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By keeping this stone on you when you are doing your daily journal writing, you may find your creative expression improves dramatically. These blue crystals are known to enable you to do the highest and best at everything you do. This includes expressing yourself in writing, and this is a strong spiritual concept. Shop for pieces of genuine Topaz at Exquisite Crystals, my most reliable crystal seller. These stones will enhance your ability to take in psychic knowledge that is communicated to you from spirit and may aid your spiritual growth.

Their third eye vibration also enhances the development of psychic abilities.

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These strong psychic communication stones aid the expansion of many psychic powers. It is an excellent stone for writers, especially if you have writers block , as it may inspire creativity. The vibration of this blue stone within the throat chakra can be clearly recognized by most people. It is known as a strong stone to help you to improve the way you express yourself.

Blue Topaz Stones also work through the third eye chakra, to aid your mental abilities. They may bestow an elevation in your ability to think and to clearly express yourself when doing mental or brain based activities. This stone will aid you if you are a psychic reader, a tarot reader or work in any type of psychic employment where you need to communicate what comes through to you from spirit. They have a vibration that will unite your mind, body and spirit, and this may help you if you have a fear of public speaking.

These stones are also said to aid you to heal if you have a physical defect that restricts your ability to speak clearly. This stone has a distinct energy for strengthening psychic gifts, and will aid you to amplify gifts you already possess. It is also a strong psychic communication stone, that will aid the expansion of a range of psychic powers. They are both a Virgo and a Sagittarius birthstone.

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These stones make beautiful jewelry, and Blue Topaz gemstones are widely found made into lovely pieces. They have a strong vibration, so as long as they are within your auric field they will work to aid you to retain good health. These stones are on the birthstone list by month , as they are a December birthstone. They are helpful to wear to boost communication and a range of other abilities. Wearing a lovely Blue Topaz pendant at the throat, or a pair of Blue Topaz earrings, will resonate within both the throat and third eye chakras.

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It is known to aid you to speak clearly, and this effects both the physical speech mechanism and the words that you create mentally. They are on the zodiac birthstones list , and this makes them popular stones to use in a range of different ways. Blue Topaz Stones may be used by crystal healers, in body layouts, as it has strong healing attributes. These crystals have excellent healing qualities that aid the restoration of the physical body. These stones will heighten your ability to communicate better.

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This stone may also assist you to think more clearly and to concentrate on the task undertaken, and not be distracted by having to face and address strangers. For alleviating problems within the throat chakra, these blue stones will moderate an over-active throat chakra. They will aid the recovery of sore throats, and help the overall health of the neck and throat area. There are now quite a lot of helpful crystal books for sale and some of the authors have been in the crystal industry for quite some years.

You can now get a lot of excellent books that are good to have on hand for reference purposes, so how do you choose the best one for you? Whether you are new to crystals and just want a basic simple guide or have been using stones for years, its still hard to know what they are like. This challenge is why I wrote about various books, on my crystal book review page. So take a look and you may discover some books you hadn't heard of. And if you are new to using stones , right at the top of the page I have reviewed some of the less in-depth and easy to understand books. These stones work particularly well when used with other blue psychic communication stones , such as Shattuckite, Iolite, Turquoise, Blue Aragonite, Ajoite, Blue Hemimorphite, Aquamarine, Celestite and Sodalite.

Some of the best stones for communication are also blue, and these may be used along with this stone. By combining your Blue Topaz stones with some of the other blue throat chakra stones , you will enhance your communication abilities. You may choose to combine them with Lapis Lazuli, like the pendant seen below, or with Blue Lace Agate or Blue Tourmaline, for excellent outcomes. You may like to use it with some of the third eye chakra stones , and you may also choose to use them with any other color of Topaz, as this is very beneficial.

If you are having problems with writing because you have writers block, you could combine it with Blue Calcite, Rutile, Triplite, Goethite or Agrellite as they are excellent stones that used together can aid you to get writing again.

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Looking for something? Thank You! But like many other accomplished Nisei, she was not able to find a commensurate job until years later. World War II brought dramatic changes for the Uchida family. As a community leader who often hosted Japanese visitors, Takashi was immediately suspect in the eyes of authorities and was arrested on Pearl Harbor day, held first in the Immigration Detention Quarters in San Francisco , then moved to the Missoula , Montana, internment camp.

The rest of the family was forced out by an exclusion order on April 21, The family left some of their possessions with friendly white neighbors and with families tied to the First Congregational Church of Berkeley and in commercial storage. Their beloved dog went to a boy who responded to Yoshiko's ad in the school paper; however the dog died a few weeks later.

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A senior at Berkeley, Yoshiko attended school for as long as she was able. The family was sent initially to the Tanforan Assembly Center , where they lived in a former horse stall. About a week into their stay, they learned that Takashi has been "paroled," and he joined them shortly thereafter. After helping her sister establish a nursery school in camp, she became a second grade teacher. Finding that she enjoyed teaching, she decided to seek a teaching credential, having received her Berkeley diploma through the mail.

She also took first aid and art classes and joined the church choir. After five months, the family moved on to Topaz , where they lived in Block 7, in the northeast corner of the camp. Yoshiko first worked as a secretary to the block manager before getting another teaching job. But she was distressed to find that the school barracks were incomplete and unusable. After a false start, school didn't begin until December of In the meantime, her father became the board chairman of the camp co-op.

As a recent college graduate, she had had an opportunity while at Tanforan to attend Smith College, a women's college in central Massachusetts, but had turned it down hoping to contribute to community life in the camp. When she later tried to reapply while at Topaz, she found that the window had closed.

But finally, in May of , she received word of acceptance at Smith with a full scholarship. At the same time, Keiko received a job offer at nearly Mt. Holyoke College, and the sisters left camp on the same day in June. A few months later, their parents left camp to resettle in Salt Lake City, due in part to threats Takashi had received because his position with the co-op.

Uchida graduated with an M.

Yoshiko Uchida

Finding that the demands of teaching made it difficult to pursue her interest in writing—and having contracted mononucleosis—she moved to New York where Keiko had settled and took a job as a secretary, first for the Institute of Pacific Relations —47 , then for the United Student Christian Council — In her off hours, she wrote short stories, submitting them to publications like the New Yorker and Atlantic Monthly and generating piles of rejection slips. After taking a class on writing for children at Columbia University, her instructor encouraged her to submit to a publisher a manuscript she had written of Japanese folk tales she had learned from her mother adapted for American audiences.

The Dancing Kettle, and Other Japanese Folk Tales was published by Harcourt, Brace in to great acclaim, setting Uchida on the road to a successful career as a writer of children's books. Her second book, New Friends for Susan , illustrated by Issei artist Henry Sugimoto , was her first with Japanese American characters and was set in prewar Berkeley. That same year, Uchida received a two-year Ford Foundation fellowship to study in Japan.

She spent one year in Kyoto and the other in Tokyo, studying folk tales and folk arts. Upon her return, she settled in Oakland where her parents—now in failing health—had moved. She finally quit to focus on writing full time in , after she published ten books. After her father's death in her mother had passed away five years earlier , she moved to a Berkeley apartment where she lived alone for the rest of her life. All of Uchida's books are either set in Japan or feature Japanese American characters. As she told Catherine E. Studier Chang, "I wanted to write stories about human beings, not the stereotypic Asian.

There weren't any books like that in the early '50s when I started writing for children. McElderry Books. Several of books set in contemporary rural Japan feature a young protagonist named Sumi, while others are set in prewar California. She is perhaps best known for her books on the concentration camp experience, the first such books for children written by a Japanese American author.

The changes in American society in the s, along with questions raised by the Sansei about their parents' experiences, led her to write Journey to Topaz: A Story of the Japanese-American Evacuation