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We get the strong sense that Cathy was in awe of her brother, even though he was a little younger, and when she no longer had him, and when she and her parents were stuck inside this seemingly eternal purgatory, we feel her trying to find her place in the world. At school, after moving from Cornwall to Yorkshire, she was seen as posh. She expresses with great skill how hard it was to talk about what was happening. The disconnect between what her family went through and the happy ignorance of the rest of the world is stark.

While at university she sees a therapist. She realises she can contain her sadness within the minute sessions, slumped on a beanbag, while the rest of the time no one has a clue about what swirls around inside her. If she tells the truth, no one will know how to cope with her. She lists the pros and cons of each answer.

Language is part of the minefield. Life is cruel and oblivious, but it can contain much happiness too. And though it seems odd to call a book about loss uplifting, it really is. This is a book you would want to re-read, during a tough time, to make you feel less alone.

Yes, this is quite a specific story about an unusual situation, but it also is about life. About family and relationships and work and love and travel and growing up, and how to keep going despite it all. Which you absolutely should. The book itself feels an act of love. At the end of the book it said William and Lily will be back in but I so wont be there. Apr 03, Shelleyrae at Book'd Out rated it really liked it Shelves: aussie-author.

The Book of Love is a contemporary tale of romance, mystery, adventure and comedy. Partners, Lily and Robbie, own an antiquarian bookshop in Sydney Australia. When Robbie discovers a rare book worth twenty million dollars amongst the boxes of second hand books purchased at a Nairobi market, he is determined to sell it and disappears leaving Lily broke and at the mercy of William, a fine arts broker, as well as shadowy figures who are determined to claim the book. In pursuit of Robbie, Lily and William travel to Rome but what they find is more valuable than a rare book.

In fact I envision Lily looking a lot like Audrey Hepburn given her penchant for vintage dresses. Lily is a surprisingly complex character with a difficult past she has struggled to overcome and trapped in a bad relationship with the faithless Robbie out of obligation rather than love. She has low self esteem which causes her to doubt herself at every turn though she slowly begins to rebuild her self confidence over the course of the novel.

William, though Russian, I imagine to look like a young Sean Connery though with a posh English accent. I liked his principled character and admired his belief in honour and duty. He is certainly a wiser choice for Lily than the feckless Robbie who is casually selfish and cruel. Though it is a bit of a slow start, the book picks up the pace as the chase begins.

Fioretti maintains the tension as Lily and William try to evade other parties interested in the book and find Robbie before he sells the book. Naturally there are several romantic misunderstandings between Lily and William that threaten their burgeoning relationship - Lily lacks the confidence in her intuition and William is determined to do the right thing by her.

Lily and William's story is continued in The Fragment of Dreams.

The Yoga of Love (from the book “Wise Love”)

View all 3 comments. Aug 19, Sandra rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No-one. A waste of paper! NOT recommended. This was certainly no mystery - nor was it suspenseful. In the early stages the plot had potential but somehow Fioretti 'lost the plot'. The characters lacked substance and I didn't feel an affinity with any of them. The Book of Love did not even appeal to the romantics in our g A waste of paper!

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The Book of Love did not even appeal to the romantics in our group or those who like a good mystery so I think that says something. Apr 13, Virginia rated it did not like it. I really did not like this book. It seems as if the author spent too much time trying to develop characters that ended up being very two dimensional, the action started too late, the "heroine' was actually uninspiring and annoying actually- she made choices that made no sense and it just seemed to be someone trying to imagine a "more glamourous" life. It was full of cliches- cliched characters, settings and plot , so not impressed-several hours of my life I wont get back.

Apr 13, Polly rated it really liked it. I picked this up after reading a great review in an old university newspaper. Amazing how you come across things. I couldn't put it down once I started, it was fun, fresh and I loved Lily and William, the heroine and hero. It was a quick read but really full of atmosphere, sexy and funny. I'll read the sequel next. Mar 31, Kate rated it did not like it Shelves: could-not-finish. I am mystified how this book was actually published - let alone have people give it five stars. All I am going to say in regard to this book is: it is poorly written with try hard characters and not remotely believable.

Do not bother. View 1 comment. Apr 30, Lisa added it. Just don't. Officially this is the worst book I've ever read. According to the author, William the one of the main characters was born circa but that didn't stop him in to run around the world chasing thieves and have sex with a young woman.

Also the writer thinks that Soviet Union existed in Well, it wasn't.

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Soviet Union was formed in I'm left wondering how this book was actually published. How and why? I've already forgotten what the book was about. Zero literature quality. Feb 09, Anna rated it really liked it. In I wanted to read books about books! Somehow they kept coming my way, and I've enjoyed having a lose theme - although it's and I'll probably still keep on the theme! This was a fun book with a rare volume of ancient erotica and a mismatched couple Lily and Robbie a mysterious Russian and a chase to Italy with all manner of intrigue and danger - and, of course, the big question - is Robbie OR the Russian William the man for Lily?

Feb 04, Magpie rated it it was amazing. Saffron Feb 22, Saffron Rose rated it it was amazing. Great book! Couldn't put it down. Just finished it. It's a thriller and a mystery with some romance and a happy ending. The book is basically about a young lady Aussie lass, formerly had drug addiction who runs a book shop with her "boyfriend" who is a total creep. He goes to Africa and brings back a heap of books including one that it turns out has been stolen from Mafiosi who originally took it from a museum and they want the book back.

The useless boyfriend runs off and takes Great book! The useless boyfriend runs off and takes all the money in the joint bank account so our heroine has no money and is in a panic.

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The handsome Russian guy who does retrieval for a firm in England hired by someone else also after the book falls in love with our heroine and takes her with him to Italy to find the useless boyfriend so she can see he's useless n pick handsome Russian guy instead and get the book. The Hero n Heroine track down the useless boyfriend who tricks the Hero n gives him a fake book a copy of the real thing , tries to make Heroine think Hero doesn't care about her and also tried to make Heo think Heroine doesn't care about him and virtually kidnaps her.

She hides in the bathroom at some place and won't come out. Useless boyfriend n his brother leaves her there. Nice family who are also Australian like our Heroine happen to be headed back to Rome, offer her a lift. So buyer is some agent for museum so useless boyfriend will get deported shortly, and our Hero n Heroine get to spend some much needed time together.

Can't wait to read the next one in the series! Aug 29, Jolanta Stephens rated it really liked it. I was surprised by how much I actually liked this book. They made me feel good - and isn't that what reading is all about?? A Love Letter Life will equip you to pursue an intentional, creative, and faithful love story from your first date to "I do" and beyond.

Order Now. Select an image below to read what people are saying about A Love Letter Life! Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have vulnerably written their own tender love-story that will powerfully awaken you to write your own rare kind of love story — the kind of love-letter life that just keeps falling more deeply into a sacred intimacy. Read with a highlighter or pen nearby! A Love Letter Life is full of wisdom and truth bombs about how to pursue love that lasts.

Their timeless tale is one of adventure, creativity, and faith, available not just for them, but all of us when we allow God to be the center and foundation of our relationships. Read and be inspired that with intentionality, you too can live a love letter life. More than that: we navigate our own path with by the landmarks of those that have gone before us. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have done a superb job of walking the road of dating to marriage not just as lovers of each other, but as followers of Jesus.

They take their relationship seriously; they take Jesus even more seriously. There is much to learn in these pages.

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Audrey and Jeremy know that love is about action, and not passive feelings. We appreciated their candid way of sharing such intimate moments from their relationship, using their experience to encourage others who are on the journey of dating, engaged or already married! This is a modern day classic romantic love story that will be the kindling in couples hearts that sparks deep love for years to come. As they take us on a journey through their love story, we are challenged to live a story worth writing about.

This book provides not only the inspiration but also the tools and ideas to make that a reality.