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Cuesta 22, Buen precio. Eso es, con nuestro presupuesto, lo que estamos buscando. Y los pantalones son fabulosos. Se parecen bastante. Son profesionales. Muy bien, sal. Estabamos esperandote. La bufanda se ve genial. Te esperamos en la caja. El total es de 24, Grandioso, nos queda mucha plata. Chip, 24, Yo la tengo, toma. Muy bien, muy bien.

Muy bien, 24, Muy bien, tenemos los pantalones. Bien, vamos. Alli estan. Nos quedan 35 minutos. Bueno, buscamos la camisola, pero no lo encontramos y compramos un par de pantalones. Pero no hay tiempo de explicar. Esto es lo que necesitamos. Necesitamos un collar. Compra dos collares. Nos tenemos que apurar.


Bien, estamos en Nordstrom. Nos faltan tres piezas y tenemos una sola tienda. Tenemos que lograrlo. Bien vamos a dividirnos. Su total es de 14, El ojo de Chip localiza unos zapatos. Pepper encuentra el blazer de terciopelo perfecto. Despues de recorrer Nordstrom, el trio se junta para compartir los hallazgos.

Me gusta, es suave. Creo que estamos listos, o sea que vamos. Nos tiene que decir cuanto cuesta esto. Pero sin los ganchos. Su total es de 65, Muchas gracias por comprar en Nordstrom y que tengan un buen dia. Muchas gracias, hasta luego. Muy bien, estan a tiempo. Dios, se nos acaba la gasolina, pero tenemos mucha plata.

Asi es. Y ademas, se puede quitar la chaqueta y usarlo sin chaqueta y se ve fabuloso. Hasta luego buena suerte. Antes de la rueda de prensa, los amigos y familliares de Jen se reunen en el hotel Metropolis para ver su nuevo look profesional. Me emociona que todos me vean con mi nuevo look. Encontramos la camisola rosada, que me tenia preocupada, Definitivamente hicimos un buen trabajo al recrear este look. Esto muy ansiosa por ver su nuevo look. Ella se ve muy chic, muy profesional. Se ve estupenda. Muy contemporanea. Creo que logra ese tipo de look, por dolares o lo que sea que gastaron, es increible.

Vinimos, compramos, y ahorramos. Soy Yohanna House, y recuerda, siempre hay un Look for Less. Si quieres estar en The Look for Less ingresa a stylenetwork. Por mi honor. No se. Soy Chip. Soy Pepper. Me gusta irme de farra. Y somos hermanos. Como nigunos. Venimos de la misma madre. No trabajamos. No vemos el reloj. Nunca nos detenemos. No paramos. Estamos locos, pero nunca vaguemaos. Si nos puedes seguir el ritmo, deber ser un genio. Ella siempre esta lista para ayudar….. Andrea: No Elisa: But where did you look for her? Andrea: Everywhere, grandma.

Elisa: But what am I going to tell your mom, Andrea? Camilo: Calm down, stop blaming yourself. Plus, Juliana is not a little girl. Elisa: Lets pray, Camilo. Andrea: Hi. Camilo: What do you say we have a little drink and finally start our honeymoon? Andrea: Laughter Well that seems like a good idea.

Camilo: Does it? Andrea: Yes, but why don we go to the room first, take a shower, I am a little hot… Camilo: We, take a shower? All right, sounds good to me. Katy: No. Katy: I wish I could Mrs. And on top it all he has totally ignored me since that prissy is here. Pola: Well dear, that just means you too have to sit down calmly, and have a talk. Katy: Mrs. Pola, how can you even say that to me? Pola: How can I say that to you? Anything, I swear. Paula if you had seen him yesterday, he seemed so happy with me!

Pola: Oh my dear Katy, welcome to the wicked world of love. Katy: Oh no, but definitely, Mrs. Actually, Jorge is going to find out how far Pola Saavedra is willing to go. Katy: Are you saying it because of those oranges? Pola: Katy. Katy: Nooo. Claudio: Good thing you did. Ja Ja Ja. Manuela: Some are, yes. Sanson: Nice architecture, eh? Manuela: It is a business that moves millions, and apparently people just love going to them. Sanson: Laughter Manuela: In your dreams!

Sanson: What? Manuela: if with that is meant as an invitation let me tell you that you are wrong about me Sanson: No, but how does it occur to you Mrs.

Manuela that could to invite you to a motel? No way. Sanson: Well maybe at a different time in your life you would have, but believe me, your having accepted my lunch invitation is enough of an honor. Juliana: Thanks you so much Mrs. But tell me, did you already call you mom to tell her you were here with us? Thanks a lot. She is intolerable that little girl my God. I went into the room a while ago and saw that she was packing.

Eulalia: Really? She would do me a great favor, I would be so happy, but I doubt it. Well I am going to go see how things are going over there. Come on my dear, give the girl some company, eat your whole plate ok? You want some? Roosevelt: No, thanks.

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I just went for a walk, and I just realized that Mrs. Eulalia seems to like that little Juliana girl. Pola: Look, that little girl did, in half and hour, what the rest of us have to invest years in! Katy: Oh, you are so funny. She could very well be an uptown girl but at this particular moment in life that girl is equally, or, I would dare say, a little bit poorer than you.

Katy: You know what, you better stop talking or you are going to keep making it worse. Listen Katy what I want you to understand are that nobody I this world, and listen to me carefully, nobody is better or worse than anybody, you heard me? Listen to me. What are you up to now? Sanson: Yes, of course. Well I am going to excuse myself. Manuela: Sanson.

Sanson: Yes? Sanson: Yes, yes, of course. Manuela: And the soccer game? Sanson: Well I would trade any game for a coffee with you. Jorge: Claudio, these men only play Ballenato. Claudio: Listen, speaking about that, are you sure that the lady will approve of the serenade?

That will appease even the hottest tempers. Claudio: Well, since Pola has made quite scandalous scenes before, plus considering how furious she is. Jorge: Well yes, but just like the other times, this time I have to risk it, right? Pulling out an escape from Lucrecia is well worth it. Claudio: You should know at least one in English, that would really be something, that would impress her. Sanson: No, no, thank you. Plus, we have to have a toast, not, not one, two toasts.

The first one, because you daughter is getting married, and the second one to a long and very happy marriage, yes, tadaaan! Something wrong? Sanson: But how can you say that Mrs. Manuela: Oh Sanson, my daughter is getting married because she is pregnant. That marriage, rather than being the union of two people in love, is another desperate measure from Andrea. You know what is worth a toast? There is something. After twenty years, my marriage is over, and I have nothing to offer to my daughters.

Manuela: There is something that does indeed deserve a toast. You know what it is? That I opened my eyes. Twenty years in the dark, and I finally learned what life is about. Sanson: But you know what? Manuela: Sigh Sanson, this whole thing is not easy for me, believe me. Sanson: I understand. But how can you end such a nice day like that, in tears. Manuela: You know what? Pass me the whisky, the rum, ja ja ja ja, the rum. Sanson: Oh, wow. Manuela: Whisky I had had before, but not rum.

Manuela: But no bottoms up. Sanson: Yes, straight up. Like they say in my hometown, this is better than working. Juliana: No, I am just a little tired. Well I do feel a little weird. Roosevelt: Why? Juliana: because of the way your mom welcomed me; she made me feel like I am a daughter to her. Roosevelt: Yes but, everything happened for a reason, right?

Juliana: Oh, that became perfectly clear Roosevelt. Juliana: Oh, and what are they celebrating? Roosevelt: Ah, I see, Juliana, I understand. Juliana: Roosevelt I was joking! Roosevelt: OK, done. Juliana: Thanks. Have a seat. Go my dear and get the girl a drink but only a soda, she is still a minor. Katherine would you like something? Katy: No, thanks. Man: Boss, welcome. I mean, another Rum? Sanson: See how much it helped you?

Are you feeling better? Manuela: Yes, thanks to you also. Sanson: Manuela, I just wanted to tell you that I know this forced cohabitation has not been easy on you. I know that you and I are not best friends, but if it means something to you, know you can count on me for anything. Manuela: Thanks a lot Sanson. And thanks for putting up with me, with my family, and specially for not kicking me out of your house, since you could have done it anytime. Sanson: No, I could, never do that. I might be foul-mouthed, and maybe a little rough edged sometimes, but my heart is in the right place.

Plus, I admire you very much, I think you are a great woman. I wonder who that is, this late. Excuse me. Manuela: Sergio!

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Sergio: Hello Manuela. Andrea: Oh yes, give me a foot massage. Camilo: In a minute. Andrea: Darling it was nothing, I already forgot, nothing important really. Camilo: Andrea, you were acting strange, and I can tell what you were going to say was important. Really, just silly stuff that gets in my head sometimes. What were you going to say? Is that the kind of marriage we are going to have? Sanson: What, do I have to leave my own house so you can talk or what? Manuela: No Sanson, no way. Look, meet Sergio Iragorri, he and German were partners at the investment company.

Sanson: Yes, yes I know who he is. Sergio: Manuela I understand your shock bud I had nowhere else to turn. I just came out of jail and I have nowhere to go, I am homeless. Sanson: Manuela could you and I talk in private? What a disappointment. Pola: Disappointment? Start getting used to it, like I have had to get used to years of frustration and disillusionment.

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Get used to it! I just caught you cheating with this thing, with this good-for-nothing, with this bastard. Group: Ouch. Stalin: Wait a minute there, Jorge, more respect please. Jorge: What respect? For how long Stalin, how long have you been betraying me? Pola: Be careful Jorge, be careful with what you are going to say.

Jorge: You shut your mouth. You better respect me. Stalin: You know what? Pola: Jorge, Jorge take it easy. Eulalia: No more I said! The fight is over. Gone, gone! And start working on the lie you are going to tell your wife when she asks you where you were. Out, out mister, get out of here!

Not only do I have to take in your whole family, but also your friends? Manuela: No. Sanson: I will not allow that. Manuela: Sanson calm down please. I understand you frustration but I am only asking you to let me go talk to Sergio. Sanson: Talk for what? So you can figure out a way he can sneak into my house? I just want him to tell me about what happened. Sanson: Listen mama. And excuse me for being so blunt for I know what to expect from you.

And I know very well what that man is on the streets. Manuela: No, no Sanson, listen Sergio is an acquaintance and I cannot treat him like a stranger. Manuela: No, Sanson let ma talk please. Let me talk to him please. Manuela: Sergio how could you show us here unannounced Sergio: I know, I know Manuela but I am desperate, you understand? I am going through the same thing you went through when you came to live in my apartment. Manuela: Oh are you rubbing it on my face?

Is this payback time? Sergio: No Manuela, I am only explaining to you that it was a desperate decision. I have Julian, my mom, Claudio living here. Sergio: Manuela, thanks to your statement I was able to get out of jail, and I am really thankful, but I am asking you to finish the favor and to not leave me out on the street.

Manuela: And I am asking you Sergio not to put me in this situation. Manuela I have nowhere to sleep tonight. Tell me something, who else knows about this surprise, and no lies this time please. Andrea: Only my family, nobody else. Camilo: Great, great, how nice. How nice for me to be the last one to find out. Do you take me for an idiot Andrea, or what? Camilo: No Andrea. You hid information from me, which is entirely different.

Andrea: Well yes, I am sorry, forgive me. Camilo: You apologies are meaningless right now Andrea. You screwed up. Andrea: Well, what do you want me to do, tell me? I was there for you. I have nothing to thank you for. I know that I invaded your space, but you played me. Sergio: But Sonia took everything. Manuela: I know and you already told me.

Sergio: Manuela, Sonia was the only person I trusted and look what she did. You trusted her, in spite of her egocentric behavior. Sergio: I am an idiot, I am an idiot, what else do you want me to say, eh? I never liked Sonia but I never though her capable of this. Jorge: No, none of that. Leave her alone. Jorge: Just what I needed. Another one of the Pulido traitors, also against me. Well, very good. Jorge: Oh you know what? Claudio: Play something. Do you know something classical? Look, before living here, I was living at his house, and I did exactly the same thing.

I just showed up, with my daughters, with my luggage. Sanson: So the guy was also a victim of your invasion. Manuela: Well, Sanson you know what, thing whatever you want. Sanson: Well I know, the thing is that you are not in a position to be Mother Teresa. Manuela: Oh Sanson, how sad.

Sanson: Yes, how sad, how sad. Manuela: Yes, how sad that you need to display that anger inside of you so often. Nice to meet you, Rito Sanson Pulido. And let me tell you that if all this blabbing is meant to convince me to let that man stay at my house, you are very wrong. I have spoken. I told you I would support the baby. You are abandoning me. Andrea: I know, I know my love, please forgive me, but I am telling you now, before getting married. Camilo: What do you want me to do, from one minute to another you got a sudden sincerity fit and I should forgive you?

Andrea: Yes Camilo, listen I know I know I should have bee honest with you, but I am doing it now, I am repenting and telling you everything, please forgive me. Camilo: No, no. And you know why? Because you decided to keep this from me, and from that moment on, you spoiled my trust in you, you lost it. Andrea: Camilo I could have kept my mouth shut and not told you anything. Camilo: I already made that decision.

Sanson: Well me neither. Manuela: You gave me a period of one month to stay at your house right? Manuela: Well I beg you then to honor that agreement, and to help me look for a place for Sergio to stay. Sanson: But madam you are asking me for something which is far beyond what I should, and am able to give. Manuela: Sanson you know a lot of people in this neighborhood. It will be really easy for you to find a place for Sergio.

Claudio: Shut up damn it! And calm down. What do you see in that Policarpa woman? Claudio: But I know Lucrecia. Jorge: Because you know very well that my marriage has been no bed of roses, and not because of me. Claudio: That I know, I know that. Jorge: Maybe you are right.

It might be the best decision to reconcile with Lucrecia and forget Policarpa. No… Eulalia: Because you know I am right, stop complaining so much and being such a crybaby. Please start doing something productive with your life. Stalin: If you knew how hard it is to find a job at the capital you would be telling me that. Stalin: What do you mean, not crippled.

My ego is crippled, and my heart. Eulalia: Oh stop talking nonsense kid. Stalin: Great couple mom. If you knew how Jorge treats her. Go figure!

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Eulalia: Well kid, that is her problem, she puts u with that situation. Stalin: oh yes, yes, yes, of course. Eulalia: Listen son I am going to ask you a question and please answer me honestly. Stalin: What? Eulalia: Are you in love with Policarpa? Theyd be all overya before ya got a block. Not in the new Ya hit the gas and it throwsya outta the seat. Great car. Aint stealin nothin else anymore. Greatest for a job.

Still like the Pontiac. If I was buyin a car. Put fendei skirts on it, grill lights, a set a Caddy hubcaps and a bigass aerial in the rear. Your ass. Nothin can touch the 47 Continental convertible. Theyre the end. We saw one uptown the other day. The shitkickers still wailed and they talked and walked, talked and walked, adjusting their shirts and slacks, cigarettes flipped into the street—ya shoulda seen this load. Chartreuse with white walls. That real great gab-adine.

Hey, did yadig that sharp silverblue sharkskin suit in the window? Yeah, yeah. The onebutton single breasted job with the big lapels—and whats to do on a night like this. Just a few drops of gas in the tank and no loot to fill it up. And anyway, wheres to go—but yagotta have a onebutton lounge. Ya wardrobe aint complete without one.

Yeah, but I dig that new shawl job. Translation - Spanish Se apoltronaron a lo largo de la barra y por las sillas. Otra noche. Estos vienen y dejan pasta. Echando miradas de reojo. Mirando pasar los autos. Reconociendo cada uno. Pilas de caballos. Pilas de cromados. Hermano, ese auto es de aquellos.

No tira como un Plymouth. No se agarra como un Buick. Si sales volando. Si le das mecha. No, en el nuevo 88 no. Un coche enorme. Ya no mango otra cosa. El mejor acabado… Silencioso como un Pontiac. Son de aquellas. Verde con las puertas blancas. English to Spanish: Digital rights Detailed field: Journalism Source text - English These rights are persistently denied by repressive regimes often in collusion, implicit or otherwise, with powerful non-state players. In the past year, we've witnessed countless examples of such persecution, and to an overwhelming degree, digital media plays a crucible role, simultaneously the instrument of sharing news and knowledge and the instrument of persecution and surveillance.

These themes are joined in the digital media theatre. Non-state players, notably compliant technology companies, play a reprehensible supporting role. Two remarkable examples in the past year of the clash between the public's freedom to know and the government's urge to control: the collision of two high-speed trains in Zhejiang Province after which Chinese citizens posted 25 million messages in five days critical of the government; and the recent downfall of disgraced communist party leader Bo Xilai.

In Bahrain, cruder tools are used: the almost idiosyncratic blocking of websites that might be of interest to citizens and activists; the insidious trolls who track the Twitter accounts of activists in Bahrain and beyond to harass and denigrate those individuals. Government officials joke about having to use proxy sites themselves to track criticism of the regime. The online campaign has become increasingly sophisticated and creative as dissent accelerates. In both China and Bahrain, as in many other countries, the use of digital media, to convey news, opinions, evidence of wrongdoing, can have terrible consequences, including extrajudicial killing, torture, detention and forced exile.

In many countries, bloggers and citizen journalists are the most vulnerable of all; they work without the protection of media organizations. Estos temas tienen su concurrencia en el teatro de los medios digitales. Alla fine del secolo XIX, i muratori friulani furono chiamati a lavorare in Russia nella colossale costruzione della ferrovia Transiberiana.

I goriziani ed i giuliani dovettero aspettare fin al per usare il passaporto italiano.

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Dati statistici del porto di Buenos Aires confermano che tra, il ed il , chi proveniva dal Friuli Occidentale viaggiava con passaporto italiano, mentre quelli che provenivano dal Friuli Orientale e dalla Venezia Giulia lo facevano con passaporto austriaco. Studi realizzati da Abele Mattiussi in Argentina segnalano che i corregionali non pensavano di tornare nella terra natia e si portavano dietro attrezzi agricoli, immagini sacre e la loro cultura rurale.

Non solo il Nord America ma anche si puntava verso il sud: Argentina, Brasile, Venezuela e Uruguay come terre promettenti di fortuna. Cifre del Governo argentino confermano che, dopo il , emigrarono in quel Paese 8. I piroscafi solcavano continuamente l'Atlantico trasportando emigranti. I viaggi erano faticosi e pieni di insidie, a volte in condizioni di esagerata degradazione ed indigenza. Ma considerate bene, o miei cari e parlo specialmente a quelli che vengono invitati da appositi incettatori e adescati col provvedimento gratuito del viaggio, pensate io dico, che a si lusinghiere promesse non risponde il frutto e il guadagno da voi aspettato.

Los goricianos y los julianos debieron esperar hasta para usar el pasaporte italiano. Los viajes eran agotadores; las condiciones, pobres o cercanas a la indigencia muchas veces. El arrepentimiento por el emprendido viaje no tarda. This primarily means finding out whether or not the objectives of an intervention have been achieved. Control is often based on 'success' criteria e. Control is an aspect of almost every evaluation, whether directly or indirectly, as it reveals the performances of the people involved in a programme.

Another function of an evaluation is to legitimise interventions, programmes, or measures. The data collected within an evaluation can show what outputs and impacts have been achieved, and even what sustainability has been achieved, and with what inputs this has occurred. This function becomes more important when the intervention is funded by donors or is of political interest, as the implementing organisations have to prove their effectiveness and efficiency.

It is essentially individualistic. The objective of development is then to expand the set of capabilities of each individual. It is these functionings that we observe. Las siniestras predicciones de Dobby parecen hacerse realidad. Acceso al ahora esta en todas partes - en el cuerpo, en el silencio, y el espacio alrededor tuyo. Estas son las claves para entrar en un estado de paz interior. Ellas pueden ser usadas para traerte al ahora, al momento presente, donde los problemas no existen.

El objetivo de la obra es convertir a cualquier hombre, independientemente de sus bazas, en un Aven, un seductor. Esta es la impactante historia de Luis Palau, el evangelista de fama mundial, a menudo visto como el sucesor de Billy Graham. Jackson, Misisipi, August sale poco. Ahora, siguiendo la pista de una misteriosa carta, emprende un viaje hacia la isla remota de Gales en la que su abuelo se crio.

Una historia que necesitas experimentar. Escucha para mas No siempre tenemos a mano los ingredientes de la felicidad. Necesitamos hablar frente a la gente cada vez que podamos para que nos vean y nos consideren como los mejores de la empresa, o para que hagamos crecer nuestros propios negocios. Editor's Picks. Here are a few of our favorite listens this week.

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