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At night before you go to bed, visualize the white light completely surrounding your house and your family, preventing any harmful energies from entering. This should be done frequently, whether you feel threatened or not. Over time, this builds up a strong shield of protection that is with you always. And just keep reinforcing it, day after day. Regular spiritual protection house clearings are also important to remove any negative energies that may be hanging around. See our House Clearing page for simple instructions on how to do this. Get creative with it.

Spiritual protection

Use your own wording if you want. The most important thing is your intention that you are removing negative energy. After your house cleansing, fill some pretty dishes with these protective herbs, and place them on tables or shelves in the main parts of your home.

Caution : Some herbs are toxic, be sure to keep out of reach of children and animals!

Top 10 Protection Crystals: Which One is Best for You?

The herbs should be replaced every few months. Place one in your car for protection while traveling. Sprinkle protective herbs on the tops of doorways, or at the thresholds of your home. Burning certain incenses can help with spiritual protection and achieve the same effect.

Smudging usually involves taking a bundle of dried sage leaves sage is great for neutralizing negative energies! Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh and Sage are the greatest for removing negativity.

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The ocean holds a lot of power, especially for cleansing and healing, so sea salt obviously does too. You can get pure sea salt at health food stores, and many online shops also carry it. Just the same way you did the white light protection for yourself and your family. But this time see the energy soaking into the candle and making it glow bright white.

Then when you light the candle, it releases the energy out into your home, and by extension, the universe. You can also charge things like jewelry, to hold a certain intent. Metals particularly hold a charge VERY well, for a long time. Will this guarantee you the job? Of course not. But you are stating your intent to the Universe, and therefore you are putting certain energies into motion, which can help you.

Certain crystals and stones also carry spiritual protection properties. Do not soap or shower after the bath. Spending time in a sweat lodge, steam room, or a sauna can remove toxicity and purify your body , emotions, and soul.

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Sweating clears the negative energies on the surface of the skin and in the deeper tissues pour out of the body. Put a small amount of sugarcane rum trago in your mouth, under your tongue, and blow it out forcefully on yourself, on others, or around the room in a strong intentional blow. It needs to be sent as a strong but soft mist. It will ionize and rebalance your energy body and surroundings.

Ask for Spiritual Protection When Communicating with Spirits

Use feathers, preferably condor, eagle, or wild turkey, to remove stagnant negative energies. Start at the crown of your head and move all the way down to your feet. Let the feather guide you to feel energy blockages just like dowsing; feathers represent the element of air and the clearing wind. Brush healing stones, preferably black lava stones, over your body to absorb negative energy and create a psychic protection shield to guard against psychic attack.

You can also hold a stone in each hand or put them in your pockets for grounding. For spiritual protection and getting rid of negative energy from your home and office, clap the stones around the room or rooms , especially in the corners where stagnant energy congregates. After using them dip them in sea-salt water or blow sugarcane rum on them to cleanse them. Amulets can be a piece of jewelry worn for spiritual protection or an object made from stones, seeds, metal, or coins.

Amulets sometimes contain words or prayers.

How to Create A Spiritual Protection for You and Your Home?

They are worn and are created to protect the wearer from psychic attacks, harm, and evil spirits. They are sometimes blessed and imbued with the power of a shaman. Wear a protective charm, pendant, or bracelet on the left hand, the path to your heart, or over your heart. Wear a mirror or any reflective metal surface over your heart center to deflect negative energy or a psychic attack back to the aggressor and to disperse it into the void.

Plants absorb and clear negative energy and produce negative ions for air purification. A very important plant in South America is rue, also called ruta or ruda Ruta graveolens. It has a very distinct repelling smell and beautiful small yellow flowers that need lots of sun.

Plant it in the entrance to your home and place it on your windowsills. It is believed to shield the house from jealousy and envy of neighbors and passersby. Boil a branch and add it to your bath or spray or clean your house with it to get rid of negative energy in your home or self. Spend some time in nature for spiritual protection. It contains and emits negative ions, which counter the positive ions we are surrounded by in our homes and offices in our digital society.

Walk barefoot as much as you can , hug a tree, or sit with your back to a tree trunk; it will absorb your negative energies. Some people find it helpful to be buried in soil or sand for a few hours or overnight; the soil clears your negative energy and grounds you.

Stay by or swim in a lake, river, waterfall, or ocean.

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Encase your body with plants and green leaves, as they repel evil spirits and confer psychic protection. You should also wear green clothes for the same reason.

Do not shake hands with people who you believe are angry and depressed as they are carriers of negative energy. With more than a million nerve endings and receptors in the palm of the hand, shaking hands acts as an energy transmission between two people and could be contaminating. Sticky, sweaty palms can indicate an emotional nervousness, fear, and disturbance. Sulfur—a foul and smelly crystal for psychic and spiritual protection—removes emotional problems, hexes, and attachments and frees one from enemy attachment cords. You can roll sulfur sticks over your body, preferably on your bare skin, from head to toe.

You can also soak sulfur for twenty-four hours in water and add it to your bath. If you do not have sulfur sticks, use sulfur powder encased in a fabric pouch and tap it on your body. Sulfur can also indicate signs of possession. Hold a sulfur stick in both hands. If it breaks, it is a sign of possession. Bring the stick to your ears and if you hear cracking and hissing sounds, it is a sign of emotional disturbance caused by entities. There are many stones and crystals for spiritual and psychic protection that can absorb, repel, or clear negative energies.

Stones and crystals such as black obsidian, black tourmaline, black onyx, and apache tears can transmute good energy. Wear them around your neck, carry them with you, or place them around you in your home or office. Use your intuition to spot danger and bad energy from people around you who are angry, agitated, or depressed and will suck your energy out of you and also from negative places.