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It is about loyalty to a family member in need, even when he or she looks guilty; giving glory to God by owning up to sin and its consequences; overlooking favoritism; offering up oneself to save another; demonstrating true love by concrete acts of sacrifice that create a context of trust; discarding control and the power of knowledge in favor of intimacy; embracing deep compassion, tender feelings, sensitivity, and forgiveness; and talking to one another.

A dysfunctional family that allows these virtues to embrace it will become a light to the world.

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God is more than able to bring his blessings to the world through deeply flawed people. But we must be willing to continually repent of the evil we do and turn to God for transformation, even if we are never perfectly purged of our errors, weaknesses, and sins in this life. Contrary to the values of the societies around Israel, the willingness of leaders to offer themselves in sacrifice for the sins of others was intended to be a signature trait of leadership among the people of God. Moses would show it when Israel sinned regarding the golden calf.

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David would show it when he saw the angel of the Lord striking down the people. Every resource on our site was made possible through the financial support of people like you. Based on a work at www. Waltke spells out the importance of the interaction between Joseph and his brothers: This scene exposes the anatomy of reconciliation.

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