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Endoscopic Ophthalmic Surgery of the Anterior Segment - American Academy of Ophthalmology

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Basic Science and Tissue Effects of Cyclophotocoagulation

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  8. Herkowitz, H. Operative Techniques in Orthopaedics. Spine Secrets. In Bone Graft alternatives in spinal Surgery. Gunzburg, R. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. In Rothman and Simeone The Spine 5th edition. Saunders, Philadelphia, Pa. Return to play criteria for the athlete. Current Opinion. Lippincott and Wilkins. R Bone Graft extenders. Fractures of the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine. Imaging in Spinal Trauma. Traumatic Injuries of the Occipto-Cervical Junction.

    Atlantoaxial Rotatory Stability. Cervical Orthoses and Halo-Vest Management. Posterior Cervical Fixation. Posterior Cervical Decompression Techniques. Spinopelvic Fixation Techniques. At one point of our careers, we dared to make a wild turn and move to the edge of the cliff, and jump — or, frankly, we were rather pushed unexpectedly from behind, perhaps while we hesitated, into the deeper end of the pool, where we gasped for air for a while.

    He does it with an intimate satisfaction and a sense of pride, knowing well what it was like years ago to do it for Forbes Magazine and The Miami Herald , the media corporations that employed him when he graduated from the Missouri University School of Journalism along with his charming wife Lisa, also a graduate from that prestigious school in the Midwest. So the question here is,. The answer:. With the spark of the pioneer, sense of purpose of the entrepreneur, and, also, abundant sense of humor to cushion the blows, they are now, as we speak, burning the candle on both ends of their young years, working as hard as we did, throwing their hearts and their souls into it, and becoming in the process the ambidextrous leaders with the exceptional capacity needed to be, all at the same time, artists, engineers and business managers.

    They will be the new Leonardo Da Vincis, self-made exceptional performers who, unafraid, will paint and also dissect with either hand, steadily creating in each stroke the new media that will stand tall, decades from today, to restore hope among the reading public, make the dream of the First Amendment still believable and our Democratic Experiment still possible.

    As far as my friend Matt and I, we are just the older breed of entrepreneurial journalists, acting still as start-up companies, creating and innovating, but with the sobriety and wisdom only decades of business experience under your belt can give you. Matt from Missouri, me from Iowa, we long to go back to the classroom we left decades ago, and teach, coach, inspire.

    Here everybody is challenged to learn by doing , with a keen sense of independence and individual responsibility, perhaps in no different fashion we did it when we decided over 2 decades ago to roll our academic diplomas from Iowa and Missouri, roll our sleeves, and enroll instead — with no regrets so far — in the school of hard knocks, in the early hours of the current news media transformation in America.

    Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Can journalists dare to become media owners? The need for Journalists to command the business side of the news media enterprise keeps growing and more universities in the US are undergoing a radical transformation of their School of Journalism. Or entrepreneurial journalists, or new media innovators, or savvy technology empresarios, to use the lingo now in fashion..