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The experts all shout —. I think part of it is the enchanting world that Julie the creator of Little Cotton Rabbits breathes into existence with her designs, and her blog in particular. The beauty of crochet and knitting is that they are portable. Recently my husband and I went on a short trip to see our daughter graduate from the University of Oklahoma with her Masters Degree.

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I debated whether or not it was even worth traveling with any handmade projects. But ultimately the thought of being stuck on an airplane without anything to do pushed me to take one with me! This is when the project finally comes together and you get to enjoy all of that hard work and perserverance!

Every craft has basic skills that must be mastered before the individual can move on to more advanced techniques. Think of the ballerina who spends years at the barre perfecting the five positions of the feet. She cannot star as Clara in the Nutcracker until she knows those basic skills up and down, inside and out.

This is also true for crocheting amigurumi. The fundamentals matter and once they are mastered the possibilities are endless!

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Are you caving in to the peer pressure? Have you dipped your toe into the incredible world of amigurumi yet? In Part 1 of Amigurumi we discussed the most important skill you need to possess before crocheting your first toy. Not to be all doom and gloom, but seriously do not skip this step! Skip to content Skip to navigation menu.

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