to my packing list so I can learn from Xeno-Canto. I'm happily condemned for life to a passion for birds. This passion brought my all over my country and to many other countries. I'm a devoted follower of Xeno Canto, almost from the start. I'm happy to finally have made the step to make recordings myself, which I'm happy to share starting with recordings from my home country, and hopefully followed by recordings from all over the world.

Amateur birder with long term experience in SE Asia. Living part time in Brunei and part time on Crete. He asked where I was born, where I was studying, how I had met the two Sebastians, and where my parents and grandparents were. With all of these questions, I suddenly felt far away from my hometown and family, amazed at how culturally diverse Guatemala is and how distant we Guatemalans are from each other—sharing the same territory but separated by volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, languages and customs.

Suddenly, I remembered something from my childhood. I told them a story I had heard about a man named Don Chequel, who had allegedly crossed the tunnel after being enchanted. It was said that he followed a beautiful girl a trickster nahual into the tunnel, but got lost inside the tunnel for years and became deranged, or at least, people thought he was crazy with his talk of secret underground tunnels.

After talking a while, he recognized it was Don Chequel and offered him a job on his farm. Grandfather instead invited him to attend the Quaker Church, to see if Don Chequel could be healed from his apparent hallucinations. He believed that bad spirits troubled Don Chequel. The man repeatedly asked my grandfather to accompany him to the tunnel, so one day Grandpa decided to go with him. Without fear, he walked behind her as she followed a bright light in front of her. He was thrilled by all the jade jewelry and golden coins and the sound of them clinking in his hands.

Along the way, he saw human bones mixed with jade tools. He followed the woman until they entered a cave larger than a cathedral. He thought this nahual had enticed Don Chequel through the tunnel and removed his soul. Thus, he felt it was very important that Don Chequel get spiritual help. The brothers of the Quaker Church cared for Don Chequel and invited him to participate in their religious services. In time, he was finally able to enter and was cured of his spiritual ailments. Each of us has a nahual, or an animal essence, that can work for positive or negative aims.

It is up to us, and the spirit of the nahual, to channel this energy for good. Archeology and architecture. History and culture. Coffee plantations. Plus, of course, shopping. Guatemala has all these attractions for tourism. Yes, with planning and time management, that tourist can have a comprehensive Guatemala experience. As an example, a well-established tour company recently offered a four-night package that begins on Friday night at a four-star hotel near the airport in Guatemala City. After included airport pick-up, travelers are on their own for the day.

The package includes a sumptuous buffet breakfast before Saturday 9 a. First stop is a hotel-museum where the guide points out the old and the new, revealing restoration of the Dominican monastery established in the 16th century. By this time cameras are out clicking at burial places, colonial kitchen facilities, fountain and gardens. A short walk leads to a workshop for a talk on the discovery of jade in Guatemala. After a shot of coffee and a few minutes to shop, the walk continues, toward Volcano Agua with a brief history along the way about the founding of the town in The van is waiting for a drive across town— without stops to ensure staying on schedule—past Central Park, the Cathedral and Palace of the Captains General, then on to the La Merced Church.

Following must-. After choosing a simple or not-so-simple dinner, tired travelers cozy-up by stone fireplaces in rooms furnished with antiques and stocked with wood and candles, reviewing a full day, a full camera and fastfilling-up shopping bags before snuggling under welcome woolen blankets for the night. Waiters in typical dress serve Sunday breakfast. The market is beginning to bustle, and flowerfilled steps of the church lure. Following a flurry of sights, smells and sounds, satisfied shoppers head for Panajachel, enjoying lush highland scenery along the way.

With wise planning the van bypasses the shopping and heads straight for a launch to take the 10 to the lakeside village of Santa Catarina, where they experience distinctive blue-and-green crafts and clothing. Early evening arrival back at the hotel offers time to reorganize, choose among many close-by dinner options and reflect on anoth-.

That day is free to spend as each traveler chooses. Some leave early for an optional one-day trip to Tikal and back. Some choose to climb active Volcano Pacaya and are picked up after that bountiful buffet breakfast. Yet others get a cab to Constitution Square to spend the day freestyle, visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace and the old Post Office, stopping for lunch in a historic hotel.

Other options include the zoo, the Ethnic or History and Archeology Museum or a guided tour of the city. Whatever the choice, the day—and the tour—is over all too soon. It was for sure a whirlwind tour. But when time and budget are limited, yes, it is possible to get a pretty good idea about what Guatemala has to offer and whet the appetite for a return visit. Made of beautiful white granite, the walls contained blocks of Cyclopean size higher than a man.

The sight held me spellbound…The building did not look as though it ever had a roof…so the sun could be welcomed here by priests and mummies. I could scarcely believe my senses…Would anyone believe what I had found? The place now known as Machu Picchu had rested undisturbed for three centuries when Hiram Bingham recorded his discoveries in July Lost City of the Incas. Machu Picchu is not exactly in the neighborhood of Guatemala. In when the Spanish conquered the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco, Peru, the jumping off point for revuemag.

By that time Almolonga had been destroyed by a furious flood, and the Guatemala contingent was busy building Santiago de los Caballeros, now La Antigua. Spanish King Charles V had had enough and abdicated in , turning the whole thing over to Philip II who never looked back. The citadel of the last Inca was of no matter, its secret existence buried safely under the shadow of Machu Picchu and blankets of vegetation until historical and geographical curiosity reawakened in the s.

Inca civilization has generally been defined by what the Spanish found, but probably dates back thousands of years, the empire to around But by the time the Spanish arrived it had passed its prime, weakened by civil war. Its history has been shrouded in mystery, partly due to lack of a written record. It seems writing had long since been banned based on the belief that letters caused pestilence.

Augustinian monks managed to reach the vicinity of the royal retreat and tried in vain to persuade the Inca to accept Christianity. Their writings fill in some gaps about the last days of the empire. What cannot be denied is that the ancient Inca were excellent engineers. They built roads through the Andes from Ecuador to Argentina and Chile, bridges of braided vine over mile-deep gorges, amazing agricultural terraces and phenomenal water systems.

Bingham returned for fur-. Still a puzzle, more recent discoveries tell more about the end than the beginning. The altitude of 11, feet might call for adjustment, overnight rest and lots of coca tea. The three-hour train trip from Cuzco to Machu Picchu departs from stations about half an hour from the town. I refer not to women named Francisca Paca, for short , although I have met those, too. Fewer all the time, however, since my wife disdains Pacas in any form, capital P or small P. Two plumpish middle-aged women were already waiting, and it was only At a quarter after three right on time, in other words , someone came and raised the persiana.

But instead of beetles, their prey were woolen caps, T-shirts, socks, skirts and other attire, all used. As a black sheep raised in a manicured suburb, I discovered them as an adult. My grandparents, who had been poor, knew them well enough. But my parents, who had escaped poverty, made a point of buying only new clothes for us kids. In college, while homeless but dating one of my professors , I discovered the Goodwill, the Salvation Army and numerous wildcatter thrift shops. I habitually haberdashed at such places, along with other down-and-outers, but also with folks who were destined or so I imagined to become wealthy because they practiced frugality without shame.

So my observations that day in downtown Guatemala were almost sociological. Well, some were. The first mystery to be solved was etymological. What, exactly, was a paca? Compared to the man in charge of the place, I was white and towering. Mission The staff of five teachers is dedicated to helping children become happy, productive and respected citizens through encouragement, education and example.

Freddy E. Giving help and hope to the deaf in Guatemala traordinary local artist who is setting a positive example at the school. Visiting teachers and artisans also provide new experiences for the students. Current Projects The curriculum includes technical classes, computer literacy, courses in baking and multi-media art, all of them offering potential career opportunities; plus standard elementary classes and practice in Guatemalan Sign Language.

Wish List Our first wish is to be welcoming and open to the community of Antigua and to receive visitors and volunteers. Supplies to assist teachers as well as donations are always gratefully accepted. Before GPS, charts showed lights sequences, say one short and two long flashes of lights followed by darkness, and if the navigator spotted the right sequence, he knew where he was. Lighthouses were built to repel, ward humans from danger. But what if the opposite were true and sequences of light, say one short, two long, were meant to attract, not repel?

Fireflies are omnipresent in literature dealing with summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Climate change, global warming, whatever. The flashes of light from fireflies have a purpose. Finding the right boyfriend or girlfriend for a firefly is a complicated task. There are several species, each with a distinctive flash pattern. Boy must meet girl and girl meet boy with identical light patterns. If you are Their productions blend modern dance and music with classical drama. The new playhouse is located on the north end of town, above the Ubico Bridge.

Tickets are Q50 for adults, Q25 for children. Performances are at 7 p. She is a former U. Donation Q Casa Mima tel: 8a av. See theater listing and www. Highlight on page For more information contact Club de Enduro de Guatemala www. El Sitio tel: , La Antigua. Nursery provided. For more info, contact the church office, tel: Union Church, 12 calle , z. All funds to benefit the Fray Rodrigo de La Cruz nursing facility.

Many of these people have neither a family nor a place to live. Restaurante Personajes tel: 6a av. See page The oldest Guatemalan Art Gallery. Featuring more than artists. Wednesdays — Live Jazz Trio; Sax, piano, bass. Conga and vocals by Ignacio. Fridays — Latin Trio; guitar, conga and piano. Mondays, pm — Kenny Molina hosts Open Mike. Tuesdays, pm — Ramiro plays Trova Cubana. Mondays, pm — Don Ramiro will serenade you with some beautiful Latin folk music. A complimentary drink for all performers. Saturdays pm — At. Come and listen to Luke and his band.

You cannot miss it. Enjoy a few drinks and relax to some classics. Cover Q The organization operates a manufacturing and training facility for customized wheelchairs for rough terrain in rural areas, a clinic for prosthetics and orthotics, a graphic design and offset printing business, and a special education program. Donations benefit educational pursuits. Special events at museums throught the country. Museo Popol Vuh tel: 6a calle final z.

We represent over artists from all of Latin America, as well as featured artists from around the world. We also handle estate sales, auctions and give qualified appraisals. Make La Antigua a preferred stop on your Guatemala itinerary, and stay up to date with us by logging on. Museo Popol Vuh tel: 6a calle final, z. Conozca todo sobre este nutritivo alimento, sus propiedades y usos. Impartido por Harriet Gottlob. Info: John Chudy, tel: or mayadems yahoo. Victor Castillo. IGA tel: 9a av. Tickets Q50, adults; Q25, children. See highlight on page Museo Ixchel tel: 6a calle final, z.

Q30 benefits educational programs. El Sitio tel: 5a calle poniente 15, La Antigua. Call Judy, tel: to reserve a seat or for more info. Follow Us! The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp. We handle all types of Beds. American know-how, with 40 years in the market. Beautiful Fabrics. We follow A. Will deliver. Contact us and find out why we are your best option. What is the municipality building at the east entrance to La Antigua? On weekends the facility will be open to university extension programs.

As of this writing, rooms are under construction and sports and parking areas will be well accommodated. Ah, yes. An additional area has been acquired for a parking lot! The municipal officials have already begun the archeological study of the property a requirement before any infrastructure begins. They will then, hopefully, use this area to accommodate additional parking for small vehicles and tourism vehicles when needed, particularly on weekends and holidays.

On a separate note Original antiques and handmade crafts, primitive or rustic, from different regions of Guatemala. Direct shipping worldwide. Visit us: Km. Casa Alta revuemag. Music, door prizes, great food. Upstairs tenants A man mentioned to his landlord about the tenants in the apartment over his. At a meeting, why does a topic come UP? We lock UP the house and fix UP the old car. At other times this little word has really special meaning.

To be dressed is one thing but to be dressed UP is special. We open UP a store in the morning but we close it UP at night. We seem to be pretty mixed UP about UP! When it threatens to rain, we say it is clouding UP. When the sun comes out we say it is clearing UP.

When it rains, it soaks UP the earth. When it does not rain for awhile, things dry UP. Occasionally I write a proper letter. I do this in part because I live thousands of miles from most of my friends. But I do it the most because life is uncertain, and I want the people I love to know I think of them often and care about them. I do it because many of the people I care about are going through difficult times, and I want to send a little joy and laughter across the miles.

Drove my cat wild one evening. They get the latest on El Mirador, but not the birds. Those interested in politics get tidbits not found on the evening news. Even the jokes are selective, because some friends have a bizarre sense of humor, some like puns, some like political jokes, and some are eclectic, like me. Laughter is so important. It helps put things in perspective somehow.

It reminds us we have a heart. Sometimes I worry that I send too many emails. But not for long. Deleting is easy. No blame, as the I Ching says. I do try to indicate when something is a letter, so that will get read and ideally responded to, if not immediately, somewhere down the line. And I hope my friends realize that motivation. Power Locks I recently saw a distraught young lady weeping beside her car.

Do you need some help? Do you think they pointing to a distant convenient store would have a battery to fit this? Do you have an alarm too? Question: I am going to be traveling by air with my six-year-old Chihuahua in a carrier that will go under the seat in front of me. He is generally a nervous dog, especially when he is not in my arms. Can I give him a tranquilizer?

Answer: Yes, there are specific dog tranquilizers and some antihistamines like diphenhydramine that can be used in this case. The medicine and doses which are very important must be prescribed by your veterinarian. When the body is sedated, it cannot react as well to changes in pressure and temperature; when looking at the statistics of problems including deaths incurred by animals transported by the airlines, more than half occurred because animals were sedated.

Get Out of the Way! When we cease to stumble all over ourselves, the path we trod in life becomes far less bumpy and boulders become pebbles! Like a peacock we puff up, fan out our feathers and prance about. Armed with ammunition the old faithful master, the ego, jumps in the way. Clutching fears, desires and thoughts from the tortuous mind, it chews on self-righteous bones. Does the comparative calculator automatically switch on? Do you become the peacock or the shrinking violet?

It has a vivid and sometimes vicious imagination. There are times especially when we trip all over ourselves. Have you ever sat down with a pen or brush in hand and willed your creative juices to flow? Is there often a chat-. This elegantly sums up what can happen when we get out of the way. Next time you feel resistance to what is in front of you and the ego sense of self begins to inflate, jump out of the way! Stand back and clap your hands and celebrate the opportunity to let things unfold without a meddling ego.

What a wonderful training in accepting the challenges of life. We are the newest and most modern eye center in Central America. Ocular diagnosis and treatment for adults and children. Carretera a El Salvador Km. Our goal is to serve our patients with the best possible dental care in a friendly atmosphere. Member, American Academy of Dermatology. Cosmetic Dermatology. Chemical Peeling. I think while all mothers deal with feelings of guilt, working mothers are plagued by guilt on steroids!

Pediatrician Dra. Lucia Sur. Students in the online course performed better on exams and equally…. Online music communities offer a new context and culture for musical participation globally. This article, employing a socio-cultural theoretical lens, examines how the Online Academy of Irish Music OAIM functions as a teaching and learning online community for Irish traditional music.

Findings from qualitative case study research present…. University educators need to meet changing needs of the digital generation by integrating technology through online content delivery.

Sharing bird sounds from around the world

Despite the many advantages of online education, a large number of university professors are reluctant to make the transition from traditional -face-to-face lectures to online delivery, mainly due to the time, cost,…. Hypersensitive tourists. This research note sets forth a new agendum for sensuous tourism scholarship. It departs in the neglected study of the embodied life of hypersensitive tourists , and argues that the ambiguousness of the sensuous be better understood. To contextualise this argument the following suggests that aller To contextualise this argument the following suggests Finally, the note develops four analytical dimensions that structure critical sensuous scholarship According to Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard University, intelligence of humans cannot be measured with a single factor such as the IQ level.

Instead, he and others have suggested that humans have different types of intelligence. This paper examines whether students registered in online or mostly online courses have…. Online marketing and advertising research : Traditional Theories Revisited. Online marketing and advertising instruments—and the ways in which consumers react to them—are always evolving, which results in ongoing gaps in knowledge. This dissertation aims to fill some of these gaps by providing a greater understanding of how the Internet impacts online marketing and. Online schools and children with special health and educational needs: comparison with performance in traditional schools.

In the United States, primary and secondary online schools are institutions that deliver online curricula for children enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade K These institutions commonly provide opportunities for online instruction in conjunction with local schools for students who may need remediation, have advanced needs, encounter unqualified local instructors, or experience scheduling conflicts.

Internet-based online schooling may potentially help children from populations known to have educational and health disadvantages, such as those from certain racial or ethnic backgrounds, those of low socioeconomic status, and children with special health care needs CSHCN. To describe the basic and applied demographics of US online -school users and to compare student achievement in traditional versus online schooling environments.

We performed a brief parental survey in three states examining basic demographics and educational history of the child and parents, the child's health status as measured by the CSHCN Screener, and their experiences and educational achievement with online schools and class es. Results were compared with state public-school demographics and statistical analyses controlled for state-specific independence. We analyzed responses from parents with a response rate of Parents of online -school participants were more likely to report having a bachelor's degree or higher than were parents of students statewide in traditional schools, and more of their children were white and female.

Children who were male, black, or had special health care needs reported significantly lower grades in both traditional and online schools. However, when we controlled for age, gender, race, and parental education, parents of CSHCN or black children reported significantly lower grades in online than in traditional schooling adjusted odds ratio [a. Traditional and non- traditional treatments for autism spectrum disorder with seizures: an on-line survey. Abstract Background Despite the high prevalence of seizure, epilepsy and abnormal electroencephalograms in individuals with autism spectrum disorder ASD , there is little information regarding the relative effectiveness of treatments for seizures in the ASD population.

In order to determine the effectiveness of traditional and non- traditional treatments for improving seizures and influencing other clinical factor relevant to ASD, we developed a comprehensive on-line seizure survey. Methods A Online marketing and advertising research: Traditional Theories Revisited. This dissertation aims to fill some of these gaps by providing a greater understanding of how the Internet impacts online marketing and advertising research.

The first study in this dissertation describes how banner exposure characteristics, such as the number of exposures, spacing, and delay, impact consumer memory. The findings of this s Full Text Available The implementation of information technology in tourism brings numerous advantages for all participants in the chain of the tourism offer. Traditional tourist agencies also orient themselves towards online business doing via the Internet.

On the other hand, the Internet has an influence on the reduction in the mediation role of tourist agencies. The subject matter of the research done in this paper is the implementation of the Internet in the business doing of tourist agencies with the aim to improve their marketing performances. The aim of the research is the influence of the quality of the Internet offer of tourist agencies on the development of the relationships with buyers and the improvement of the image of tourist agencies operating in The Republic of Serbia.

The business success of tourist agencies is based on a combined approach of traditional and online business doing. Full Text Available Introduction. In , China became the largest spender in international tourism, benefiting many destinations worldwide. Even if for Poland it is not an important source market yet, the Polish authorities have undertaken some marketing activities in China.

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  4. The main aim of the paper is to explore the profile, motivations, and perceptions of the Chinese tourists visiting Cracow. The secondary aim is to check the effectiveness of the marketing efforts dedicated to the Chinese market undertaken by Poland since Material and methods. The Chinese usually visit Poland for the first time, often in transit. They are prompted by the information found online and by word of mouth.

    Their main reasons to come are tradition , culture, historical sites, landscapes, and low costs. The Chinese find Poland to be different from other Western European countries. For them, Poland is a remarkable, traditional , safe, and developing country. Yet, their knowledge about the destination is limited. The main problem encountered is the language barrier, both online and once on site.

    The marketing efforts undertaken by Poland in the Chinese market have had weak and ambivalent effects. In order to attract Chinese tourists , there is a need to intensify expenditure not only on promotion mainly online but also on the removal of language-based communication problems. There is also scope for expanding the tourist offer dedicated to Chinese tourists - both in Poland and in cooperation with other Central European countries. For decades watching the news, movies or television series has been something you do in front of your TV.

    But things are changing, more and more TV-channels make parts of their playlists available online. But exacly how much broadcast material is available online? And is it possible to collect all available broadcast material on a single web portal and enable users not only to watch but also to record this material? The objectives of this thesis were to investigate how much and in which form Online professional development offers opportunities for growth to teachers who may not be able to participate otherwise due to constraints.

    These constraints include, but are not limited to, time and travel distance. This document is a narrative review of relevant literature as it relates to the evolution of teacher professional development. Figuration of tourist personality and tourist travels. Full Text Available Quality of tourist travel is a relative category, because its success depends on the subjective perception of the personality of tourists on a tourist trip. For this reason, any tourist trip can be treated from the perspective of different types of figurative forms of tourists ' personality, which also determine different quality of tourist travel, which, in turn, makes them different.

    Thus, any tourist trip, unto itself, has its own uniqueness, taking on the forms and content created, for the most part, by the tourists themselves, along with all other tourism stakeholders involved in this process. These forms and contents are primarily conditioned by the spiritual profile of tourists ' personality and their psychological and motivational preferences, which is symbolically represented in the figurative context of a chess game.

    In addition to this, identification of essential characteristics of different spiritual profiles of tourist 's personality, must be a starting point for the programming of overall content and especially of animation and cultural content. Research has shown that there is an achievement gap between students taking courses exclusively offered online versus those enrolled in face-to-face classes.

    Basic Life Support certification for nursing staff is achieved through various training methods. This study compared three American Heart Association training methods for nurses seeking Basic Life Support renewal: a traditional classroom approach and two online options. Findings indicate that online methods for Basic Life Support renewal deliver cost and time savings, while maintaining positive learning outcomes, satisfaction, and confidence level of participants. Because of the surging demand for undergraduate business degrees and the increasing availability of effective online educational content, many traditional regional universities have added, or are now considering adding, online undergraduate business degree programs to their classroom programs.

    Through a review of the literature bearing on that…. The authors explore the differences between traditional , book-based methods of teaching Excel and online , platform-supported methods by comparing teaching students in different locations, with and without online support. As Excel is a critical skill for business majors, the authors investigate which methods and locations provide the highest….

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    Perceived blog information is the online source, while the offline one is reference group. Considerable claims have been made for the development of e-learning, either as stand-alone programmes or alongside more traditional approaches to teaching and learning, for students across school and tertiary education. National initiatives have improved the position of schools in terms of access to hardware and electronic networking, software…. The results reveal that perceived blog information and reference group significantly influence image of the city and the intention to visit tourism destination.

    Image of the city moderate the relationship between independent and dependent variables partially. The influence of perceived blog information is greater than the reference group. It is indicates that online information is more influential. The stakeholders of tourism sector can utilize blog in increasing the number of visitors. Five studies compared student performance in multiple course sections at community colleges, while eight were smaller scale and compared student performance in particular biology courses at a variety of types Despite the high prevalence of seizure, epilepsy and abnormal electroencephalograms in individuals with autism spectrum disorder ASD , there is little information regarding the relative effectiveness of treatments for seizures in the ASD population.

    Announcements by email and websites by ASD support groups asked parents of children with ASD to complete the on-line surveys. Survey responders choose one of two surveys to complete: a survey about treatments for individuals with ASD and clinical or subclinical seizures or abnormal electroencephalograms, or a control survey for individuals with ASD without clinical or subclinical seizures or abnormal electroencephalograms.

    Survey responders rated the perceived effect of traditional antiepileptic drug AED , non-AED seizure treatments and non- traditional ASD treatments on seizures and other clinical factors sleep, communication, behavior, attention and mood , and listed up to three treatment side effects. Responses were obtained concerning children with seizures and controls. In general, AEDs were perceived to improve seizures but worsened other clinical factors for children with clinical seizure.

    Valproic acid, lamotrigine, levetiracetam and ethosuximide were perceived to improve seizures the most and worsen other clinical factors the least out of all AEDs in children with clinical seizures. Traditional non-AED seizure and non- traditional treatments, as a group, were perceived to improve other clinical factors and seizures but the perceived improvement in seizures was significantly less than that reported for AEDs. Certain traditional non-AED treatments, particularly the ketogenic diet, were perceived to improve both seizures and other clinical factors.

    For ASD individuals with reported. Full Text Available University educators need to meet changing needs of the digital generation by integrating technology through online content delivery. Despite the many advantages of online education, a large number of university professors are reluctant to make the transition from traditional -face-to-face lectures to online delivery, mainly due to the time, cost, and technical competence requirements to make this transition, in addition to the lack of beliefs in the legitimacy of online education.

    This article demonstrates the use of online video lectures to adapt traditional university courses to a blended format. The study is implemented for a School of Business Marketing course. We illustrate a cost-effective and timeefficient way for faculty members to record and share online video lectures with limited training and technical support.

    Using a student sample from two sections of the same marketing course, the study findings support the use of online video lectures as an effective way to free class time for learner-centred activities, without sacrificing student performance outcomes or course satisfaction.

    The purpose of this study was to ascertain if an online computer tutorial on diabetes mellitus, supplemented to traditional classroom lecture, is an effective tool in the education of nutrition students. Students completing a web-based tutorial as a supplement to classroom lecture displayed greater improvement in pre- vs. From Here to Obscurity?

    Describes an online survey targeted to politically interested users to assess whether traditional media use is decreasing, increasing, or remaining the same since users first started using the Web. Discusses media use gratifications, political attitudes, and demographics, and compares results with a similar study conducted in The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of the Community of Inquiry framework through an in-depth examination of learning comprised of teaching, social and cognitive presence in traditional versus cooperative online teaching at a community college.

    Mediating Tourist Experiences. Access to Places via Shared Videos. The emergence of new media using multimedia features has generated a new set of mediators for tourists ' experiences. This study examines two hypotheses regarding the roles that online travel videos play as mediators of tourist experiences. The results confirm that online shared videos can provide Full Text Available Marketing concept is widely applied in the contemporary conditions of business operations at the tourist market. However traditional marketing concept is more and more subjected to essential changes, firstly through strategic orientation of tourist companies and tourist destinations which are focused at developing relationships with potentional consumers as well as at maintaining and improving relationships with active consumers and stakeholders at the market.

    This paper is dealing with pointing out essential differences between traditional and relationship marketing, as well as analysing fields of activities in which key changes towards need for relationship marketing implementation are taking place and will take place. Full Text Available This study 1 reports frequency rates of mutually exclusive traditional , cyber and combined both traditional and cyber bullying roles; and 2 investigates whether adolescents belonging to particular bullying roles show higher levels of involvement in risky online activities Compulsive Internet Use CIU, online grooming victimization, and sexting and risky offline activities bad behavior in school, drinking alcohol and truancy than non-involved adolescents.

    The results revealed age, sex and country differences in bullying frequency rates. CIU, sending of sexts and risky offline activities were most strongly associated with combined bully-victims. The receiving of sexts was most strongly associated with combined bullies; and online grooming victimization was most strongly related to cyber bully-victims. Another important finding is that the associations between risky offline activities and combined bullying are stronger than for traditional and cyber bullying.

    The findings contribute to better understanding of the associations between varying bullying roles and risky online and offline activities among adolescents. In sum, the results underscore the need to promote life skills rather than adopting more conventional approaches, which focus almost exclusively on reduction of risks. As traditional educational efforts expand into the online environment, academic research is needed to determine if effective environmental education could be replicated in the virtual classroom in higher education.

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    Although previous research showed that the online course delivery could be an effective means of teaching environmental facts, what had yet to be determined is if there was a significance difference in the development of an environmental literacy, represented by attitudes and behaviors between online and traditional campus students, at a university within the Western United States.

    To determine if there was a measured statistical difference in environmental literacy following course completion this causal comparative quantitative study built on the theoretical foundations of environmental literacy development and used the Measures of Ecological Attitudes and Knowledge Scale and New Ecological Paradigm. From a sample of undergraduate environmental science students it was determined, through the use of two tailed t tests at the 0.

    However, statistical differences existed in verbal commitment and emotional connection to the environment. Both the online and the traditional campus classroom are shown to be effective in the development of environmental literacy. As technology continues to be incorporated in higher education, environmental educators should see technology as an additional tool in environmental literacy development. However, the identified differences in emotional and verbal commitment should be further investigated. Background: Addressed the following research question--When compared to the online and traditional instructional approaches, does the flipped instructional approach….

    While the equivalence between online and traditional classrooms has been well-researched, very little of this includes college-level introductory Physics. Only one study explored Physics at the whole-class level rather than specific course components such as a single lab or a homework platform. In this work, we compared the failure rate, grade distribution, and withdrawal rates in an introductory undergraduate Physics course across several learning modes including traditional face-to-face instruction, synchronous video instruction, and online classes.

    Statistically significant differences were found for student failure rates, grade distribution, and withdrawal rates but yielded small effect sizes. Post-hoc pair-wise test was run to determine differences between learning modes. Online students had a significantly lower failure rate than students who took the class via synchronous video classroom.

    While statistically significant differences were found for grade distributions, the pair-wise comparison yielded no statistically significance differences between learning modes when using the more conservative Bonferroni correction in post-hoc testing.

    Finally, in this study, student withdrawal rates were lowest for students who took the class in person in-person classroom and synchronous video classroom than online. Students that persist in an online introductory Physics class are more likely to achieve an A than in other modes. However, the withdrawal rate is higher from online Physics courses. Further research is warranted to better understand the reasons for higher withdrawal rates in online courses. Finding the root cause to help eliminate differences in student performance across learning modes should remain a high priority for education researchers and the education community as a whole.

    Online travel agencies, with their own financial capability, not only making them daring to take the initial risk by investing on great magnitude of promotions, but also dare to lower the price extremely below the normal principle that others could not compete to it, which later becomes threat to the existence of traditional travel agencies that clearly not capable of providing the same benefit due to enormous operational cost.

    Therefore, competitive strategies are needed to maintain the exis The result is an ever-changing way of communicating between faculty members and students. Advantages of incorporating online tools into the course structure include freeing up additional class time, enhancing classroom discussions, and allowing students to remain current with information in their field.

    This hybrid instructional model focuses on the integration of technology tools as a supplement to traditional classroom teaching. This paper will describe how to effectively incorporate and implement technology using online course tools in a traditional classroom setting. Specific examples of online assignments, discussions, and assessments from an allied health education program and class will be discussed. Lessons learned and challenges confronted when adapting to the utilization of specific online course assignments and tools will be discussed.

    Food for tourists. Eating is a physical necessity, but catering services and food image are also very important ingredients of cultural tourism. Food and tourism are increasingly being combined, e. However, as this paper illustrates A comparison between Denmark and Italy illustrates core elements in food cultures. Particularly in Denmark, food production is a major economic activity In Italy, on the other hand, food policies and traditions , which give a high priority to freshness, allow consumers to stay in control of food quality to a much larger extent than Full Text Available Touristproducts express the training way and content of tourism offer, being a sum ofmaterial goods and services designed to meet the requirements and motivationsof tourists.

    Tourist services are individualized through a lot ofcharacteristics: elasticity of consumption, the material or immaterialexistence, the impossibility of storing, the simultaneity of consumption withthe production one, the impossibility of avoiding some differences. Thestructure of Banat tourist products focuses on several essential componentsbecause of the multiculturalism of this area, but also specific entrophic andnatural resources, natural reservations, historic sites, great diversity offlora and fauna due temperate or sub-Mediterranean climate subtypes.

    Economicactivities as support of agricultural occupations have trends of orientationtowards the tertiary sector stimulating the growth of niche tourism, ofmultiethnic space and multi confessional, being the supporting element oftourist services offered and through and through multilingualism increase theidentity of culture and civilization. The economic rural activities, populationand territory offers to Banat rural tourist product a note of originality,authenticity and attractiveness, the novelty of Banat village consisting frommanufacturing activities, habits and popular, the traditions archaicmulinologic installations and technical oil extraction, gastronomy, naturalmonuments, monastic religious services, diversity of hilly and steppe landscape.

    Full Text Available The effects of integrated word-of-mouth WOM, both traditional and electronic, on tourism products are yet to be fully investigated. Results of the study indicate that traditional WOM had a greater influence on destination image compared to electronic WOM. Full Text Available Tourism is a dynamic phenomenon, which is in continuous change. The tourism market is in constant transformation due to competition and growing. Tourist destinations, is facing many challenges in order to enter and remain on the market.

    Thus tourist destination is a well-defined service which is an assembly designed to meet tourists. The marketing mix includes the following elements: product, price, distribution, promotion. Tourists come to this area because of monasteries, some of which are included in UNESCO and are recognized nationally and internationally. Thus Romanian tourists choose this tourist destination just for a weekend. To prolong the stay of both foreigners and Romanians, as well as to attract a large number of tourists is necessary to develop tourism products type tours: days for visiting the tourist area of Radauti.

    These products must contain an offer as varied and diverse, so every day contain different activities and be adjusted, for example by age segments. Linked pricing policy usually access tariffs are differentiated between Romanian and foreign tourists , being lower in the first category. Travel agencies prefer to organize package tours on request only devise some that distribute them internally and externally. There are initiatives to promote tourism area Radauti, due to the high attractiveness among destinations in Romania.

    Thus, this must be considered a tourist destination tourism brand renowned nationally and internationally. The quest for knowledge transfer efficacy: blended teaching, online and in-class, with consideration of learning typologies for non- traditional and traditional students.

    Online degrees have been offered at Students can now design flexible, life-balanced course schedules. Higher knowledge transfer rates may exist with blended course formats with online quizzes and valuable class time set for Socratic, quality discussions and creative team presentations. Research indicates that younger, traditional students exhibit heightened performance goal orientations and prefer entertaining professors who are funny, whereas non- traditional students exhibit mastery profiles and prefer courses taught by flexible, yet organized, professors.

    A 5-year study found that amongst 51, students taking both f2f and online courses, higher online failure rates occurred. Competing life roles for non- traditional students and reading and writing needs for at-risk students suggest that performance may be better if programs are started in f2f courses. Models on effective knowledge transfer consider the planning process, delivery methods, and workplace application, but a gap exists for identifying the diversity of learner needs. Higher education enrollments are being compromised with lower online retention rates.

    Therefore, the main purpose of this review is to delineate disparate learning styles and present a typology for the learning needs of traditional and non- traditional students. Secondly, psychology as a science may need more rigorous curriculum markers like mapping APA guidelines to knowledge objectives, critical assignments, and student learning outcomes SLOs e. Efficacious knowledge transfer to diverse, 21st century students should be the Academy's focus. Efficacious knowledge transfer to diverse, 21st century students should be the. Experienced and potential medical tourists ' service quality expectations.

    The paper's aim is to compare experienced and potential US medical tourists ' foreign health service-quality expectations. Data were collected via an online survey involving 1, US consumers engaging or expressing an interest in medical tourism. The sample included experienced and 1, potential medical tourists. Mann-Whitney U-tests were used to determine significant differences between experienced and potential US medical tourists ' service-quality expectations.

    For all five service-quality dimensions tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy experienced medical tourists had significantly lower expectations than potential medical tourists. Experienced medical tourists also had significantly lower service-quality expectations than potential medical tourists for 11 individual SERVQUAL items. Results suggest using experience level to segment medical tourists. The study also has implications for managing medical tourist service-quality expectations at service delivery point and via external marketing communications.

    Managing medical tourists ' service quality expectations is important since expectations can significantly influence choice processes, their experience and post-consumption behavior. This study is the first to compare experienced and potential US medical tourist service-quality expectations. The study establishes a foundation for future service-quality expectations research in the rapidly growing medical tourism industry.

    In this paper I compare the performance of online versus traditional on-campus students on identical exams in an earth science class. The number of college level distance learning classes offered online continues to increase as they offer greater scheduling flexibility to students, they appeal to students who like to work independently, and allow…. This study investigated the effectiveness of using online instruction as a supplement to a face-to-face introductory technology education course.

    Survey data were collected from 46 pre-service teachers. Findings indicated that when traditional face-to-face instruction was combined with online components, learning was enhanced over a single…. Traditional and online consumers in China: a preliminary study of their personality traits and decision-making styles. Population of online consumers increases rapidly, but the decision-making styles of online consumers and psychiatric denominators such as the personality correlates remain unclear.

    After exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, we have defined a five-factor model CSI with 24 items. Online consumers scored lower on ZKPQ Neuroticism-Anxiety and higher on Aggression-Hostility than traditional ones did, and scored higher on CSI Novelty-fashion consciousness and Brand consciousness, and lower on Time consciousness than the traditional consumers did. ZKPQ Neuroticism-Anxiety was positively correlated with CSI Confused by overchoice in both groups, Sociability was positively correlated with Novelty-fashion consciousness and negatively with Time consciousness in traditional group, and Impulsive Sensation Seeking was positively correlated with Novelty-fashion consciousness and Time consciousness in online group.

    Our study suggests that, regarding the decision-making styles, online consumers display curiosity that lacks security and need other ways to improve their social lives. It also calls further designs to address the contributions of other psychiatric features to the particular decision-making styles in online consumers. Full Text Available Fundamental and applied innovations impact activities in the tourist industry and evolution thereof. More and more sophisticated technologies and communication techniques are practically used to serve tourists.

    Discussed in the article are tourist activity, tourist cluster, destination and glocalization development prospects.