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Cartagena - Doors And Doorways - Feb 27, - Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Note: After updating your credit card, invoices will be updated within 1 hour. Toggle navigation. Beautiful wooden doorway on a bright blue building in Cartagena, Colombia. Unavailable For License. You have downloaded photos!

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Skip for Now. What's allowed Worldwide, royalty-free single seat license. Commercial license for commercially approved Items. The door knockers size and type of metal were indicative of wealth and social status. While the actual motif usually depicted the type of profession.

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Marine motifs such as mermaids and seahorses adorned the homes of men who made a living in the seas, lions represented teachers and lizards represented royalty. It seemed around every corner, the city just got more lovely. I have to admit it was quite fun, almost like a game to find the most beautiful, intricate doors and aldabas in Cartagena. While wandering the streets of the old walled city of Cartagena, the exquisite doors were just begging to be photographed! So here for you without further ado is a photo journal of the spectacularly wonderful doors, windows, and buildings of Cartagena, Colombia.

  • artists: Rosh + Suso33 location: Cartagena, Spain | doors | Doors, Painted doors, Door entryway.
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Santo Domingo - Cartagena, Colombia

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How we Enjoyed Cartagena, our Last Stop in South America

I had no idea what to expect as I was traveling to Colombia. A Brief History of Cartagena Cartagena was founded in by the Spanish, although archaeological evidence shows people have lived in the area since BC. Playa Blanca on the "island" of Baru, Cartagena, Colombia. Cartagena truly is the the historic jewel of Colombia. Recommended Articles. Walk the Walls of Dubrovnik. Hotel Spotlight: The Atlantic Byron Contact Us We'd love to hear from you! Stay Connected. First Name. Last Name. Email Address.