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Napoleon Hill television series Napoleon Hill recorded a multi-part television series in the s, reviewing his Master Keys to Success principles. When starting or joining a group When starting a mastermind group, or joining an existing one, look for these three hallmarks: friendly, growth-oriented, and willing to share information. Start Your Group. Become a Facilitator. Join the Tribe. October 9, at pm. Karyn Greenstreet says:. October 15, at am. Davida Yemi-Akanle says:. December 5, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sign Up. Get the Details. They're one of the highlights of my week.

These emails make me want to be a better person. Or, become better at the business part of things at least. It's obvious that Matthew cares deeply, and that he knows what he's talking about. Each of them includes a nugget of wisdom you can use right away. To me these emails are more valuable than many of the courses out there.

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I have been working with Matthew for over 2 years now, and I have bought - without regret - every product he has put online. But when Matthew invited me to his Single Malt Mastermind, I first thought this was some kind of joke. Gradually, however, the idea of More Action Less Talk started to resonate with me, and for the price, it seemed to be worth a try.

What is different now?

I am actually doing the things I have committed to, and my sales have taken off. It's given me accountability, motivation and perspective. Being able to plan and track your progress is so simple but very effective and extremely rewarding. Throw in direct access to one of the best business coaches in the industry and it becomes priceless.

I wish I'd discovered it sooner as I've already seen a substantial improvement in my productivity which has resulted in more sales, more time with my family and real pride in my work. I'm now using my time so much more efficiently AND I not only have a strategy, but the plan and guidance to execute it thanks to Matthew's insight and knowledge.

Matthew's Single Malt Mastermind combines the ability to focus on what matters to drive sales along with his amazing wit and insights on just what you need to do next. If so, I can tell you Matthew has done all of that and more for me. Everyone needs someone in their corner and you can't find a better person who cares about you or a better sales strategist to have in your corner.

I like to think I've got an oversensitive BS detector, and Matt flies right by that. I am extremely pleased to be a part of the SMM family and grateful for Matthew Kimberley being a part of my life!! The weekly accountability is exactly what I need to get things done and be more strategic with my time. Like an airplane can spend much of its journey off course, yet still get to its destination; despite my weekly detours, Matt's emails are the one thing that keep me pointed in the right direction.

If you're hesitating because you think you can do it alone, then ask yourself if you're on track to reach your goals or have you veered off course. It gives me an opportunity to sit down and think about what I have accomplished and where to go next. I look forward to my prompt every Friday because Matthew Kimberley is both insightful and entertaining in his email.

Getting that rare note back is incredible, but the chance to sit down and be prepared for the following week is the real value. It creates a plan, keeps me accountable and provides me with a record of my productivity and growth. I've always dreamed of being my own boss. And I absolutely love working for myself.

BUT I hadn't counted on how difficult it would be not having a team of colleagues to discuss ideas and strategy with, nor did I realise I would actually miss certain aspects of the structure which exists in a larger workplace. Since signing up for Single Malt Mastermind, I've gained so much clarity. I am finally developing the pattern of regularly reviewing my progress, and making a plan for the following week. It's so simple, but it's so effective. Matthew's comments are always on point. But what's equally valuable is that I am training myself to think in this way, and I think that's priceless.

Thank you Matthew! The Single Malt Mastermind probably shouldn't work. The same 3 questions every week. For 52 weeks. But contrary to my expectations it's remarkably effective. Which probably makes Matthew some kind of genius. The questions are always accompanied by some of Matthew's irreverent humour mixed with insight and wisdom which makes the emails a must read.

Of course you can lie to him but then what's the point and who do you think you're really kidding? I have been through several courses and they've all been great, but what I need more than anything is accountability to take action, without which the best ideas in the world aren't going to help much. The Single Malt Mastermind provides me with weekly accountability. Since starting I've greatly increased the amount of pitches I've been sending out to prospective clients.

I appreciate the weekly email, especially the fact that Matthew has responded in person from time to time. It's a bargain! Three things you need to know if you are considering signing up to the Single Malt Mastermind :. I recognized the value of Single Malt Mastermind immediately. And it brought tears to my eyes.

Mastermind Groups: What to Look for in a Paid Professional Program

I had started a creative business but continually sacrificed opportunities to promote my work and develop sales. Matthew Kimberley brings a quality of attention that developed a case for MY success. Get yourself into the SMM program and you will see quick results. You consistently show up. MK continually shows up. It works. I'd always admired Matthew's wit. MK paid for himself 15 minutes into our first call by suggesting with a key change to my sales approach that continues to change everything. I'm so busy keeping everyone else accountable that it makes a supportive and very positive change to have someone holding that space for me.

Matthew's weekly tips are easy to implement and a few months in I am already seeing a measurable difference to my bottom line. Eg: I know I was resistant to selling. Asking for the sale? Who'd have thought that could have such a profound impact? Shut up, MK! SMM is a small investment that creates big returns. Can't recommend it highly enough. Sometimes you just need to cut out all of the noise and focus. Especially when you're in the beginning stages of building a business. Knowing that there is a real person with business, marketing and selling experience on the other end of that email triggers something to get me motivated.

More than worth it, actually. Matthew gives advice and tips as well as holding you accountable - and his advice is worth its weight in gold.

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I don't think I'd be where I was now if it wasn't for him. In fact, I know I wouldn't. In the past two months I've set up a website and newsletter and got sign-ups, created a lead magnet, got clear on what I'm offering and what path to take, as well as what to focus on, as well as many other things The program is simple and you don't have to spend long on the emails - but it works. There's something different about paying for a program i.

Definitely worth it - the only real question is if you're willing to put in the work to see how far you'll go :. It is THE email I most look forward to. I love the accountability knowing there is someone out there on my side, wanting me to succeed as much as I do. Sending a weekly email helps much with self reflection.

How I'm spending my time and what my ROI is. Knowing I'm going to receive an email at the end of the week asking me what I've done and what I'm going to do works beautifully to give me clarity and direction. Highly recommended! I love Matthew's Single Malt Mastermind. Because it gets me to take action, every single week, without fail, knowing I'm accountable to it.

Not just any action either, but the action that actually accomplishes my most important business goals, rather than just 'busywork'. I've already moved forward significantly with those goals in just a couple of months. Matthew's accountability emails and responses are wise, they're witty, and they keep you on track.

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It's worth way more than the money I've paid for it! I'm a busy person, as we all are, and I have a lot of balls in the air with 3 current businesses and 3 more in the works. Being able to connect with Matthew each week with both my current focus and upcoming projects has been so helpful to stay on task and fit the puzzle pieces together.

And if I don't email him each week, I can hear his fingers drumming on the desk until I do I'll admit, when I signed up I was dubious as to whether I'd get value from the Single Malt Mastermind - but I figured at such a low price, it was worth a punt. Having been a member for a couple of months now I can say it was a great move! It keeps me focused on the important tasks in my business and Matthew's are not only incredibly helpful but hilariously funny.

I really look forward to my weekly updates with him! So simple, yet it works. Responding to Matthew makes me say what I'm doing or not doing out loud. It's clarifying and truth-telling. I'm really loving the SMM and it's only been a few months! I look forward to the Friday email when I get to "report in" about what I actually accomplished against my plan. While we use a fancy project management tool, it doesn't email me back with feedback, kudos and answers to questions like Matthew does.

The no-fluff accountability is great! Matthew is amazing to work with! He really helps you to focus on what will really benefit you and to cut out all the noise. I would start the Single Malt Master Mind all over again if given the choice. Matthew Kimberley's program, Single Malt MasterMind , is such a brilliant offering, almost as brilliant as the decision that I made to join it when I did.!

What an incredible opportunity to get into action with fun and play and accountability. Working alone at home with just my computer can get distracting and since I am an idea person, having Matthew's structure has been invaluable in helping me focus. Just knowing he's out there expecting my emails and letting him know if I fulfilled my promises makes such a difference. Having a steady stream of Matthew's useful tips, inspiration, encouragement and questions is like having an awesome mentor on my team. Matthew's program has motivated me to action and helped me gain a lot of clarity as I move toward the launch of my business.

Single Malt Mastermind has been a godsend. I look forward to getting a dose of wit, charm, and disarming candor in my inbox each week. My reply increases my confidence by forcing me to acknowledge what I have achieved in the past week. It also inspires me to set achievable short term goals that fit into my bigger plan, rather than being entirely focused on just getting through the day, or daydreaming on the horizon. The replies I get from Matthew are brief, useful, and personal; no autoresponder, no sales pitch, no metaphysical blather, just advice from a legend served straight no chaser.

Accountability has never been this fun. I've been attempting to implement a system for staying connected to my community for years with many fits and starts.


The simplicity of Matthew's system made it easy for me to get started and to finally get it implemented. The weekly accountability also kept my commitment present for me. And did I say funny, he's funny. Thank you Matthew. With loving regards. There is absolutely no one out there who makes you feel as accountable as Matthew does. Whether its his intimidating demeanor or just the fact you feel like a total loser if you don't submit your weekly report on time, its just somehow works.

Its like all of a sudden you have a boss again, someone to look up to, and its somehow a good thing in this lonely, irresponsible and erratic world of ours. Its like sucking up your stomach when you dance, it just happens! We just need more whiskey integrated into the process somehow. I've been a part of the Single Malt Mastermind for a couple months now. I love how it helps me to keep myself accountable, take consistent action to try to achieve my business goals, and engage in continuous reflection about what I am doing to put myself in a position to be successful.

Becoming a member of this program is one of the best decisions I've made to help build my business. It helped me change my beliefs about my own organisation.

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  • I started viewing myself differently. The course brought clarity to my team members too. We've now created simple processes to follow. And we're making conversions too! I have been part of the 'not so much'-mastermind a couple of months now and I have to say it is a very simple, yet very effective way of getting things done. I simply 'up my game' every week, because of this single e-mail from Matthew. I want to hold myself accountable for my actions and progress and this is very helpful. I create my weekly sprint on Fridays or during the weekend and send it to Matthew in a condensed form and this works as my guide for the week.

    The price for the mastermind compared to my outcome is ridiculous low. Truth be told, I'm not a very disciplined person until I have crystal clear clarity. This time around, I choose to give MKs program a go, creating consistent simple steps to obtain crystal clarity! I have to say it's worth the investment! As a creative entrepreneur, I can get easily distracted and overwhelmed by the volume of work to do. In 10 minutes a week, the Single Malt Mastermind makes me focus, prioritise and commit.

    It's enormously helpful knowing that someone is watching me and holding me accountable to do what I said I would. Instead of groaning over an uncompleted to do list at the end of the week, I've started to look forward to Friday when I can tell Matthew how much I've achieved. Each week, the achievements grow. This is the best value for money accountability I've ever had. Matthew has a warm, challenging, irreverent sense of humour too which makes it all the more fun. Single Malt Mastermind is the perfect accountability partner for any entrepreneur.

    Thank you, Matthew, for creating this program. Matthew is an excellent mentor, and has a way of connecting with you through his content, from his real and witty stories, to his invaluable tips and advice. He is always spot on! Joining was a split second decision for me. Way bigger than the revenue I was bringing in at the time. I knew how to run a reasonably successful business. But I knew I wanted a lot more. And so I went in search of a solution. Master whats? And it might help. My earnings tripled. Not all mastermind groups are created equal Mastermind group experiences run the gamut from disheartening and unhelpful to encouraging and supportive.

    My experiences have fallen in the latter category and have been universally positive. I think I know why. There are a few crucial components a mastermind group should offer you. Talking about your struggles helps you feel less alone — everyone is dealing with something no matter how perfect things may look from the outside.

    You may know this intellectually, but sharing challenges in a group drives this point home. You gain confidence about difficult decisions. Accountability happens in public — and motivates you to get things done One of the most compelling reasons to join a mastermind is you are ready to go beyond your current level of achievement. Paying to belong becomes a filter of sorts. When a group member needs support, they give. Effective leaders manage any issues that come up both in meetings and outside of them. How to work smarter to achieve your goals The best-quality paid mastermind groups ask a lot of their members.

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