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There are plenty of saintly Peregrines to inspire. A little bit dreamy, a little bit daring — Raphael screams fairytale prince to me. Originally a Germanic name, it travelled through French to English. But ever since Emile Hirsch named his son Valor, it has seemed like a possible up-and-comer.

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If Victor is a regular guy name, is Valor such a stretch? Certainly not for a fairytale prince! What would you name a fairytale prince?

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Are there other names that should be included on this list? Which names are wearable for real, non-regal boys? Loving this!! I also second the suggestions of Tristan, Caius, and Nikolai. Love this list.

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Royce is another favorite. Walter seems like the sensible brother or best friend to the fairytale prince. Roland is the king in Sofia the First. I thought this list might have some names that were my style. Boy was I right!

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Our son is Rafael and we are considering Caspian and Sebastian for this baby. Also on our list are Evander, Nikolai, and Leandro. I adore the name Noble! His first and middle names were Noble Ferne. I met a infant named Noble a couple of months ago and it was so nice to hear his name! I also adore Valor! So many great choices here.

He feels like the right blend of stately, dashing and whimsically romantic. I was looking for a name for a fairy prince. Our eyes were dim as you went past,For […]. To take this trouble seriously,But not to gloom or whine;To never overestimateOur strength, or to declineTo see this is no picnic,But do our earnest partWith brain and muscles, newly trained—To keep a steady heart! To guard our […]. Straight thinking,Straight talking,Straight doing,And a firm belief in the might of right.

Patience linked with patriotism,Justice added to kindliness,Uncompromising devotion to this country,And active, not passive, Americanism. To talk less, to mean more,To complain less, to accomplish more,And to so live that every one of us is ready to look Eternity in theface at any […]. FullReads Full-length classic stories and poems broken into easy-to-read pages.

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The Colors Story type: Poetry Read this story. Smart, headstrong, and witty, Paisley has to pick a suitor.

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Will she choose her lifelong friend or the prince she has just met? When her life is threatened, both men work together to rescue her. Action, adventure, tragedy, love -- all of these work together for a satisfying st I enjoy reading most princess books, and this one was a good read. Action, adventure, tragedy, love -- all of these work together for a satisfying story. The narrator's insistence on addressing the reader directly and explaining some aspect of the fairytale genre, although interesting at the beginning of the story, became annoying as the story progressed.

I hope the author drops the intrusive narrator in the sequel. Dec 23, K. Carroll rated it it was amazing Shelves: juvenile-fiction , fantasy-scifi. This book was a riot. Kind of like if Lemony Snickett got a rosier outlook on life and started writing fairytales about princesses who herd sheep. After reading a lot of lackluster free ebooks lately, this one was a breath of fresh air. Well-written, and with a plot I couldn't exactly predict even though I knew the prince and the princess would wind up together. The book is full of that author-to-reader narrative humor, making it a light, fun read.

My one complaint is that sometimes a POV change This book was a riot. My one complaint is that sometimes a POV change would start with a pronoun instead of the character's name, leaving me confused about who I was reading about. Aside from that, what a fun book! Oct 24, Mikal Dawn rated it did not like it. I'm sure that the storyline is excellent I do like Ms. Havig as a writer , but I can't even finish this book. The constant narrative interruptions is extremely intrusive and interrupts the story flow, making the narration VERY annoying. I love fairy tales--even the unconventional ones--and never quit reading a book, but I just can't make it through this one.

I will absolutely read Ms. Havig's books again, just not the ones from this series, which is highly unfortunate.

Why I Wrote “Before Beauty”

I hate giving bad review I'm sure that the storyline is excellent I do like Ms. I hate giving bad reviews!!!! Nov 27, Christie Hagerman rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this little tale about a princess that wasn't so princess-y, making choices that weren't always cut-and-dry. The narrator's explanations of terms used in fairy tales and how royal people are expected to behave, did start to get old, but I was hooked on this story and really had no clue that it would end up being so complicated by the time they lived happily ever after.

Great characters, nice descriptions, a fun read for all ages. May 21, Amanda rated it really liked it. This was a cute fairytale with fun characters and a bit of action. I thought the action part was a little confusing, mostly because I couldn't figure out why she needed to cut off her hair if she was hiding where no one could see her anyway. But it was resolved well with a decent love story and I always enjoy well-written characters. Others have complained that the narrator was too intrusive. While I liked the overall style I agree that there were a few too many interruptions. One of Havig's Best edited books!

JK Rowling's finess meets with a double dose of charm and faithful hearts to make for a something better than a fairytale or happily ever afters as Princess Paisley meets a Frogg capable of derailing her best laid plans during the week of her majority ball. Will she marry a toad? Will her wit tumble thrones? Grab a box of tissues and find out as this one tickles more than just your funny bone!

Oct 26, Katies Cake rated it liked it. The author is writing the story and then throws in lines writing to the reader explaining why she choose a word or phrase. Example if someone was to start with once upon a time I had to start the book this way.

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This is how all fairytales start. There are some fun delightful exchanges between the characters. Princess paisley the character was easy for me to like and cheer for. Apr 20, Karen rated it liked it. They might have been cute or funny if not so overdone. It makes me wonder if she is like Brielle, only with asides rather than italics.

Anything overdone gets annoying. Unfortunately this distracted from the otherwise good story.