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Mary was born 16 Mar She died 28 Jul Henry was born 5 Oct He died 14 Sep Rohrbough, on 16 Mar Benjamin was born 25 Nov He died 15 Jun Robirdie married Levi D. Levi was born 8 Jul He died 7 Feb They had the following children:.

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Olive Florence Pickens Beatrice Giger Beatrice married R. Collins Dora G. Romine was born 31 Jan and died 11 Sep Julia Romine was born 2 Dec Zina Wood was born 10 Oct She died 7 Nov Bernice Jane Wood was born 22 Sep and died 25 Oct James Wood was born 19 Oct He died 1 Dec Odessa Wood was born 14 Jan and died 3 Feb Florent Elbert Romine was born 8 Oct Adah M. Romine was born 28 Aug and died Jan Everett Lee Romine was born 10 Nov Earl C. Romine was born 4 Sep Thomas M. Romine was born 28 Jul Holly Ray Romine was born 22 Oct Emory Romine was born 2 Sep Thompson Romine was born Cammie Romine died Cammie married William J.

Edna Romine died Edna married Mr. Donzelle Romine. Dora Gertrude West was born 24 Mar Nora Myrtle West was born 6 Apr Nora married Nedman Growvoch - Living. William Goff West was born 26 Sep Cornelia Maude West was born 6 May Everette Claude West was born 6 May Mamie Jane West was born 21 Mar Floris Lee Lovell was born 22 May and died 6 Oct Bernard A. Hugh H. Benjamin Adams's Co. Elijah Foss's Co.

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Isaac Hodsdon's Co. Benjamin Bailey's Co. James C. Churchill, Ichabod Spencer, Henry M. Peter Chadwick's Co. Demeritz, Simion Dening, John P.

Boy Dressed as British Guard Salutes Windsor Castle Soldiers

Dollaft [? Daniel Crossman's Co. Robert Douglas's Co. Smith, Stetson West. Robert R. Kendall's Co. Parker, David Reynold, Nathaniel Stearns. Sherman Leland's Co. Mosart, James Perkins. Benjamin Poland's Co. William A. William Sweet's Co. Thomas, John Whitney, Benjamin Woodman. James Davis's Co. Robert H. Enochs, James D.

The latest pictures of Her Majesty the Queen.

James Gray's Co. John Jones's Co. Abner Armstrong, John M. John B. Long's Co. Bernard M. Lewis, William Reynolds. John Phagan's Co.

Soldiers Of The Queen (Electronic book text, New edition)

William Walker's Co. Charles R. John Leonard's Co. Gale, John F. Knights, Reuben Lamberton, Samuel P. James Perry's Co. Cushing, Nicholas C. Jones, Peleg C. Mitchell, Zebulon Northup, Isaac S. Osburn, Lyman Peck, John B. Taylor, Oliver Tinnant, Joseph W. Vose, Andrew F. George W.

Barker's Co. John Jehu Robinson's Co. Joshua Danforth's Co. Daniel Holden's Co. Coburn, Josiah W. Coburn Jr. Wardwell, Robert L. Henry Snow's Co. Chesley, Tilly H. Hinkley, Joseph Holt, Nathan G. William M. Littlejohn's Co. Note 18 Thomas Con [Com? George Haig's Co.

Note William Winston's Co. Sweeney, Berrman Tate. Company Not Indicated John M. Samuel D. Ewing, Charles L. Peale, Daniel Pool, Erskin Robertson. Joseph Kean's Co. Ditzler, Amos A. John Lytle's Co. Silas Adams, John H. Hutchinson, Benjamin Jenkins, Benjamin H. Rogers, Jeremiah Rogers, William W. Enoch Humphrey's Co. James B. Many's Co. John Wingate Gookin's Co. Julius Frederick Heileman's Co. Francis Newman's Co. Joseph Philips's Co. Note 25 John R. George H. Richards's Co. Addison Bowles Armistead's Co. Nathaniel Leonard's Co.

Benjamin Kendrick Pierce's Co. Note 27 James Howard. James T. Romayne's Co. John De Barth Walbach's Co. Alexander C. Fanning's Co. Jacob Hindman's Co. Cottrin, Edmund Doughtery, John Goff. William Nicholas's Co. James Reed's Co. James Read's Co. Jonathan Brooks's Co. Company Not Indicated John H. Benjamin Branch's Co. Eleazer Ames, Amos Brown Jr. Clements, David Dunn. William Campbell's Co. John N. McIntosh's Co. Arthur Whetham Thornton's Co. Robert Hector McPherson's Co.

Mial, Henry Wheeler. Bell, A. Marie Foxe [see Dr. James Mease], John Lewis [see Dr. Note Joseph Potte and Joseph Pottle were two different men. Note All three men also served in Lt. Samuel Sylvester's Detachment, 45th Infantry. Note Lewis, Osgood, Jr. Note Mannaka's record shows this company to be in the 1st Light Dragoons.

Note His discharge indicates service in both Capt. Haig's Co. Note The record does not clearly state the nature of the organization to which this man belonged. Note Filed together with Capt. James Reed , 2nd Artillery. Note Also served in Capt. Alexander J. Williams's Co. Note John R. Conley, Francis Hartgraves, and James Roberts are on one record; in addition, there is a separate record for Francis Hargraves.

Note This company also indicated as being in just "artillery. Note Also called Lt. Bartlett's Artillery Co. See 3rd Infantry for a company commanded by a Lt. Note Capt. William Bezeau commanded a company of infantry in the 26th Regiment; there may have been artillerists assigned to his command. Robert Withington's discharge, dated July , is on a discharge certificate of the 45th Infantry, but annotated to indicate discharge from McCobb's volunteer regiment.

Top Skip to main content. Alexander Gibson's Co. Erskurius Beatty's Co. Daniel Cross, Henry Despert. Abner Prior's Co. Noah Heath. Howell Lewis's Co. Thomas Hamilton's Co. James Curry. Daniel Hughes's Co. James Wilson. Ballard Smith's Co. Robert Broad, John Smith. David Strong's Co. Matthew Mitchell. Matthew Arbuckle's Co.

James Cunningham. Joshua B. Alexander Brownlow's Co. Reuben Chamberlin's Co. Edmund Pendleton Gaines's Co. James D. Henry Atkins's [sic, Atkinson's] Co. Samuel Waring Butler's Co. William C. Friell, John Mitchell. Henry Chotard's Co. Thomas Clark, Nathan Harris. Duncan Lamont Clinch's Co. Andrew Easley. William Laval's Co. Joseph Watson. Samuel C. Mabson's Co. Anthony Labrosier. Joseph Woodruff's Co. Richard Fuller. John Binney's Co. Calvin Hall. George Gooding's Co. Samuel Dearborn, John Miller. Lewis Peckham's Co. Fordice Paine, Benjamin Tilton.

Company Not Indicated Richard Boyington. Eben Ebenezer Child's Co. Gideon Lincoln. John R. Corboley's Co. Isaac Stroap, Jonathan Thompson.

See a Problem?

William L. Foster's Co. Mark Whalen. John Fowle Jr. Morrill Marston's Co. William Gleason. John T. Arrosmith's T. Arrowsmith's Co. Jeptha Heminger. Ralph Burton Cuyler's Co. Andrew Sweeney. James E. Master's Co. Robert Marshall, Obediah Tompkins. Edward Webb's Co. William Rogers. Young's Co. Abraham Fuller Hull's Co. Thomas Briggs, William Briggs. Chester Lyman's Co. Fisher Ayres.

Phillip Brittain's Co. Daniel Mooney. Joseph Clay's Co. John Elmoore. Jesse Copeland's Co. James Bateman. John Varnum Barron's Co. Alanson Adams. Richard Bean's Co. Nathaniel Palmer. John Bliss's Co. Gates Blanchard, Nathaniel Colbath. Malachi Corning's Co. John Reed. David Crawford's Co. Patrick Elliet. William Sewell Foster's Co. Daniel French, Elisha Plumb. Horace Hale's Co. Jonathan Stark's Co. John Hunt, Daniel Wentworth. John L. Fink's Co. Samuel Haring's Co. Henry Wheeler. Stephen Watts Kearney's Co. Charles Fluvel. Mordecai Myers's Co. William Dexter.

John Sproull's Co. Timothy Lucas. John Williams's Detachment Henry Jones. Clement Sullivan's Co. Samuel Boyd. Company Not Indicated Shelby Hobbes. Charles Carson's Co. Emery Humphreys. John Lambert Hoppock's Co. John Uber. William Davenport's Co. Samuel Huff. Miles Greenwood's Co. Thomas Cunningham. Powers's Co. James Shillingsford. Robert Edwards's Co. Daniel Braner. Company Not Indicated John Maxwell. George Butler's Co.

James Rogers. James Hamilton's Co. William Shaw. Edward King's Co. William Neighbours. Montague G. Waage's Co. Jesse Holmes, Samuel B. Lewis, John Mounce. Company Not Indicated Samuel Key. Chunn's Co. Andrew Leaf. William MacDonald's Co.

Sixth Generation

William Gulridge. Henry Branch's Co. John S. Reuben Crawford's Co. Reuben Crawford. Wyatt Lantrip [? John A. Thornton's Co.

War of Discharge Certificates: Soldiers by Unit | National Archives

William Speck. Torrington's Co. Thomas Bush. Josiah Bartlett's Detachment Alvarius Willard. William Bowman's Co. Robert Mann. Sullivan Burbank's Co. Ira Drew's Co. William Hutchins. Thomas Harrison's Co. Zachariah Soule. Benjamin Ropes's Co. Abraham Durgin.

Charles Edward Tobey's Co. Robert Hill. Willis Foulk's Co. John Gordon. Hall's Co. Richard Barre. Thomas Lawrence's Co.