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The script was completed in June, and recording began in July.

Stage set for TV's spook crew visit

The Mystery Kids Official Tumblr chronicled production, intermittently posting storyboards, character concepts, behind-the-scenes material and fan responses. The episode's release date was confirmed on October 29, just a day before the stream. Mystery Kids: Episode 1 premiered via a livestream at 5pm on October 30th, The episode was uploaded to YouTube the day prior, and then published to the public on November 1st, Fan response was positive, with many requesting that a second episode be produced and published.

However, the creators have both stated numerous times that a second episode was never on the cards.

April 29, 2013 – The Register: Chinese cyber-spook crew back in business, say security watchers

Erin Taverley, who wrote the script, hinted in late that some shorts, also in an animatic format, might also be in the works. This is inconclusive.

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In November , Mystery Kids Project was established to commission a second episode with a new team, new cast and new story. The team released a trailer , but abandoned the project in It is in production stalemate as of June On January 18, Taverley also posted a screenshot of a Mystery Kids series bible. In late August of , a new team took to starting the project. The official The Mystery Kids Return blog was opened on Tumblr and a variety of other social media websites and as of now, auditions to be on the team are open.

This aircraft was also known as "Luke the Spook" and as this photo shows was prior to the application of nose art.

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One of my mentors many years after the photo was taken is the tall guy standing second from the right. His name was William E. Luke the Spook was a very special aircraft and it and the crew did something that nobody had ever done before. This crew and aircraft were assigned to the famed th BG.

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This photo of Luke the Spook after noseart applied was taken on the island of Kwajalein and again my mentor Bill Hofer is the tall guy at the far right. Pretty sure that all the crew of the Spook has passed on at this point. IF you know otherwise, please let me know. Spook photos courtesy of Robert Hofer Bill's son. Reality and Humor all at once. Been there.