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Joseph got to give Jesus his name, provide for him, protect him, and love him, but there was not really a defining role for Joseph. Was he the adoptive dad? Was he a foster dad?

The reality was that he was first and foremost obedient to God , and he seemingly did all the things that Godly dads do. Joseph experienced emotional and physical strife. His love story with Mary was interrupted due to the surprise of her pregnancy. He had to move his family multiple times and go into exile because of Jesus. What part did Joseph play in this?

They had raised Jesus well in a godly home and Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man. Dads, your role may be difficult, confusing, unsettling, and, at times, seemingly unnatural. Though, As a Christ follower, it will be supernatural and worth it, as you become the hands and feet of our heavenly Father who wants to put the lonely in families, defend the weak, and father the fatherless.

We encourage you to be only who you can be in this space and stir and prod other godly men to be involved as well. Be strong and courageous, protect, but yet be tender and love unconditionally the children that God has given you.

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We know that you will see the God who does exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever think or imagine in the midst of your obedience. We need you and are cheering for you and thank you for leading the way! This Christmas season all of us have a part to play in caring for vulnerable children and families.

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Every part is important and we want to encourage you to do what you can do. Do for one what you wish you could do for all.

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When Jesus had finished telling these stories, he left and went to his hometown. How can he do all this? Matthew We find the same sad shades of envy in Beppe and the people of Nazareth.

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They are sad and angry. It is easy to condemn the envious mediocrity of the neighbors of Nazareth but one has to ask why they are so upset at something so obviously good happening in their midst. After falling into sin, our father Adam experienced the same confusing shame when God visited the Garden of Eden. They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

That is why so many saints have been persecuted, from St.

Stephen to Padre Pio; Christian men of God have endured a lot of suffering at the hands of their own. Jesus was the first, and all those who follow Christ sincerely will get their share of divine gifts but also the sufferings of the Cross. There is no Pentecost without Calvary. Today we live in a world that is turning more and more anti-Christian. Our global civilization is trying to shape a culture without Christ.

The effort is failing badly. The world is more prosperous and technologically advanced than ever and yet it is not a happy world. Victor David Hanson mentioned in a recent interview that an ordinary worker could afford to drive a Kia that will give them a better ride than a Mercedes Benz would thirty years ago. And yet, he may be unhappy because he cannot get to drive a more expensive Lexus. In the same manner, the simple happiness of a Christian life bothers this world. The revelation of Jesus as a great prophet bothered the people of Nazareth. They could see something was missing in their lives.

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No amount of money, sex, entertainment, or fame seem to satisfy mankind. They are beginning to get the notion that perhaps they are pursuing a shifting illusion. Many of them are bothered when they contemplate the simple happiness of true Christians. The presence of Christ reveals the uselessness of their shiny trinkets to achieve true and lasting happiness. Christ comes to this world to give us those things that will really make us truly happy.