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President Donald Trump has accused China and Europe of manipulating their currencies, raising fears that Washington will carry out repeated threats to impose tariffs on In a tweet Tuesday, the president said he plans on sending the names of Christopher Waller and Judy Shelton to the Senate as Fed governor appointees.

The movie shows how Americans fundamentally misunderstand science—and that’s OK.

Switzerland has been ranked the best place in the world to live and work, stealing the crown from Singapore which was at the top for five consecutive years. The U. Rahul Gandhi, president of the Indian National Congress, formally stepped down just months after a resounding defeat in the parliamentary elections that saw Prime Stocks in Asia Pacific were mixed on Thursday as worse-than-expected U. Federal Reserve could cut interest rates at its upcoming Kudlow later backed away slightly from his timeline, saying that the face-to-face talks would begin "soon" and that an announcement would be forthcoming.

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Chinese authorities have detained a man in connection with an investigation of an incident in which a man poured a bottle of water over Robin Li, chief executive of Chinese After getting stranded on Mars in the new movie "The Martian," Mark Watney—played by Matt Damon—vows to "science the [expletive] out of" his attempt to extricate himself from the barren planet, and the dire conditions in which he finds himself.

That solemn promise, uttered with strange jocularity by Damon's character, becomes the modus operandi for "The Martian," a science fiction vehicle that almost prides itself on technical devotion to science.

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In a twist, the movie actually sheds itself of most of the special effects wizardry and suspension of disbelief that are the mother's milk of most sci-fi movies nowadays. It's just one of several reasons why industry watchers have high hopes for the movie's box office earnings potential, notwithstanding the recent discovery of water on the Red Planet that has some viewing the timing of the movie's release with some suspicion.

At least a third of the film's action takes place at the space agency's headquarters, with NASA bureaucrats playing a prominent role in advancing the narrative. So will audiences go for it, or might they be put off by what one critic called the "spookily appropriate timing" of the movie's release and NASA's big discovery on Mars? Analysts noted that the movie was the top advance ticket seller on movie ticket website Fandango prior to its release—even before NASA dropped its Mars bombshell.

In "The Martian," life on Mars is far from the pleasure planet movie goers once saw in 's "Total Recall.

Ridley Scott’s The Martian film: Science worship and the scientist as hero.

At a question-and-answer session this week at "The Martian's" New York premiere, director Ridley Scott insisted that despite taking place on Mars, the movie had a more universal and optimistic message. Dust devils are essentially low-pressure whirlwinds, so InSight's air pressure sensor can detect when one is near. It's highly sensitive — 10 times more so than equipment on the Viking and Pathfinder landers — enabling the team to study dust devils from hundreds of feet dozens of meters away. Lockheed Martin Space in Denver built the InSight spacecraft, including its cruise stage and lander, and supports spacecraft operations for the mission.

The lander's robotic arm has successfully removed a piece of hardware blocking the view of its digging device in order to help with recovery efforts. There's a new plan to get InSight's "mole" moving again. Common Questions about InSight's 'Mole'.

The spacecraft's robotic arm will lift the heat probe's support structure, providing a better look at the instrument that has been trying to burrow into the Martian surface. Wind can be crucial to clearing dust from spacecraft solar panels on Mars.

With InSight's meteorological sensors, scientists get their first measurements of wind and dust interacting "live" on the Martian surface. While their causes are still unknown, one of three shaking events looks a lot like the quakes detected on the Moon by the Apollo missions.

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After the mission's heat probe began hammering last week, it appears to have hit a rock. In some cases, the dust clouds can reach up to 60 km 40 mi or more in elevation. Planet-wide dust storms are a relatively rare occurrence on Mars, taking place every three to four Martian years the equivalent of approximately 6 to 8 Earth years. Such storms have been viewed many times in the past by missions like Mariner 9 , Viking I and the Mars Global Surveyor In , a similar storm took place that darkened the skies over where Opportunity was stationed — which led to two weeks of minimal operations and no communications.

While smaller and less intense the storm that took place back in , the current storm intensified to the point where it led to a level of atmospheric opacity that is much worse than the storm. This is due to the fact that Opportunity — unlike the Curiosity rover, which runs on nuclear-powered battery — relies on solar panels to keep its batteries charged.

Clues to Martian Life? Organic Material Discovered in a Martian Meteorite

This means that the global weather event has reached its decay phase, where dust-raising events either become confined to smaller areas or stop altogether. The Curiosity rover also noted a decline in dust above its position in the Gale Crater on the other side of the planet.

The movie shows how Americans fundamentally misunderstand science—and that’s OK.

This is certainly good new for the Opportunity rover, though scientists expect that it will still be a few weeks or months before its solar panels can draw power again and communications can be reestablished.