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We will be happy to answer your question! For more information and free advice contact Pokerstore. You can also leave a message using our contact form or send an email to help pokerstore. Be the first to review this product. Winners Guide to Omaha Poker, the smart players guide to winning at Omaha poker by Ken Warren Omaha poker is a complex, high-action flop game, and as Warren will show you, it requires less effort and less skill than other forms of poker. Welcome to Omaha!

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If you like to play a lot of hands, be constantly in action, and win big pots, Omaha is your game. And there's no better poker expert to learn it from than Ken Warren, a consistent Omaha tournament winner and the author of two best-selling books on Texas hold'em. Packed with 11 powerful chapters and a detailed glossary, this book will give you everything you need to know to clean up at the Omaha table.

Win at the most profitable poker game! Omaha poker is a complex, high-action flop game, and as Warren will show you, it requires less effort and less skill than other forms of poker. In fact, given the same stakes and the same level of skill, the Omaha player will make much more money per year than the hold'em player.

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Does that sound unbelievable to you? Let Warren show you why it's true.

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Whether you're playing poker with friends at home or at a high level Pokerstore. All our products are available immediately from stock and we ship in the whole of Europe. Search: Search. Need help placing your order? Account Log In Sign Up. The most passive and loose players are the weakest at the table. Your goal should be to involve yourself in hands against them as often as you can.

You may very well be a favorite to win. You may be holding cards with a flush draw possibility and multiple cards to complete a straight. A wrap-draw, for instance, is the term for hole cards with a straight draw that can have up to 20 different outs.

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An example of that is holding a 10, 9, 6, and 5. If both sets are suited you have a ton of outs.

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In a game like Omaha poker a lot of chips will be exchanged when two or more players have big hands. This makes your good hands more risky. A semi-bluff is when you choose to play more aggressively than the value of your cards would dictate, but at the same time you have draw possibilities to back it up. This creates two ways of winning the hand. You can win by bluffing your opponent off the hand, or you can catch your draw to win.

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