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Even Elizabeth herself, for all her swordsmanship, loses a lot in the transition to the zombie apocalypse.

Bloody Disgusting!

In the novel, Lizzie is both witty and self-aware, able to laugh at herself for her vanity when Darcy calls her plain, and to laugh at Darcy for his pride, both to others and to his face. When Darcy slights her, she is distraught rather than amused. Darcy has no defect.

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He owns it himself without disguise. In the novel, she makes fun of the pissing match itself.

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  • Fully empowered warrior women are all fully empowered warrior women in more or less the same way. In the novel, Charlotte, Lizzie, Jane, Lydia, and the others, are not heroic or triumphant. They are believable, funny, sad, smart, stupid, often frustrating, occasionally admirable people. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Ideas Our home for bold arguments and big thinkers. The embrace of strong female characters actually makes the female characters less strong.

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    Ideas , Entertainment , tv , feminism , Sexism. This zombie comedy stars Jesse Eisenberg as the nervy, obsessive-compulsive survivor of a zombieocalypse, who goes on the road with Woody Harrelson. A professor accidentally triggers an ancient curse, causing those buried at sea to rise from the waves and attack the wealthy folk thereabouts. Some criminals watch a series of mysterious videotapes they find on a TV, before which sits the corpse of an old man.

    But this man is a zombie.

    ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS Film Adaptation Gets New Name, Possibly New Writer & Director

    Not much liked in its day, this zombie horror-comedy from Michele Soavi an apprentice of Dario Argento now has a cult following, not least among Rupert Everett superfans. Their idol plays a cemetery caretaker whose corpses are stirring. Another gruesome, yucksome mashup, with hints of sci-fi alien invasion, slasher horror and animal house antics to go with the zombie-ism.

    Zombie animations for kids are rare but this one has a weird sort of charm.

    A kid called Norman tries to save his community from attack by 16th-century zombies. There could be some scholarly debate among zombieologists as to whether this counts as a zombie film, or if it is more neo-Frankenstein. An adaptation of an HP Lovecraft novelette series about a scientist who, deplorably, revives dead bodies into a zombie state.

    Two young women travel across a post-zombie-apocalyptic Germany in which most of humanity has been wiped out. In one city, Weimar, zombies are slaughtered. In another, Jena, the hunt is on for a cure — and that is where the women are going. This is the zombie film that has the distinction of being based on an allegedly true story, outlined in a b ook of the same name by the historian Wade Davis.

    He recounted his experiences investigating the case of Clairvius Narcisse, a man in Haiti said to have been turned into a zombie by a voodoo potion containing paralysing puffer-fish venom.

    Before his work on Tolkien and the first world war, Peter Jackson created this much-loved and splattery zombie comedy classic about a zombie outbreak triggered by a rat bite. People suspected of zombie bites are treated unsentimentally, to say the least.

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    Danny Boyle made pioneering use of lightweight digital cameras and shot early in the morning in London to get shots of an apparently deserted capital about to be overrun by zombies. This was the movie that gave zombie-ism a boost in the 21st century. This modern classic from Japan gives us something that can only be called meta-zombies.