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The work of an Italian author under a pseudonym, the series has become the most popular children's book series in Italy [ citation needed ] and the books have been translated into 38 languages. Papercutz obtained the rights to publish English translations of the graphic novels of Geronimo Stilton. These retain some of the original names of the characters that were changed in the storybooks translated by Scholastic. For example, the English translations of the graphic novels by Papercutz continue to use the names "Patty Spring" and "Pandora", while the storybooks by Scholastic changed these names to Petunia Pretty Paws and Bugsy Wugsy, respectively.

He is the publisher of the newspaper company, The Rodent's Gazette. Geronimo likes to spend his time reading books and enjoys peace and quiet. But he doesn't like to have adventures. Whenever his friends and family invite him, they force him to do so.

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Grandfather Paws: A well-versed in natural sciences, he once traveled the world in a search of a very rare butterfly. Grandmother Paws: As a young mouselet, she traveled all over the world when airplanes were not yet existence. He runs the Paws Farm along with his brother, Bobby. Jenny Littlepaws: Teddy's wife. She's an exceptional cook. The Paws really liked her Sweet Tooth Cake. Tom Paws: Son of Teddy and Jenny.

He likes to work with his father and has inherited the passion for natural science. Lilly is five years old and helps her mother in the garden. Lally is seven years old and love horseback riding. Lolly is eleven years and want to go traveling. She is a TV reporter and travels around the world to save environment.

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She has a crush on Geronimo. He is a TV producer and like his sister travels around the world to save environment. She is Bugsy and Slugsy's mother. Bugsy Wugsy: Daughter of John and Furry. She wants to save the environment like her aunt Petunia. She is Benjamin Stilton's best friend. Creepella Von Cacklefur: she's an enchanting and mysterious mouse. She is a special effects designer for scary films and haunted houses.


Creepella has pet bat named Bitewing. She even has a crush on Geronimo Stilton. Boris Von Cacklefur: Creepella's father. He runs the Fabumouse Fumerals, a funeral home. His hobbies are writing romantic poetry and painting graveyard scenes. Boris is in love with Tina Spicytail, Geronimo's grandfather's cook. Chef Stewrat: The Cackelfur family cook.

The meaning of Pandora's name, according to the myth provided in Works and Days , is "all-gifted". However, according to others Pandora more properly means "all-giving". An alternative name for Pandora attested on a white-ground kylix ca. Written above this figure a convention in Greek vase painting is the name Anesidora. More commonly, however, the epithet anesidora is applied to Gaea or Demeter. In view of such evidence, William E.

Phipps has pointed out, "Classics scholars suggest that Hesiod reversed the meaning of the name of an earth goddess called Pandora all-giving or Anesidora one-who-sends-up-gifts. Vase paintings and literary texts give evidence of Pandora as a mother earth figure who was worshipped by some Greeks. The main English commentary on Works and Days states that Hesiod shows no awareness [of this]. Jane Ellen Harrison [21] also turned to the repertory of vase-painters to shed light on aspects of myth that were left unaddressed or disguised in literature.

On a fifth-century amphora in the Ashmolean Museum her fig. A winged ker with a fillet hovers overhead: "Pandora rises from the earth; she is the Earth, giver of all gifts," Harrison observes. Over time this "all-giving" goddess somehow devolved into an "all-gifted" mortal woman. Smith, [22] however, noted that in Hesiod's account Athena and the Seasons brought wreaths of grass and spring flowers to Pandora, indicating that Hesiod was conscious of Pandora's original "all-giving" function.

For Harrison, therefore, Hesiod's story provides "evidence of a shift from matriarchy to patriarchy in Greek culture.

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As the life-bringing goddess Pandora is eclipsed, the death-bringing human Pandora arises. She is no longer Earth-Born, but the creature, the handiwork of Olympian Zeus. Robert Graves , quoting Harrison, [24] asserts of the Hesiodic episode that "Pandora is not a genuine myth, but an anti-feminist fable, probably of his own invention. Rose wrote that the myth of Pandora is decidedly more illiberal than that of epic in that it makes Pandora the origin of all of Man's woes with her being the exemplification of the bad wife. The Hesiodic myth did not, however, completely obliterate the memory of the all-giving goddess Pandora.

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A scholium to line of Aristophanes ' The Birds mentions a cult "to Pandora, the earth, because she bestows all things necessary for life". Jeffrey M. Hurwit has interpreted her presence there as an "anti-Athena. Meanwhile, Pausanias i. Images of Pandora began to appear on Greek pottery as early as the 5th century BCE, although identification of the scene represented is sometimes ambiguous.

An independent tradition that does not square with any of the Classical literary sources is in the visual repertory of Attic red-figure vase-painters, which sometimes supplements, sometimes ignores, the written testimony; in these representations the upper part of Pandora is visible rising from the earth, "a chthonic goddess like Gaia herself.

In some cases the figure of Pandora emerging from the earth is surrounded by figures carrying hammers in what has been suggested as a scene from a satyr play by Sophocles , Pandora, or The Hammerers , of which only fragments remain. In a late Pre-Raphaelite painting by John D. But in the actual painting which followed much later, a subordinated Pandora is surrounded by gift-bearing gods and Minerva stands near her, demonstrating the feminine arts proper to her passive role.

The shift is back to the culture of blame whenever she steps outside it. In the individual representations of Pandora that were to follow, her idealisation is as a dangerous type of beauty, generally naked or semi-naked. She is only differentiated from other paintings or statues of such females by being given the attribute of a jar or, increasingly in the 19th-century, a straight-sided box.

As well as the many European paintings of her from this period, there are examples in sculptures by Henri-Joseph Ruxthiel , [39] John Gibson , [40] Pierre Loison , see above and Chauncy Bradley Ives There is an additional reason why Pandora should appear nude, in that it was a theological commonplace going back to the early Church Fathers that the Classical myth of Pandora made her a type of Eve. It has been argued that it was as a result of the Hellenisation of Western Asia that the misogyny in Hesiod's account of Pandora began openly to influence both Jewish and then Christian interpretations of scripture.

Bishop Jean Olivier's long Latin poem Pandora drew on the Classical account as well as the Biblical to demonstrate that woman is the means of drawing men to sin. Originally appearing in and republished thereafter, it was soon followed by two separate French translations in and The equation of the two also occurs in the allegorical painting by Jean Cousin the Elder , Eva Prima Pandora Eve the first Pandora , in which a naked woman reclines in a grotto.

Her right elbow rests on a skull, indicating the bringing of death, and she holds an apple branch in that hand — both attributes of Eve.

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Her left arm is wreathed by a snake another reference to the temptation of Eve and that hand rests on an unstopped jar, Pandora's attribute. Above hangs the sign from which the painting gains its name and beneath it is a closed jar, perhaps the counterpart of the other in Olympus, containing blessings. In Juan de Horozco's Spanish emblem book , Emblemas morales , a motive is given for Pandora's action. Early dramatic treatments of the story of Pandora are works of musical theatre.

Prometheus moulds a clay statue of Minerva , the goddess of wisdom to whom he is devoted, and gives it life from a stolen sunbeam. This initiates a debate among the gods whether a creation outside their own work is justified; his devotion is in the end rewarded with permission to marry his statue. There she encounters the first man, the prior creation of Prometheus, and warmly responds to his embrace.

One other musical work with much the same theme was Aumale de Corsenville's one-act verse melodrama Pandore , which had an overture and incidental music by Franz Ignaz Beck.

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However, his patron Minerva descends to announce that the gods have gifted Pandora with other qualities and that she will become the future model and mother of humanity. Surely the wider the scope of our cultural experience, then the better chance we have of finding new ways to express our creativity. We live in a world now where choice is everything and technology is making it more and more possible to personalise those choices. We recently returned from a trip to Sicily and during the trip went to an acclaimed Michelin star restaurant. One of the course was baby Octopus, yes a whole Octopus on the plate, legs, head and all!

It was the best thing I had all night, but I would never have ordered it had I the choice. Sometimes having a choice is not the best option. So Pandora, does the name speak more of opening a box of harm than good and am I right to be concerned?