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Please select a Wishlist:. Cramps are another symptom to pay attention to. If this situation were to persist over time, excessive bone loss could occur. At the Center for Better Bones, I recommend that women experiencing nocturnal calf and foot cramps take their calcium—magnesium supplements closer to bedtime.

Height loss. Losing height is very common as we age and there are many precursors to it, including poor posture and vertebral fractures. Lower overall fitness. Osteoporosis has been linked to overall decline in physical fitness, as measured by aerobic capacity, muscle strength, and even balance. If your general fitness declines, it is likely that bone mass will also decline.

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Instead of feeling scared or worried by these changes, take the opportunity to put more attention on your personal health and longevity by taking care your bones. Even women who have been sedentary their whole lives can make significant gains, including better physical coordination, when they undertake a moderate, self-paced exercise program designed for their needs. And even people in their 80s and 90s have the ability to adapt and respond to both endurance and strength training. For ideas, read my article on exercise and bone health. Strong bones are your fountain of youth Call me biased, but I think strong bones are the fountain of youth.

Feeling For Bones

Rated 5. Rated 4. He stood at the open door, his open palm extending the invitation. Would you come with me? I understood him to say. You have to want something more. With the eager abandon of a child, I ran to him. Again, my head struck the windowpane. The rush of joy met its end and receded as a wave breaking. I woke to see the words W lco e to Bethsaida printed in fading letters on a fast-approaching sign.

The fresh, cool air hit me like a clap of a hand to the face.


I felt it cold at my armpits and my back where I was wet from sweating. Callapher stumbled in her fatigue. I squeezed her hand.

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Across the street, two women sat waiting beneath the plastic yellow awning of the bus stop kiosk. Margaret, the taller of the two, stood at the sight of us. The flesh of her underarm jiggled as she waved. Oh, girls! How was your trip? Did you make it all right? Ruby, grab her other bag. Her breasts felt like feather pillows. She left my clothes with the aroma of apple blossom. Taking me by the shoulders, she looked my body up and down. She winked at Callapher, who announced that she had just turned six.

Six going on twenty, Margaret decided. Girls, this is Rosalyn Mae Alcott—just call her Ruby. Everybody does. Ruby looked at us from a distance as if we were contagious. She wore bright lipstick that made the spittle at the corners of her mouth a milky pink. Her hair floated just above her scalp in a blurry auburn haze.

Margaret clapped her hands. Out of the rain! Good idea. This way, girls, the car is this way. Mind you, watch the step. I knew a woman once, busted her hip falling down two steps.

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Two steps! Callapher, dear, hold my hand. Anyway, like I said, we near gave in to calling help. We thought you might be lost up on the road somewhere. You hear terrible stories nowadays, girls getting taken off by complete strangers. Scares the living daylights out of me just to think it. I do hope they can come soon. All that fuss and bother of moving. When she was little, your grandma and grandpa used to bring her down every year for a vacation in the summer and a weekend near Christmas.

It was always so good to have those family visits. And I love a child in the house. That was when my husband had just died, you know. Here we are. You can both sit in back. We had Beauregard clean it out last night. Callapher, are you all right? You look a little flushed. Margaret said.

On that awful bus? With her little head banging on the window the whole way, no doubt. The sheets are all freshly washed and folded down, just waiting for you. The Old Maids lived beyond the last intersection in town. A Dairy Mart stood to the left, bullied by the show lights of the neighboring used car lot.

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Triangle-cut circus flags hung between the light posts, swaying in the wind. Beneath them, shining with the gloss of rain and spotlight beams, the cars glowed in evanescent silhouettes of green, yellow, and red. A mannequin sat on the hood of a convertible parked at the corner of the lot, her left hand raised with palm turned back in the manner of a waitress holding a serving platter. Her head was turned so that her blue jewel eyes stared vapidly just to the right of my window. She wore a red bikini, the top of which had been forced down to her waist by the onslaught of rain.

Her breasts were bare, round and smooth and hard as pool balls. She taunted me with her cold stare and her empty hand. She offered me something. Or maybe she withheld it. Comes to church every Sunday. Works in the nursery. The light changed. We turned down the road, past a black wall of trees and into a secluded cove. Three plastic flamingoes stood guarding the steps to the porch. They had sunk into the earth made soft by rain and leaned into one another as if in private conference. Christmas lights lit the bushes that lined the perimeter of the house.

Margaret said when Callapher exclaimed at the sight. Beauregard put those up for us this Christmas, and we forgot to take them down. The Speldman children. The smells of the kitchen seemed vaguely familiar: nutmeg and dust and the moist breathing of plants. A radio above the refrigerator babbled the evening news. Aunt Margaret said she left it on so that if a burglar. This action might not be possible to undo.

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How much longer? Something in your eye? I asked. Look, when I do this it makes the colors change. I am looking. Stop it, I murmured. Olivia, she repeated. Why do my eyes do that? Where did you hear that? On TV. She asked, Are we there yet? Almost, I said. Probably almost. Callapher fussed to be free of her buckle. I have to go to the bathroom, she announced.