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You might also like More from author Humour. Prev Next. The second half of Book Two is set back in Ireland. The trilogy is designed to show that every country on the face of the Earth exercises discrimination against some of its citizens. The nature of discrimination may subtly change and vary from one country and situation to another in both shape and form, but it will always be present in some degree for those of us who care to look. Particular forms of discrimination looked at in this trilogy include the issues of colour, race, religion, age, culture, sexism, disability, homophobia, gypsies, asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants.

These issues are looked at through the eyes of travelling cats, whose experiences mirror those of human society. The Kilkenny Cat Trilogy is an allegorical story of all manner of discrimination practised throughout the world; particularly in Ireland, Jamaica and England. Told through the eyes and experiences of travelling gypsy cats, it is a must for all cat lovers and students of the discrimination, the 'Northern Riots', Ireland, Jamaica and Northern England and 'Good v Evil.

The Kilkenny Cat - Book Three : 'Freedom'

All text, characters, reproduction, manufacturing, exploitation and artwork copyright reserved by William Forde. Thank you for downloading this ebook.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you are reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to Smashwords. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. All three books seek to show that truth, justice or freedom cannot exist in isolation, and that the only way one can experience any of them is when one is able to experience all three.

Book One is set in the country of Ireland, the land of my birth, Book Two in Jamaica and Ireland, both countries I know well, with Book Three being predominantly set in Northern England, the place where I have lived for most of my life. Mixed partnerships between black and white couples are also looked at in the context of the story. My heartfelt appreciation is given to the artist Joel Stephen Breeze for the cover of all three books. By better understanding how we became who we are, we can more easily understand the nature of the person we have become. The past and present live on in each of us.

No amount of regret can wish it away and it will never be forgotten.

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Both past and present can never be separated. We are who we are. What we are destined to become is shaped and determined by where we came from and how we got here. It remains an inexorable truth that no creature born to this Earth begins its life without a trace of history. She was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland, at the turn of the century. Her birth seemed to herald a new start to the New Millennium. From the moment when she first discovered her history, TKC felt compelled to trace her roots.

But wherever she went, TKC never lost the smell of her birthplace; that very same plot of Irish soil where she had entered life and where her deceased mother and twin brothers now lay buried, alongside the ashes of her daughter Louise. She was a travelling queen of immense beauty; a Jamaican flower called Jasmine. As Garvey the Great and Jasmine were to discover too early on in their union, the dreams of lovers can become shattered in the dawning of a new day. After Garvey the Great had died, his pregnant queen decided to start life anew in Ireland.

One was born dead and the other only survived minutes. TKC was the third of the triplets to be born. Her mother had lived for long enough to provide her kitten with whatever little warmth she had remaining, but by the time that TKC was discovered the following morning, her mother Jasmine had been found dead nearby.

They could recognize her as being different to other ginger travellers. Although female, TKC had been born with the coat and markings of a male. She was distinguished in both look and form by the striped coat of a ginger tom and the unique feature of three-toed paws, instead of the usual feline four. TKC was equally happy in both male and female company, and it often seemed that she refused to conform to the stereotyped roles of either queen or tom. She was a cat who preferred to express both male and female traits of her personality whenever she felt the urge.

Through her long and eventful lives for she lived more than once , the three digits on each of her paws symbolized her never-ending search for the unification of truth, justice and freedom. This was the role, which her Maker had assigned to her. It was the presence of such flawed beauty of character that enabled TKC to effortlessly blend into the background of any company, without ever marking herself out as being either saint or sinner. Chief among her better qualities was a warm heart, a kind disposition and a positive outlook. She also possessed an inquiring mind and the ability to remain positively focused from first thought to final action in all she ever undertook.

From the many mistakes she made during the growing-up phase of her development, TKC displayed the capacity to learn from them. Such learning provided her with the courage to sometimes live with a situation less than perfect. Black, white and ginger were among her favourite reflections.

Cat Laughs 2018

She felt at home in any honest place and was at ease in any cheerful company. As TKC grew older and wiser, she came to see the connection between past and present as the umbilical cord that joined one generation to the next. Throughout her life, her river of respect ran deep. She came to develop a deep respect for different customs and cultures; particularly in her three spheres of influence, Ireland, Jamaica and England, which she came to regard in equal measure.

Although TKC had arrived in the world orphaned, she soon came to view every well-meaning cat as part of her extended family. Throughout her first six years of life, TKC became acquainted with the emotions of happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain. She was also no stranger to the experiences of birth and bereavement. She recognized that the existence of one type of emotion required the very presence of its opposite in order to possess any meaning and purpose. She knew that none of these opposite emotions and experiences could ever exist without the other. Through her natural love for other cats, she came to see the eternal love of her Maker in herself.

She learned that love can endure any earthly trial and tribulation and that its power can conquer any mountain of fear and doubt, even the fear of death itself. These were some of the truths that TKC came to terms with during her first six years of life.

The Kilkenny Cat Book 2: "Justice" by William Forde - Read Online

As TKC travelled around, it pained her immensely to see the level of cruelty and discrimination displayed by one type of cat towards another. Nothing seemed able to prepare her to see black and white cats at the throats of each other. She found it difficult to come to terms with the suspicion of the native towards the asylum seeker or the well-off towards the economic migrant. Very few settled cats seemed tolerant towards the gypsy travellers or tried to be understanding of their ways, and too many cats of heterosexual nature expressed hatred and disgust towards the gay cat.

Very few toms gave their queens the consideration and respect that they deserved and assigned them to subservient roles within the family household. This was the world as it really was and not as TKC would have liked it to be. It was in Ireland, the land of her birth, where TKC had first encountered these widespread prejudices and discriminatory practices. All of this was part of the unpalatable truth she had to stomach through the experience of her travels; and it hurt! During their life together, TKC and her partner Mose became the proud parents of twelve healthy litters.

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Their first eleven litters comprised of an equal mixture of pure gingers and pure blacks. There were also an equal number of male and female kittens born to each litter. It was as though their offspring symbolized the equality of status that existed within their partnership. It was therefore with great surprise that their twelfth litter produced twelve pure blacks; six toms and six queens.

Upon the birth of this litter, both TKC and Mose knew that their Maker had blessed their union with the mark of his African approval. I love the beauty of the black body, he later remarked to TKC. Just look at them, Mama! See how powerful and dominant black is. And just feast yar big Mama eyes on the size of those muscles in the legs of the toms.

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This was one of those customs that TKC never really liked, but one which she learned to live with in quiet resentment for the sake of family peace. I just hope that the Almighty has made them all capable of imagination and dreaming. Dreaming, Mama! Mose mewed back disdainfully, finishing off a piece of chicken as he spoke.