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An idealist in a highly polluted future fails to save the girl, or the world. Repressive British government takes draconian measures against overpopulation. The Doctor returns to Earth in and discovers a strange new drug making the rounds in England, a drug that may originate on a world other than the Earth. A war in the Balkans has drawn in the major powers, and the Russian army will soon conquer all of Greece unless an elite US strike force can turn them back.

US operatives scramble to derail a joint Cuban-Russian occupation of Guyana. Chaos in Iran causes the Soviet Union to poise forces to occupy the country. The US launches a clandestine program to prevent them from intervening.

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Marginal disaster novel about a great flood. Marginal thriller about a Soviet initiative in space that alters the balance of power. Two paleontologists searching for bones in encounter two mysterious men who claim to be scientists on a similar mission, but who are actually from another planet, searching for fossils connected with a program to breed dinosaurs.

Through the Dom's Lens

An expedition to the Southwest in is searching for dinosaurs bones. Instead they encounter one outlaw with a taste for publicity, and another who has been taken over by inquisitive bodiless aliens who are on a research project of their own. Concluding volume of the series, with Sam in the body of a Presidential hopeful. A Quantum Leap novel. While Sam is back in the past, a woman shows up at the laboratory claiming to be his wife, and her investigations threaten to endanger the continuation of the entire project. A Zak Raven, Esq novel. A teenaged superhero, based on a comic book.

The Cybermen, a race that has replaced so much of their body with artificial devices that they are indistinguishable from robots, plots to invade the world. A Doctor Who adventure. The Doctor arrives in the middle of the 18th Century to make sure that no one prevents a change in the outcome of the Battle of Culloden.

The Cybermen, cybernetic organisms from another world, launch an invasion of the Earth. The Doctor travels to the home world of the Cybermen and discovers that they have all retreated to a suspended animation chamber. The Doctor must engage in a duel of wits with a being who exists outside time and space and manipulates them with technology that is indistinguishable from magic.

Despite a scientist's efforts to warn the public of the danger, an industrialist activates a faulty atomic power plant and precipitates a nuclear explosion. A giant experimental orbiting power plant has a series of accidents that point to the presence of a saboteur among the crew. This leads to a world crisis when we learn that the reactor can be used to cause a disaster on the planet below. A mutated virus is spreading through London, dissolving every bit of plastic it comes into contact with, bringing modern civilization to a crashing halt.

See Kenneth Robeson. Last Rangers 2. Fifty years from now, Texas is a lawless place ravaged by earthquakes, organized crime, and uncontrolled technology. A new version of the Texas Rangers is formed, and the protagonist is the first to try to reassert authority. Last Rangers 3. Final volume in the series.

The Texas Rangers of the future launch their final assault on the forces of lawlessness in a post cataclysmic America. Last Rangers 1. High tech outlaw bands threaten the rule of law in Texas, so a new breed of tough, vigilante style law enforcers who try to bring justice to a society that verges on anarchy. In a not too distant future, television programs have become addictive, cloning and involuntary sterilization are commonplace, and human freedom seems to be declining.

Lord of the Storm? A galactic fugitive finds true love when he captures the woman sent to capture him. A genetically altered child may provide the solution to the apparent demise of humanity. A trading vessel takes on a new pilot despite indications that he may be unstable. Eventually they learn that his memories have deliberately been altered to delete something he learned which powerful interests want suppressed. An interstellar trader vessel is instrumental in opening up contact with an alien race, but human authorities compel them to provide transportation for a meeting with a third, much more aggressive species, a meeting from which they may not return.

An aging man is given the opportunity to experience one day in virtual reality with his dead wife, but it's all a scam that nearly costs him his life. In a post apocalyptic America, a murderous version of football becomes the rage. Future war between England and Germany. Who novel. The Doctor's intervention on a colony world results in the humans enslaving the natives. When her family is murdered by alien terrorists, a woman travels to another world to join a group dedicated to hunting them down.

Interstellar politics, terrorism, and a woman's quest for revenge. Agents of an interstellar vigilante organization set out on a mission of vengeance against a group of terrorists. Sorcery on another planet with a woman who uses her magical abilities to avert interstellar wars.

A romance novel. Futuristic romance. Love triumphs on a planet where men and women live in separate socieities. A future space colony where the gender roles are rigidly separated begins to change when a single woman questions the destiny her society has set for her. A scientist in the near future finally falls in love.

A woman travels back through time on a distant planet to find a legendary warrior, and falls in love with him in the process. Is it superscience or magic in this barbaric future romance novel? Catholics and Protestants reunite. Actually a horror novel about a man transformed into a monster who uses computer networks to track down his victims, but there is some attempt to rationalize the transformation. Knopf, Marginal but amusing piece speculating about what humans would be like if we'd descended from something other than apes.

An alien invasion is nearing the complete conquest of Earth, so the survivors turn to another alien force, one which exists beneath the oceans. A Doctor Who Missing Adventure. A primitive city on a distant planet is menaced by monstrous creatures that emerge from its sewers. According to legend, these are scientists who experimented with forbidden technologies and who were changed into hideous monsters for their pains. The Doctor leads an expedition to find out the truth. The New Adventures An archaeologist suffering a run of bad luck discovers that someone is stalking her, so she asks an old friend to travel to the planet where she's working and help expose the villain.

A new space colony faces problems. Besieged aliens send an agent to Earth to find remnants of an ancient technology they sent here five thousand years earlier. Destructives, The Angry Robot, If Then Angry Robot, A singularity changes the laws of nature. Aliens are causing trouble at a school by taking control of the yogurt used in a school project. Two young boys discover a time warp in their basement that carries them back to the age of dinosaurs. The warp was created by an alien race that plans to use dinosaurs to devastate the present and prepare the world for invasion.

A rebel against a dictatorial space force that controls the Earth by force of arms becomes a pirate, then sets out to locate a legendary planet where time is mutable and extraordinary power is available for those with the strength to take it. A dystopian novel. Romance novel about a woman who is mentally linked to an alien. A scientist discovers a way to extract the essence of life from people.

Primitive, jocular, satiric tour of the planets of the solar system. Lambert III.

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The sequel, Michael: The Master , was published as by W. A woman with extraordinary psychic powers that could make her the dominant force in the universe is opposed by a desperate man seeking a crystal that can overcome her abilities. The new member of a spaceship crew on a flight to a mysterious planet discovers adventure and hardship among his fellow shipmates. A Star Trek Next Generation story. Fan published fiction. A new advance in technology allows people to tune in, via super-TV, the goings on in alternate realities.

Although no physical objects can pass from one to the other, ideas can, and someone is trying to assert power by manipulating these other realities.

A cyberpunkish retelling of the story of Paul Bunyan. A cyborg is caught up in a contest to see if he can defeat a computerized mining machine in drilling their respective ways through a mountain. The harvesting of unusual trees on an uninhabited planet leads to an interplanetary protest and a crisis when an army of environmentalist descends upon the exploited world. The title stands for Viral Intelligence. Microscopic alien organisms from another planet interbreed, if that's the right term, with an artificial intelligence.

They operate on the molecular level and are able to change matter on a molecular level. A spoof of many SF themes. Sprague de Camp. Best of L. Collection of loosely related stories set in the Viagens universe, a galactic empire headed by Brazil. Associated with the Krishna series.

Two short novels in which knights and chivalry are back on vogue on Earth, on one hand imposed by alien invaders, on the other a voluntary decision following the takeover of government by giant corporations. Magazine version, A world dictator isolates Greece from the rest of the world and sets about recreating Classical Greece by force of will. The protagonist sneaks inside, looking for his kidnapped wife.

The citizen of a lost colony world commits heresy by implying that humans did not evolve on that planet, and is off via hot air balloon for a series of wild adventures in remote parts of his world. Dirk Barnevelt has rescued a lovely princess on the planet Krishna, but he's still looking for the man whose disappearance at the hands of pirates caused him to visit this world in the first place.

A tour guide on a world where modern technology is forbidden lest it corrupt the natives learns a variety of martial arts, which turn out to be very useful when his tour is menaced by angry tribesmen. Magazine version One of the best time travel stories of all time. A professor is inexplicably sent back in time to Ancient Rome where he tries to use his advanced scientific knowledge to prevent the fall of the Roman Empire.

Collection of loosely related stories. Two humans arrive on Krishna for their own purposes and find their fates inextricably linked as they experience a series of adventures among the primitive, warrior like Krishnans. Compact, , as A Planet Called Krishna. A private detective from Earth travels to a primitive world to search for a missing woman, impersonates the locals, and risks his life because of their fervent dislike of offworlders.

Collection of related stories about time travel hunting expeditions. Human explorers arrive on a world where oviparous women practice a variety of rigid communism and where love and sex are unknown. Their appearance provides the catalyst for radical change in this broadly satirical adventure story. Avalon, Baen, , under the single title The Hand of Zei. Compact, , as The Floating Continent. Dirk Barnevelt arrives on the planet Krishna to track down a missing man, and discovers that he has been kidnapped by pirates. While trying to organize a rescue, he becomes involved with a captive princess, and frees her instead.

Fergus Reith is hired to provide tourist services to a film company which has come to make a movie on the warrior world of Krishna. But the producer has strange ideas of his own, and wants the world remade in the proper image. Ace, , bound with The Virgin of Zesh. A human adventurer travels to the primitive world of Krishna hoping to make his fortune by organizing a native army and establishing himself as a king. But he underestimates the resourcefulness of the aliens, and the perils of a strange world.

A researcher short on funds joins a tour group on a remote planet and gets caught in the conflict between exploiters, explorers, and local religious figures. A treasure hunter visits a primitive planet. Phantasia, , credits Catherine Crook de Camp as co-author. A group of human treasure hunters on the planet Krishna find their lives endangered when they walk right into the middle of a local civil war.

Stones of Nomuru, The Donning, , Baen, A reserved archaeologist on a primitive world gets into hot water with the natives following the arrival of an obsessed real estate developer and his own ex-wife. This novel anticipated Planet of the Apes. A group of humans recover from suspended animation to find that lower animals have replaced humanity as masters of the world, with apes at the top of the pecking order.

See also collaboration which follows. A power struggle within the highest levels of the Federation government. A Star Trek Lost Era novel. The Federation attempts to mediate a dispute between the Klingons and the Cardassians. A group of Starfleet captains set out to locate dangerous weapons that have been spread among various star systems.

The last battle against an array of weapons that can control human thought. Political intrigue within the Klingon Empire. Tie-in to the computer game. Two factions battle for control of a valuable mineral in a future Earth. An incursion from another universe threatens the stability of the Federation. An Andromeda novel. Based on the television series. An itinerant space crew find themselves in the middle of an interplanetary conflict after being rescued from a time warp.

A planet which rebelled against Klingon rule seeks recognition for the Federation, and Worf must travel there to negotiate a solution that will not place fresh strains on the relationship between the two great powers. A Spiderman novel. A new drug turns people into psychotic killers. A Resident Evil novel. Refugees from a zombifying contagion flee across a desert.

A Klingon ship encounters a new civilization that tests its captain's prowess. A Klingon captain's oath to a primitive people places him in conflict with his own government. House of Cards Tor, A Farscape novel. A group of wandering space travelers stop at a gambling planet to buy supplies and end up losing their ship in a game of chance. They have to undertake a series of dangerous missions in order to get it back. A Star Trek Voyager novel. Chakotay commands a rebel ship in an alternate universe where the Federation has fallen.

A Star Craft novel. A woman with psychic powers may tilt the balance of an interstellar war. A spaceship's crew and passengers uncover a governmental conspiracy. A portion of the US becomes an independent nation, its citizens controlled by nanotechnology, microscopic machines within their bodies that enforce conformity to a rigid schedule. Fortunately, there are a few people who are immune, and who create an underground society.

Comical adventures of a spaceship with an unbelievably incompetent crew who are the last hope of the human race when it is targeted for an interstellar lawsuit by a race of malevolent aliens. Light farce about two comical aliens who arrive on Earth, make friends with some children, take them on a tour of space and time, and eventually leave. The crew of a vehicle that travels to the stars through artificially constructed dimensional highways is held prisoner by an alien with godlike powers. Jake and his interstellar truck flee through the dimensional highways pursued by a variety of villains, all intent upon stealing the information he has discovered about a path to a fabulous treasure.

A Star Trek Destiny novel. A terrible catastrophe has devastated the galaxy and efforts to recover are hindered by a host of problems. First in a series in which humans literally drive a kind of supertruck to the stars, making use of an interstellar highway system established by an ancient alien race. The protagonist is rumored to have found a map leading to an incredible treasure trove, so his life becomes complicated by the attentions of a gang of rapacious villains. Dimension 1. A shipment of inexplicably advanced technological devices sets two rival scientists on a comic, grand tour of the universe.

Dimension 2. Humorous adventures of a brilliant scientist who stumbles across an interstellar drive. In episode two, he discovers a broken down robot which might be able to help him get his ship operating in time to prevent a nasty villain from gaining control of a weapon that could destroy the entire universe. Children's story about a robot. Each of a pair of twins separated from each other possesses a psi power. One can read the other's mind, and her brother can mentally create a duplicate of himself in another place.

Which is very handy when he discovers something unpleasant about his foster father. In the near future, a man befriends a homeless woman only to discover she's a time traveler with the ability to switch bodies. Caught in hers, he discovers the truth about his time and her unappealing future. Magazine title The Star Dice. A man shipwrecked on one of Jupiter's moons is finally rescued and returns to find that the Earth is in the grasp of a self destructive religious cult that originated on an alien world. Doomed Walker, A computer virus collapses civilization.

Pseudonym of Robert Sharp generally. Some titles remain unconfirmed. Rebellion on a human colony world. Crashlanding on a world that holds alien artifacts that explain the evolution of intelligence. Pursuit of a thief through time. Two heroes plunge into a web of time travel to prevent a legendary assassin from killing the benevolent ruler of their world. An accident traps a group inside a coil of time. Invasion from another galaxy. Vampiric happenings on a planet that has no animal life. An encounter with a subterranean civilization on a distant world. Civil war on a mystery planet.

Adventures on a world with two intelligent races. Adventures on a world whose dominant race is dying out. The protagonists explore a water world. Spiderman is lost in time and the X-Men have to battle a supervillain before they can devote serious effort to retrieving him.

Spiderman and the X-Men team up to defeat a super villain who has managed to disrupt the timelines and wipe out entire universes. Near future political thriller in which a secretly militant Japanese government has designed a computerized plane that can knock out American spy planes as part of their preparation to challenge the US for world domination.

War Breaker? War between India and Pakistan. A woman who served a jail sentence after being possessed by the time traveler is released and seeks vengeance. Originally published in France in , known as Psi Cassiopeia. A very early other worlds adventure heavy on description, setting, and background, light on actual plot. The information is discovered in manuscripts secreted in a remote mountain region of Earth.

Clarke from the French edition. The two last people in the universe watch the end of creation. Freaktown is the portion of an East Coast city where the mutants live, some resigned to their fate, others hoping to use surgery to pass for normal. But there's a new drug on the streets, and life gets very complicated for a couple of hopeful mutants when they run into narcotic agents.

A Superman novel. The story of Clark Kent's transition to Metropolis. In order to avoid indentured servitude on Mars as a miner, a man decides to become a superhero, which he thinks will make him rich and famous as well. A satire. Collection of three loosely related stories.

First in the multi-author U. A military coup leads to a police state in the US, in response to which a group of high school students form an underground resistance group. Struggles on a mining planet involving a drug that extends youth and the questions raised when one man refuses to use it. Part of a downbeat spy series, crossing the border into SF as an eccentric millionaire based in Scandinavia launches a private war against the Soviet Union.

The noted author of a number of spy thrillers turns his hand to alternate history in this murder mystery set in Nazi dominated England following their victory in World War II. A Scotland Yard inspector tries to do his job despite overlapping jurisdictions with the Gestapo.

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Future war. See also James Knapp. Supposedly benevolent aliens on Earth harbor a dark secret. Fallout Roc, The motives of alien benefactors are called into question. A man struggling against a world devastating plague also has an alternate existence in another reality. When two time machines are discovered in the present, the protagonist is recruited to use one of them to go back in time to prevent actor Ronald Reagan from pursuing a career in politics.

Despite becoming fond of Reagan, our hero inadvertently causes his death, travels back to a very changed present, and then must return through time once again. A secret agent on Earth falls in love. An immortal whose body was transformed in human prehistory has survived into the future, and has a series of adventures among the stars. The fact that he can alter the shape of his body comes in very handy.

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The protagonist's starship is hijacked by aliens who possess the secret of time travel, and who subsequently use his vessel to travel through time and space, stealing cargo from one civilization and selling it to others. Pretty good story of a self aware computer program that becomes the target of reactionary forces that want her erased, and liberal forces that want her to be declared alive.

Valentina eventually takes a hand in securing her own future. Terrorists seize control of a nuclear armed submarine, initially demanding ransom but then embarking on their own political plans, which include nuclear strikes against Russia and China. Revised version Sphere, , Gregg Press, , Millennium, A poet is enlisted to decipher the meaning of an apparent weapon being used to confuse interstellar transmissions as part of a war between two rival empires. Unfortunately, one member of her space crew is a spy for the other side.

A student tracking down to shipwrecked generation starships discovers that one is caught in a kind of timewarp and the other has disappeared entirely. But then he stumbles across a mysterious song that seems to hold the key to the mystery. Sphere, , as Out of the Dead City. An evil intelligence arises in the aftermath of a nuclear war.

The discorporate Lord of the Flames has not abandoned his quest to conquer the universe, and how he attacks the last city on Earth by seizing control of its own defensive computers and using it as his tool. Controversial, very long surreal novel about a young man's adventures in a city that has come unstuck in time and become a savage, mysterious place. The laws of nature have changed following the collision of our universe with another. Lobey is a larger than life figure who has a series of adventures that have strong parallels in human mythology.

A rebellious young wanderer travels the star lanes, encountering poets, self aware computers, aliens and humans. Gollancz, A quest adventure on a post nuclear war Earth involving mutated creatures and other dangers, although not as melodramatic as it sounds. Related to the Toron series. Captain Lorq Von Ray and a crew of humans drawn from a variety of worlds and cultures plan to travel through the substance of a disintegrating star in order to investigate the processes of a nova, although each has his or her own personal motive as well.

Novelette published as half a paperback. The protagonist has come to prominence because he is the sole survivor of a planet destroyed by an alien race. His popularity places him right in the middle of a power struggle to use media influence to direct the course of human history. Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders Magnus, A colony of gay men watch the future unfold. Ace, alone,? Sphere, , revised. The remnants of humanity struggle to rebuild after the powerful Lord of the Flames suspends his attack, but now he has returned to menace the Earth once more. Wesleyan, , as Trouble on Triton.

Earth is threatening war against its rebellious colony on Triton, where an entirely new human civilization is evolving. The protagonist has a number of personal encounters that spotlight various aspects of this world. Vaguely Utopian in approach. Trouble on Triton. See Triton. A shapechanging alien arrives on Earth, preying in the ocean at first, then moving to land once it learns to mimic human beings well enough to pass in human society.

Alternate history about terrorists attacking the US. A child prodigy is recruited to help decipher an apparently encoded message from the stars, but his initiation into the world of adult science is punctuated by meetings with a variety of wacky characters. An Indian warrior is called out of the force field shrouded lands set aside for his people to help the outside world in its quest to recover a missing computer chip.

Unusual SF novel drawing heavily on fantasy themes. French edition in Thomas Edison and an aristocrat team up to create an android woman, but she becomes increasingly depressed by her lack of humanity. Unknown where not specified. Flying saucers attack the Earth. Franz Harkon. Second in the series was Spawn of Space , written as by Franz Harkon.

The search for a valuable mineral in space. Moring, , as by Hank Janson. Probably by Stephen Frances. A freak accident gives a bank clerk incredible mental powers, so much so that the authorities become alarmed and decide that he needs to be killed for the safety of the human race. Someone is waylaying spaceships in the inner solar system. Frances, John Russell Fearn. Worldwide catastrophes are averted by the use of ancient alien technology.

The future of flight. A hidden cave system is used to build super weapons for world conquest. A scientist experimenting with reviving people from suspended animation finds a revolutionary new procedure which seems to work, but which actually turns its subjects into bloodthirsty monsters. See also collaboration with Raymond F. Jones , and collaboration with Frederik Pohl. An experimental submarine encounters an undersea city inhabited by a race that has been hiding from the surface world for thousands of years.

Armchair, , bound with The Cyberene by Rog Phillips. The protagonist crashes on Mars and discovers a secret held by the human colonists. Battle on Mercury??? Collection of unrelated stories, published in two volumes in A religious dictatorship has taken over the entire Earth, and the commandment to be fruitful and multiply has made the world an unhealthy, overpopulated nightmare. Ghostwritten by Paul Fairman.

A teenager searches for his father in parallel histories. There's a stowaway aboard a rocket flight that crashlands on the planet Mars, and Chuck has several adventures in the abandoned Martian cities before being rescued. The first voyage to the moon. The lunar colonization project is failing and its complement is about to be withdrawn to Earth.

A teenager disobeys the rules to set out on a search for life on the moon, knowing that's the only way the colony will be maintained. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, , as by Kenneth Wright. The arrival of a wandering planet in the solar system, actually directed by aliens living within it, threatens to throw the entire human race into an interplanetary war. Very impressive early novel of a nuclear plant that has an accident. Unless someone can find a way to stop the chain reaction, the plant will experience a meltdown and cause a catastrophe for the surrounding communities.

Outpost of Jupiter. A teenager finds adventure and mystery on Ganymede while temporarily stranded there, just in time to see everyone around him fall victim to a plague. And there's an alien artifact to be investigated as well. Del Rey, , New English Library, This edition actually indicates it is a collaboration between Del Rey and his pseudonym. An involuntary expatriate to the human colony on Mars joins the police force, tries to take advantage of its corruption, but eventually mends his ways.

A group of children from a colony on the moon are sent back to Earth and have various adventures. A young telepath learns that everyone known to have developed his ability has gone insane because of the inability to screen out all the unwanted communications, so he desperately seeks the answer before he follows in their footsteps. Young adult space adventure. Hutchinson, , as Rocket Pilot. A race through the solar system and a gaggle of villains from Mars in this standard novel for younger readers. A young boy's return from Ganymede to Earth is complicated when he's told he cannot take his robot companion, so the two of them plot a way to get around the laws.

A college professor experiences periods in which he assumes the personalities of other people, and in each manifestation he senses that he is about to face his own death. Lancer, , as The Man Without a Planet. Ghostwritten by Paul Fairman ,. A disabled man doomed to spend the rest of his life on an orbiting space station is the last hope of humanity when Martians seize control.

Ace, , also bound with Badge of Infamy. Magazine version, as No More Stars. Saboteurs threaten the crew sent into orbit to build the first permanent space station. A trip back to the age of dinosaurs goes awry and the explorers are stranded there. For young adults. Neither were ever published separately in book form. A Battletech Mech Warrior novel. Rival power groups make a military move to control a strategic planet. Venom is an alien symbiote who gets control of one of Peter Parker's fellow reporters. Spiderman eventually defeats the alien and saves the day.

What a surprise. Soviet invasion of Manhattan. Time travelers alter European history. Satire about an artificially created human and his adjustment to human society, as well as its adjustment to him. A randy copywriter becomes involved with superweapons and high technology in this satire on modern culture. The onset of a new ice age forces the US to consider an invasion of Central and South America, the operation planned by a mysterious man behind the scenes whose identity is tracked by an intelligence officer who has doubts about his government's stability.

Heart of Stone Ace, In a future where astrology is accurate and star travel is common place, an astrologer must solve the murder of her own husband. A detective and an astrologer travel to a remote system to find out who murdered a scientist who was trying to bring a dead world back to life. Armageddon Black Library, A Warhammer novel. Black Legion, The Black Library, Military SF.

Space marines battle zombies. War and heresy among the stars. A Warhamer novel. An early Canadian utopian novel. A man's adventures in a far land where he finds love, an apparently perfect society, but one with a frightening secret. A detective back from the dead finds time and history strangely changed. A lone Earthman is taken to an alien world run by robots and learns about an interstellar civilization that has been watching Earth for generations. Very marginal near future political novel. Pacific Rising Severed, A giant dinosaur prowls the ocean. The story of the next step in human evolution.

A Star Wars novel. Luke is on a quest to find out what is causing Jedi to go insane. Last Light Gallery, In the aftermath of an interstellar war, someone is murdering people on a remote planet. A gamebook set in the world of Keith Laumer 's Star Colony , placing the reader in a dilemma between government and rebel forces. Retribution Gallery, An uneasy peace is in danger following an interstellar war. Silent Storm Gallery, A mission to confuse an alien enemy about the logical patterns of human behavior.

As an alien force threatens to overwhelm the galaxy, Leia Organa's son volunteers to be captured in a ploy designed to allow them to sabotage their enemy's forces. Han Solo and Leia return to Tatooine to try to reclaim an artifact that contains information about rebel agents among the empire's forces. Jedi and Sith must unite to deal with a greater menace. Post World War II Britain adopts a bizarre social system that makes individual identities interchangeable. The singer of the title has been abducted by aliens and is broadcasting from space.

An unhappy store clerk sets out on a cross country adventure involving hidden aliens, robot dogs, motorcycle gangs, and secret agents. One of the best humorous SF novels. And in the 's, rock bands have the power to alter the course of human history. Code Noir? Parrish Plessis 2. Parrish undertakes a mission to assassinate one man and locate several others. Crash Deluxe? Parrish Plessis 3. A bodyguard turned leader attempts to bring down a corrupt society. Nylon Angel? Parrish Plessis 1. A bodyguard plots the downfall of her crimelord employer in a cyberpunkish future society. Peacemaker Angry Robot, A warden in a future nature preserve has to solve a series of murders.

Hyatt Verrill. Escape from a prison planet. Stuffed Dog, The? Time travel story. When his father dies, a teenager fails to report it and continues to maintain a sentinel post on the planet Azure. But when two runaways from the city show up, he's forced to decide on a new future. In an overpopulated future, a telepathic woman predicts the return of star colonists. See collaborations with H. Confused, badly conceived story of planetary exploration, with dangerous plants, monsters, telepathy, and a few kitchen sinks.

A doctor discovers the secret of reanimation. The power of healing through science appears to have become almost a religious experience on a distant world. The protagonists arrive there when an accident diverts their trip to the Moon. Most titles are not SF. Mark Roberts.

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A super criminal invents a device that he uses to cause volcanic eruptions all along the West Coast. A rugged hero battles terrorists in orbit in this action adventure story. Ten precocious youngsters are kidnapped to another planet by aliens who want them to invent a time machine and save their race, which they have already promised to do in another time twist. An entrepreneur tries to gain control of a tiny black hole buried in the Earth's crust. Space travel and flying saucers.

Colonists on another world find evidence of native intelligence after they flee an Earth menaced by a possible collision with another planet. Something of a Utopian novel with supernations of the future finally combining into a single world organization.. Predicts the war between England and Germany. Revolution against the British monarchy. Future war novel involving poison gas. The survivors are forced to move underground in order to survive.

World Birth? Utopian novel. Resurrection 1. Technology makes it possible to restore people to life. A scientist battles a secretive military group to control an usual ocean dwelling life form whose biology may hold the secret of longevity. The deterioration of the outer world causes humankind to build enormous shelters under the Earth's surface and carve out a new civilization.

Universal, , Bill Ewington, , as The Fringe. Melodramatic thriller about a repressive future government. Bill Ewington, , as Plague. A terrible plague sweeps the world, apparently bringing about the extinction of humanity, and a handful of survivors search for a final moment of happiness before the end. A mildly dystopian future is disrupted by intelligent ants. Various adventures on a strange planet ruled by an unorthodox dictator.

A young woman overcomes poverty to become an explorer seeking the secret of a long vanished alien species. But she discovers that there are ruthless individuals, human and otherwise, determined to secure those secrets for themselves. Further adventures in a civilization in which drugs are used to elevate intelligence, alien species intermingle freely, and an interplanetary conspiracy threatens a young woman.

A group of telepathic and telekinetic mutants discovers that three of the most powerful of their group are plotting world domination, including the destruction of their less talented fellows. Larissa is an interstellar adventurer who gets into hot water during her visit to the alien dominated mining world Hook and gets chased across space. Medusa Uploaded Tor, A woman flees to Mars to escape an assassin and starts a new life, but the Martian colonists are preparing to revolt, and the discovery of a new field of biotechnology may help them, or endanger the future of both worlds.

A young girl abandoned by her parents stows away on a spaceship and arrives on a gambling planet where her psychic talents allow her to pick winners to ingratiate herself with. See also collaboration with Katherine MacLean. A reporter discovers that the giant cat killing people in a midwestern city is actually an alien shapechanger who can appear as human, and that a male of her species has arrived with whom she can mate and reproduce.

Boring story of a man who sees a flying saucer and refuses to remain silent about it despite the skepticism of everyone around him. A Utopian novel. Novelization of the film about an alien invasion of the Earth and humanity's desperate struggle to avoid being exterminated. Nor are their actions completely angelic. Weekly Reader, , as Beepers from Outer Space.

Calvin Willeford 1. A mysterious ring brings two teens to the attention of strange beings from outer space. Before the story ends, they're hiding another alien from the authorities and have piloted a starship. Light and funny, for younger readers. Calvin Willeford 3. A visitor from space gets a pair of kids in a lot of comical trouble.

An anomaly in space transports the Enterprise to another galaxy, where an interstellar war that has lasted countless thousands of years has destroyed most inhabitable worlds. And both sides react violently to the new arrivals. Calvin Willeford 2. Scotty tries to travel back through time to rescue James Kirk. Ancient alien devices that allow ships to travel from one galaxy to another are beginning to malfunction, and now they are moving entire solar systems halfway across the universe.

Data has to take command as the crew of the Enterprise intervenes to save a world that is being devastated by "natural" disasters at the hands of an unseen enemy. Picard and his companions have been taken prisoner under the mistaken impression that they're responsible, so Data has to find out who's really responsible. The protagonist survives a plane crash and discovers that his body has amazing regenerative powers, so he sets out to find out what happened to change him from human to superhuman. While exploring a derelict alien spacecraft, two members of the Enterprise crew are transported across space to a far world where a group of criminals is using the secret of alien techology to dominate an entire planet.

Two worlds in the same system are on the verge of a destructive war, so the Enterprise is dispatched to mediate a settlement. When Spock and McCoy are apparently killed, Kirk must battle his own emotions and uncover a plot that has implications affecting the entire Federation. A Lost in Space novel. The Robinsons land on a planet whose inhabitants have been destroyed. They find one surviving building full of strange superscience which may explain the mystery, but which also could spell doom for the visitors. Not part of the authorized series.

Pseudonym of John Glasby , whom see. Time travel. Marginal softcore porn novel about the seduction of the British throne. Dennis Grafton 2. The devastated Earth is torn from its orbit and wanders through the solar system, eventually encountering an alien race that lives on the moons of Jupiter.

Dennis Grafton 1. A handful of humans survive the destruction of humanity in an experiment gone awry when they are kidnapped by aliens. Returned to Earth, they try to rebuild, but there's an alien presence on the planet now, one inimical to humanity. A five year old genius contacts a visitor from the future. Genetic research leads to the ultimate experiment, a boy whose genetic structure has been predesigned. But Pan's difficulties adjusting to society are no less dangerous than society's difficulties adjusting to him. After befriending the last of the Kantmorie, a young man finds himself the target of an immortal who controls the secrets of a lost technology.

Two young people on a primitive planet abandon the rules of their people to help protect a Screamer, feared for devilish powers, possibly the last remnant of a noble race whose destiny might save the entire planet. Conclusion to the trilogy. The heir to the lost throne of Kantmorie must seize his birthright while a spaceship arrives to reopen contact with the lost colony world and an old villain plots new treachery. A first contact story. A socialist Utopia. Best of Philip K. Book of Philip K. A mental institution is the only surviving remnant of a lost colony and the different forms of aberration have led to diverse specialties and tribalism that provides them with the tools to resist invaders from Earth.

Collected Stories of Philip K. Berkley, , Panther, , Harper, , Gollancz, Magazine version, , as A Glass of Darkness. Ted Barton returns to his hometown and discovers that no one remembers him, and that the town is inhabited by odd, furtive creatures. Eventually he discovers that extraterrestrial powers are controlling the town. Amusing portrait of a version of Earth where time is running backward, people grow younger instead of older, and the last act of life is to be born.

A complex vision of the future where racial tensions still abound despite the possibility of a Black President, where a new world has been discovered, but holds a deadly secret, and where thousands of people are held in suspended animation waiting for a better world. Citadel, , Millennium, , as Minority Report. Christianity and Islam have merged just in time for the return to Earth of a creature which may be God, or perhaps something else. Del Rey, , Millennium, , as Bladerunner. A private detective is hired to track down renegade androids who have returned to Earth to try to find a way to avoid their programmed mortality.

Filmed as Bladerunner. The world has been devastated by a nuclear accident, if it really was an accident. From his orbiting satellite, Bruno Bluthgeld looks over the ruins of Earth and extends his fingers of power, opposed by a one time astronaut and a paraplegic with telekinesis. Ace, , bound with The Unteleported Man.

There is but one or two characters, not a gallery of characters , e. A young boy is born to two very particular parents who improve his less-than-perfect human parts with robot parts and a remote control pdf. Hence, she was not reconstructing events, she was describing them from experience. It seems obvious, but just like any other genre of novel, a historical fiction book needs to engage its readers with a great story.

There should be a theme, conflict and resolution, all pulled together by believable characters and realistic dialogue From Here to Eternity Penguin read pdf read pdf. Author, title, summary, page count, book cover image for each of ten books, See also Eyewitness Accounts for Older Readers 13 books; PDF file , with author, title, book cover image, page count, and brief summary download. A few years ago, I received a phone call from a desperate sixth grade reading teacher.

I need your help now!! The teacher uses Holes as part of her unit on fantasy. In a time where many middle schoolers are steeped in Harry Potter and Paolini, Holes just did not seem to fit into that the same category of fantasy Upon Every Remembrance: Men of download epub download epub. Two reporters feel something is not as it appears to be, and set out to investigate. A science fiction genre is a category within the larger context of the fiction genre. I wanted to mention them again, and say the general idea behind them. They're placed in WWII, and the idea is an alternate history, starting from the assasination attempt on Hitler in his bunker , e.

The Adventures of Gerard download for free. Lighter Than a Feather read for free www. What is the typical hero or heroine like? Are the main characters complicated and contradictory, or more two-dimensional in nature? Do the novels take place over a short time-span or many years? Generally, what is the proportion of dialogue to prose? Is the dialogue in the form of short, sharp lines, or longer speeches?

Are the novels fast-paced all the way through, or are there lots of slower bits in between the action scenes download? There is always an edge of evil in these novels. Popular locations and periods for historical romances include nineteenth century America, Regency England, and the inter-war years. As the name suggests, these novels are set in the present day and reflect the social mores of the time — hence these stories are more sexually candid than other types of romantic fiction , cited: Enemy of Rome read here www. Follow these instructions and, in no time, you'll write something so great it'll make The Way of a Man with a Maid look like The Lustful Turk!

A pizza delivery guy enters and seduces with a housewife. They would need to go to the catalogue, carry out a subject search for the term 'Knights - Fiction', and filter the results.