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As Radley Balko notes, jailhouse suicide is disturbingly common. That has brought a natural focus on Waller County and the figures involved. After Walter Scott was shot and killed by a North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer, advocates noted that traffic stops are often a pretext for searching or questioning citizens of color.

He was shot in the back as he ran. In North Charleston, police made traffic stops involving African Americans far out of proportion to their percentage of the population. Statewide, stops and citations for black people in Texas are actually lower than their share of the overall population, and the same holds true for stops by the Waller County sheriff and police in the towns of Hempstead and Prairie View. The history is especially painful because Waller County was for a time a beacon of black progress. Not coincidentally, the Ku Klux Klan also set up shop.

But the last two decades of the century saw an influx of white immigrants from Eastern Europe, and that dilution of the black vote, along with the end of Reconstruction, reduced blacks to a minority and slashed their political power. Waller County, as Leah Binkovitz notes , had among the highest numbers of lynchings in the state between and , according to a comprehensive report by the Equal Justice Initiative. Louis County to Cuyahoga County. In fact, the disenfranchisement of black voters in Waller County has continued to be a source of contention. District Attorney Oliver Kitzman claimed the students were ineligible to vote in Waller County and could only cast ballots in their home counties, despite clear Supreme Court precedent showing they were allowed to register.

Kitzman threatened to prosecute any student who voted. The students, with the support of conservative Republican state Attorney General Greg Abbott, triumphed in the battle. This, Manickam points out, was convenient because it was used as a way to justify British colonialism. The ramifications of these muddled and racist forms of European thinking continue to reverberate in Malaysian race relations today.

Taming The Wild is a rich text that yields much information and many insights not only about historical knowledge, but about knowledge production in general and how it is put to use. It should be required reading not only for people who are interested in history, anthropology, and colonial knowledge production, but for all Malaysians because it is a valuable lesson in how we have come to know ourselves, and how much British colonialism has not just affected but also produced modern race relations in this nation.

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Share With Your Friends. As a fighter pilot in Afghanistan, he escaped death once. But one night he takes to the air, when no other pilot would, to deliver a black padlocked box. What awaits him at his destination is a near crash. Brynn, a dedicated physician, is under a forty-eight hour deadline to save a patient by means of the contents of the box Rye delivers.

You can fly through it, you know. Like clouds. The young pilot rolled his eyes. Closed it. How often does that happen? Be reasonable. Dash pressed his beefy hand over his heart. The client, on the other hand. I guaranteed him that it would. Older than he owned up to being, he had a pot belly that served the same purpose as a cow catcher on a locomotive. Little stood in the path of his stomping tread.

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Always under a deadline, he wore a singular expression—a scowl. Frustrated, Dash clamped down on an unlit cigar and worked it between his stained teeth. Smoking was prohibited in the Fixed Base Operator. His rules. But also, his cigars. As now.

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Only to himself, Dash conceded that it was more than a little fog. It was the likes of which no one alive had ever seen. People along the Atlantic seaboard had awakened this morning to find their cities and towns engulfed.

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The fog had created traffic hazards and general havoc over the eastern third of the United States and showed no signs of lifting. The Weather Channel was getting a ratings boost. At Hartsfield-Jackson, and other major airports in a double-digit number of states, passenger flights and cargo carriers had been grounded on this Thanksgiving eve when it seemed that everybody in the nation was trying to get from wherever they were to someplace else.

Dash figured it would take till Christmas for the carriers to unsnarl the mess, but that was of no concern to him. His concern was keeping his fleet of airplanes in the air, shuttling stuff that people paid to have shuttled in the shortest amount of time possible. Lambert, who had insisted on this box reaching Atlanta tonight. Hoping to shame the young aviator into taking off, Dash looked him up and down with unconcealed scorn. End of discussion. The plane is fueled and ready to roll when we get the thumbs-up. Can we drop it?


The pilot stopped and turned. Dash answered his phone. Good to go.

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Divert to where? Got it. The client will meet you there. Which was the wrong thing to boast because the pilot chuckled again. And hoping that somebody will be there to turn on the lights? Up to you to head off the client and make him understand that nobody can deliver tonight whatever is in that box.

The pilot snuffled. You need pilots too bad.