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Babylon inexplicably translated the first few words as "Are you a women," showing a lack of understanding of basic English grammar. Google and Bing usually produced the best or least worst results, with Google getting a slight edge because its results often sounded less awkward. The two search engines' translators weren't great, but they still outperformed the competition.

But even the weakest ones would occasionally come up with a good word choice that the others didn't. Except with simple, straightforward sentences using unambiguous vocabulary, you can't rely on these free computerized translations if you need accuracy or even correct grammar.

They're best used when translating from a foreign language into your own, as when you're trying to understand a foreign-language website. They shouldn't be used if you're writing in a foreign language for publication or correspondence unless you're capable of correcting serious mistakes. The technology just isn't there yet to support that type of accuracy.

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Share Flipboard Email. My translation: There is no room for doubt that in the last five years, the destiny of Latin America has been strongly influenced by three of its most visionary and audacious leaders: Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa and Evo Morales. My translation: The red suit, the white beard, the protruding belly and the bag full of gifts made the eyes of the pediatric patients at Santa Clara Hospital magically light up again. Best online translation Google : The red suit, white beard, protruding belly and bag full of gifts made, by magic, the eyes of pediatric patients at Hospital Santa Clara back to shine.

Worst online translation Babylon : The red suit, beard, white belly protruding and the bag full of gifts made, by magic, the eyes of the pediatric patients of the Hospital Santa Clara back to shine. Continue Reading. Ask if your club has a digital station. Good for you for sticking your toes in the water!

Now go home and work on that license upgrade. If I can do it, you can do it! Or phonetically, Get on the Air. It may operate on any band, but is usually set up for HF on Field Day. GOTA stations are designed to entice the new or inactive ham onto the air and introduce them to the wonders of HF. Any license class okay, as long as you are were licensed in the past year. Same thing goes for a generally inactive hams. No ringers.

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Unlicensed future-hams can participate under the supervision of a control operator. All clubs will provide a GOTA coach. But more on that a little later…. As it turns out, that simplification is not too far off base. Since there are no repeaters involved in HF, stations can transmit on any frequency they choose. Your job as the receiving station is to turn the big knob and zero in on the best frequency to listen.

Gota a gota en México: un colombiano muerto y tres más desaparecidos, ¿qué pasó? - Séptimo Día

This makes for some great listening practice. There are a lot of new toys. Things like foot pedals that control the mic, boom and pedestal mics, and headphones.

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Oh, and antenna rotators! How cool is that? After you take in all that shiny, then the fun stuff starts. There are two different methodologies to operating the GOTA station. Both involve working pileups. Pileups are ham radio geek speak. Many ham operators trying to communicate with one distant station.

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This rain rushed down the ramblas, or natural dry river-beds which act as floodwater channels, and accumulated rapidly on the plain. Apart from the damage and the threat to human life which is caused by the water cascading down these channels with a force which is barely credible for those of us who have never seen it, the destruction can also extend to bridges over the rambla and, above all, the agriculture on the flat and fertile flood plains.

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  5. Again, the Puerto Lumbreras flood in is a good example. Through the centre of the town runs the Rambla de Nogalte, a wide channel which was formed over the course of millions of years by floodwater running down from the mountains to the north-west, and bridges, roads and other infrastructures all suffered in the urban area.

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    The effect on the local economy, though, was greater on the flood plain, where thousands of cattle were lost and crops were flooded. A rambla in the south-east is a dry river-bed or floodwater channel, and we see them every time we drive around without really paying much attention to them. They are unspectacular, unremarkable and harmless features of the landscape almost all of the time, and can remain dry for years.

    In the Rambla de Benipila in Cartagena there used to be football goalposts for impromptu kickabouts, and in many towns and cities the ramblas are used by locals as free car parks. In some parts of Spain, unscrupulous Town Halls have even allowed residential properties to be built in or next to ramblas over the last few years. All of these uses for ramblas are absolutely fine, of course, until it rains. As soon as that happens, the danger of being in or near a rambla must not be underestimated.

    How would you define gota? Add your definition here.

    Every autumn we see instances of cars, street furniture and, in the most tragic cases, people, being washed down ramblas by walls of floodwater as flash floods suddenly fill these normally dry channels with rushing water. In particularly severe episodes the ramblas can even overflow, especially when they have not been cleared of undergrowth, litter and trees, and when this happens the devastation spills over onto the land or streets alongside. A miniature version of this effect can be seen at many beaches, where increased residential development has led to the soil being covered with cement and tarmac.

    This means that when it rains all of the water follows the most direct route possible down to the shoreline, and as a result gulleys are quickly eroded into the sand, often taking wooden walkways and foot showers with them to the sea.

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    This damage is of course trivial in comparison to a major flood, but it is a reminder of the destructive power of water. Ramblas can become dangerous even in areas where not a drop of rain has fallen as the water flows down from the mountains inland — in recent years those attending a market in a rambla in the province of Alicante were surprised by a flash flood despite it not having rained, killing several tourists — and the danger to anyone nearby should never be under-estimated. No exact death toll has ever been reached for the disaster in Bolnuevo in , when part of the campsite next to the Rambla de las Moreras was washed away and tents and caravans were swept into the Mediterranean.

    The importance of keeping a clear head can be illustrated with an anecdote from 28th September , when the headlines quite rightly focused on the disaster in Puerto Lumbreras.