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The concrete animals were part of the inspiration for the unusual art fair, taking place across Iberville from the Lucky….

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It also served as a museum of paintings, drawings and prints by black artists, before art by black artists was readily seen …. On Saturday June 1 from 6 to 9 p. In the new comic pop opera at the Westwego Performing Arts Theatre, however, some characters might be taking the good luck wish a bit too literally. Christian Davenport says he was born a poet. After surviving years as a World War II fighter pilot, including when his plane was shot down and he was captured by the enemy, Major Fredric Arnold and the only other survivor of the 14 men who made up their squadron of P fighter pilots made a….

The Jefferson Performing Arts Society concludes its 41st season this weekend with a classical ballet that will surprise the uninitiated who are expecting heavy drama and darkest tragedy amid its romance. But Shakespeare?

French Quarter

Who would have the guts to imitate the most heralded playwright ever? I so love this!

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  • One of the coolest parts of 21st-century Mardi Gras parades is the endless array of do-it-yourself costumed dance troupes, from the Amelia EarHawts, to the Disco Amingos to the Muff-A-Lottas. On June 1 at least 20 of the teams will…. Valerie Sassyfras is poppin. Bayou Boogaloo, the annual Mid-City music, food and arts festival scheduled for Friday-Sunday May , will charge admission for the first time, according to a festival spokesperson.

    New Orleans audiences well know that when Troi Bechet takes to the stage that they are in for some powerhouse singing. Nearly nine years after New Orleans Museum of Art officials first imagined doubling the size of the museum's highly successful sculpture garden in City Park, the 6. In attempting to grasp the horrific depths of the Holocaust, the sheer numbers can become overwhelming.

    Faced with millions upon millions of deaths, emotions become detached. It is only when each of those millions are recognized as individual huma…. Not a theatrical revival, but the church-going kind, one that celebrates the glory of God and his creations through powerful music and loving fellowship. The story hit just the right note with those who heard it. But whose young voice was it that touched the hearts of both orchestra and audience alike at a concert of the Handel and Hayden Society at Symphony Hall in Boston? The New Orleans Museum of Art should call that guy who spray paints the cool koi carp on the sidewalk.

    The landscaping is…. Toggle navigation. New Orleans Arts and Stage News.

    French Quarter Tales

    Louisiana painter Rolland Golden dies at 87; artist went from French Quarter bohemian to Katrina chronicler. Jul 1, - pm. Jul 1, - am. Created new each year, Mardi Gras Indian suits find more permanent homes.

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    Jun 28, - pm. Stay in the Know.

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    • Facebook Twitter Instagram. Jun 27, - pm. Jun 26, - am. Review: '42nd Street' is a whole package of Broadway-style entertainment. Jun 21, - am. For Pride month, a fascinating look at the art and history of gay Carnival. Jun 20, - am. Jun 19, - pm. Meet the pollinators, dance to Cajun-Zydeco tunes and sip summer wine. After 44 years with St.


      Luke's annual summertime musical, Lee and Bonnie Happel say goodbye. Jun 19, - am. Jun 18, - am. Jun 17, - am. Review: Rock 'n' roll 'Much Ado' stumbles over Shakespeare's subtleties. Lavish and large or small and selective, debutante parties are an enduring tradition. Jun 16, - am. For those who follow the debutante party scene, the season was big. Jun 15, - pm. It just got cheaper and easier to paint a mural in New Orleans. Jun 13, - pm. Jun 12, - am. Jun 11, - pm.

      When news of the findings was published in the local newspaper an angry mob drove LaLaurie and her family from the city.

      St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and Marie Laveau

      Reports that the house is haunted have been rampant ever since. Many have claimed to hear screams of agony coming from the empty house. Others have seen apparitions of slaves walking about the property. There are reports of having been attacked by an angry slave in chains. Louis No. The water-logged, swampy soil upon which New Orleans is built makes digging more than a couple of feet impractical, especially if the reason for digging is burial of anything more substantial than a hamster. Peter Street just inside the current French Quarter. The solution was to avoid burial altogether and house the dead in aboveground tombs.

      Louis Cemetery No. The tombs here are of whitewashed stucco-covered red brick and shine with their own eerie brilliance in the gloom of evening as well as the midday sun.

      The Dark Side of the Quarter

      The faithful also leave behind offerings of coins, pieces of herb, beans, bones, bags, flowers and other tokens in hopes of invoking her good will. Some believe Laveau materializes annually to lead the faithful in worship on St. The ghost is always recognizable, they say, thanks to the knotted handkerchief she wears around her neck.

      A man once claimed to have been slapped by her while walking past her tomb.