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And we embrace our experiences here on Earth with gratitude and see them as life lessons. Living a soulful life is possible. And we all have the key. Although some of us may have misplaced that key or forgotten that they even had it to begin with. Turning the key and opening this sacred door into our soul is one of the most magical experiences that we can have. And then we sort of snap out of it and get back to the laundry and the cooking and the working and the day-to-day activities that keep us grounded here on Earth.

Because you always have the key, and you can always unlock the door to your soul. It just wants you to remember that you are here on Earth for such a short time, but you are always your eternal soul. It just wants you to remember that you can live soulfully through any experience — from the seemingly mundane to the extraordinarily beautiful. You hold the key. You can open the door. Your soul is waiting. You get to choose how you will live during your time here on Earth. Asleep or awake.

Disconnected or connected. Absent or present.

Closed off or completely open. In fear or in love. Your soulful life is right there waiting to be unlocked. So what will it be? Because it feels uncertain. A process. Like me, you may thrive on fast-paced momentum and growth in my corporate work, I loved fingersnap-fast ways of mastering things and fast project turnarounds. Who moment. There is so much judgment in our society about Truths. It feels like too much of a claiming. How can we ever be sure of what the truth really is?

The Key to Living a Soulful Life

How can anyone claim to have knowledge or access to the truth? It feels wrong to use that word. To make that claiming. And yet — there is a truth. The truth of who we are. The truth … of you Beyond any spiritual or religious or philosophical concepts, there is this one thing that never changes.

And that is, that we are. Something moves us. Something breathes us. We are body. We are mind. We are emotions. We are. When we buy into this script, it is easy to lose our deep regard for and connection to one another.. We lose our way and we can no longer flourish. It is here where we have a shared sense of community and a shared sense of values, history, and possibility for the future. We share a deep regard for creativity and the innate creative capacity of others, and we have a deep appreciation for all things cultural, social, and spiritual, for all that nourishes the collective.

For when the collective is nourished, it flourishes, and the individuals within it also flourish. As for the polarity that we create between the individual and the community… how will we work to remove this schism? We must attend to the human community — our relationships with family, friends, and even strangers. We must choose that which is life affirming and life giving. We did it in Ghana. I know we can do it at home.

August 23, by gloriaburgess. Though my dad crossed over many years ago, his wise words and generous spirit still inspire me to celebrate and lift up others. You just might be the difference that makes all the difference to someone else today. August 15, by gloriaburgess.

Bali Ocean Retreat – Sep/Oct | Philippe Atman

Leaving my job of nearly 20 years to home school and open a CranioSacral Therapy CST practice was a huge leap of faith. We are heading into our sixth amazing year and I am thrilled! Thank you for the spur :o. Not to long ago we had a very stressful week! I did not know it at the time, but a mini-break to the country was just what we needed. As we began to leave the city, I rolled the windows down, the fresh smell of hay, and greenness filled the car. As we left the car to walk toward the horses, peace surrounded us guiding us toward two lovely horses. Mmm… it was so nice to feel the warmth of their skin next to mine, and they took all tension out of my hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, and spine.

I was engulfed in a sea of horse hair, it tickled my nose, and made me smile. We tacked up and rode. Adrianna, was initially at odds with her lovely black and white paint horse. Then as the tension and stress of the week passed, she became one with her horse. It is amazing to watch someone transform from rider to whisperer. She was amazing. She creates a safe environment; it is slow, peaceful, gentle, relaxing, and most of all healthy for horse and rider.

I recommend her place to all who need a gentle break kids, family, friends, etc. God has placed us in the care of nature for a reason, that WE may be transformed by it. That night, Adrianna peacefully lay in my arms. We are here to love one another. Hug your child, spouse, friend… and let him or her be the first to let go. Tell a friend thank you for kick starting your day with a jog. Hold hands with your loved ones and feel the warmth of their skin.

Let others see you do these things so that they will know whose you are! July 25, by gloriaburgess. Well, we devoted time to growing together in God… nurturing our diverse ministries, including raising our wonderful daughter, creating careers in business, teaching, consulting, and coaching… encouraging others… enjoying and creating music… and attending grad school not once but many times. Here are a few things that have helped me. Begin with the end in mind. The language of love includes gratitude, patience, courage, and forgiveness, along with a good sense of humor.

Love is the only thing that multiplies when you share it, so be sure to love generously—with your smiles, kisses, hugs, whispers, laughter, snuggling, hand holding, stories, and hallelujahs. Tell him. Be sure to talk about everything—the big things and the little things. Share your beliefs and dreams… about faith, money, children, romance, family, friends, work, and recreation. Remember that in the grand aria of life, time is precious and life is short. When you fight, get over it—the sooner the better. Do you really care about being right or being with Mr. If you can arrange for a relative or friend to care for your children every now and then, do it.

The important thing is to have fun. Invest in each other and the rewards will be a joyous relationship, good times, and memories to cherish for years to come. July 18, by gloriaburgess. Each of us has been summoned to become a person unique in all the world. Just as every snowflake and flower is unique, so are you.

No one else is like you and no one else can contribute to the world what you were specifically designed to contribute. Dancing visionary and pioneer Martha Graham likens dancing to the art of living. Both require years of practice and development. For dancing and for living, that practice requires thousands of repetitions. Day in and day out. To learn and master walking, talking, and feeding yourself—complex skills that we take for granted—requires several years of practice.

Questions to ask include: How do I want to be known… and remembered? What is the rhythm, or presence, of legacy in my life? What choices do I make each day to live my legacy here and now? What or who do I believe in so deeply and passionately that I will make enormous sacrifices for it?

Host these questions as you would a special guest in your home. Pay attention, but avoid hovering over them. In time, the questions will take up residence in your heart, and they will reveal their secrets to you. They will become your teacher and guide as you keep your eyes on the great prize of your life. July 11, by gloriaburgess. One of the ways I keep my eyes on the future is by sharing stories and poetry, time-honored ways to impart wisdom and to teach what might otherwise take months or years. As well, they have helped me grow by compelling me to work through the past—my struggles, joy, anger, triumphs, discouragement, pain… and glorious radiance.

We never know who might need the light or warmth from our candle. Our business is to share our blessings, to share our beauty… the wonderful wealth of who we are. Our business is to wear our souls on the outside. When we share our stories, we make ourselves known. We shine a light, making it OK for others to do the same. So many folks need the safety and comfort of that OK. June 27, by gloriaburgess. When you work with passion—fueled by the great fire within, you ignite the flame of inspiration in others.

June 14, by gloriaburgess. P ractice peace by breathing in peace. Practice peace by lying on the ground and gazing at the sky. Notice the clouds as they change shape. Years ago, I was lying on hillside in Scotland with the young man who would become my husband. We gazed at the sky for hours, staring at the clouds as they morphed into faces, butterflies, trees, animals. Even then, we marveled at the blessed companionship of peace and love. Practice peace by lighting a candle or incense: as you do, say a prayer for peace for your loved ones, for your neighbors, for our leaders, for our forests, for the thousands of service men and women, for their family members, for orphans, for our rivers, streams, and oceans, for those who are without food, shelter, and hope, for those who are called to serve.

June 6, by gloriaburgess. Your business is to simply live your life with intention, gratitude, and an attitude of service… to be a blessing to others along the way. May 23, by gloriaburgess. Hopefulness has many facets. The three most important are these: a sense of purpose, a devotion to service, and a sense of faith.

Faith means a positive focus on a belief, trust, and power outside of yourself. What is the rhythm of faith in your life? What must you let go of, so that you can be faithful to what is calling you—now? May 16, by gloriaburgess. Three of the most important are: a sense of purpose, a devotion to service, and a sense of faith. Service: a positive focus on others.

When you give your time, love, and energy to others, they receive a gift… and so do you. Your gift is the pleasure and sheer joy that comes from being of service to someone else. Growing up, my mom and dad taught me and my sisters that wealth had nothing to do with possessions.

True wealth meant valuing yourself and others. Service is giving to others without expectation of reward. You do it because it feels good. A few years ago, I was blessed to plant a few trees at a school in Kenya. I planted one in honor Maurice, a young student. Made my day! When you focus on others, you naturally concentrate on the future. How are you serving someone else today? How are you passing on your values to others? May 9, by gloriaburgess. Having a sense of purpose is essential.

Like a compass or the North Star, purpose provides direction and helps keep us on course—in our relationships, at work, and beyond. What kind of relationships do you desire with your friends, your children, your spouse? What do you want to finish or begin by the end of this year? Because they naturally concentrate on the future, individuals who are purpose-focused have something meaningful to look forward each day. What are you excited about and looking forward to today?

April 25, by gloriaburgess. Our culture wants us to believe that our physical appearance is the only barometer of health. The truth is that authentic health is about living our lives from the inside out. This means recognizing the importance of our spiritual, mental, and emotional health, all of which impact our physical health. When we buy into a limited vision of health, we compromise ourselves… we settle for a life that is too small for us… and, sometimes, we even jeopardize our long-term health and wellness for short-term gains.

Every day we are billboards for our daughters and sons, not to mention other women. As nurturers and care givers, we are one of the most powerful forces on the planet. So, ask yourself: Will I be a billboard for compromise and betrayal, or will I be a billboard for faithfulness… and for creating a legacy of true health and wellness for myself and for those I love? April 11, by gloriaburgess. Here are a few things you can do today. March 29, by gloriaburgess. Welcome Spring! Sensual abundance.

I feel very blessed to be coming back to my senses, especially since my fall just a few months ago. There are so many of them—greening trees, bulbs pushing forth from warming soil… more sun, wind and, rain… birdsong, children playing in the park. And less time in physical therapy.

Service, Soulful Living, Inspiration, Intention

Talk about blessings! May this Spring bring forth new beginnings for you and the people and places you love. And may your be blessed with great wealth—of gratitude, love, faith, compassion, forgiveness, and creativity. March 8, by gloriaburgess. Show up. This is the first and most essential aspect of taking charge of your life… and influencing the lives of others.

Be there. Presence makes a difference. And full presence—spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental—makes all the difference. Speak up. As women, most of know the pain of being seen but not heard.

Part 2. Spiritual Quotes That Are…

As an African-American woman, sometimes the pain is double. When women speak, we add our uniqueness and offer diversity that would otherwise be missing and missed.

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Stand up. Find someone or something—a place, a cause, an idea—that you care about so passionately and so deeply that you will take a stand for it… and you can and will talk about it with anyone, anywhere, without apologies or regrets. Lift up. We were made to love and honor one another. How will you celebrate someone and lift them up today and every day? February 28, by gloriaburgess. A few years ago I attended a leadership conference in the desert of Southern California.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was one of the speakers. He needs our help. Who can you call today to offer a word of encouragement? Who can you pray for today? Are you taking good care of yourself, so that you can be at your best for others?

Did you smile at someone today? February 21, by gloriaburgess. Eva Jessye, with a tribute to her. Jessye was also a leading activist in the Civil Rights Movement. Later in her career she was a professor at the University of Michigan, which is where I met and fell in love with her. In the time that I knew her, Dr. Jessye taught me a great deal. Because what you were born to do, you never have to stop and wonder should I, would I, could I? You just say I will do it.

I WILL do it. I will DO it. I will do IT! For Eva, music came naturally. She was born to make music. A magnificent storyteller, Eva loved to share stories about her life. She told us about her work with George Gershwin on the original production of Porgy and Bess. Jessye said George had studied great deal and knew a great deal about music. We owe the world the best that we can offer. These lessons are as rich and relevant today as they were so many years ago. Thank you, Dr. February 7, by gloriaburgess. Work is work, not your life. To resist being seduced by technology, be intentional about creating a boundary between work and your precious leisure and personal time.

When you go for a walk, leave your cell phone in your office or at home. If you must have it with you, then turn your phone off. And be sure to.. January 31, by gloriaburgess. Here are a couple of them:. January 10, by gloriaburgess.

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As an educator, consultant, and coach, I work with students and clients who are often overwhelmed never-ending demand to do more and more with less and less. They share the blessings of love, integrity, tenacity, laughter, hope, and the life-giving gift of gratitude. They are grateful for each day, thankful for their family and friends, and appreciate the little things in life, or what I call miracle moments… moments such as these:. And thank you for going back to church on Christmas eve and retrieving her handbag that she left on the pew.

Miracle moments are all around us. To see and appreciate them, we just have to open the eyes of our heart. January 4, by gloriaburgess. As the New Year approached, I found myself in the ER with a nasty gash on my forehead along with assorted bruises and sprains. So instead of thinking about the usual resolutions for the year ahead, I simply counted my blessings: Thank you for family and friends.

No concussion, no broken bones or teeth. Thank you for wonderful doctors and nurses who devote themselves to providing excellent care—even into the wee hours when most of us are snug in our beds. My resolutions for this year? I also promised to let go of a few things and to give myself a periodic tune up to bring my life back into balance. Here are some of the questions I will ask myself today and throughout the year.

To prepare for new beginnings, we must often let go of something—old habits, patterns, things, relationships, or whatever it is that we no longer need in our lives. What must you let go of this year so that something brand new can be born? May be an extraordinary year for you. And may it be the year that you dare to take charge of your life… the year you dare to live with passion, purpose, and presence… the year you dare wear your soul on the outside. May you bask in the bountiful blessings of gratitude, love, faith, courage, vision, and integrity, and may your creativity blossom this year and beyond.