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For practitioners, the book provides detailed advice on getting off to a great start in the first year on the job; mastering critical knowledge, hands-on skills, and success drivers; and leading and managing change. Bonus: The book also include case studies of successful programs; personal perspectives from heads and practitioners; and a wide-ranging list of toolkits, curricular materials, videos, and professional development opportunities.

Read an excerpt. How can it operate most effectively? How can it best serve your school and its constituencies? Board committees can help. By working effectively through committees and task forces and ensuring that they have appropriate relationships with the entire board, your trustees can fulfill their important goals and obligations and do so in the most efficient way possible.

This booklet describes the roles of committees and task forces and suggests ways your board can make best use of them. Sections address the fundamentals of board committees, standing or permanent board committees, task forces and other ad hoc committees, advisory committees, and committees that should be dissolved.

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The booklet is also available as a single copy. Recent brain research is starting to influence schools in myriad ways — especially when it comes to our understanding of how children learn. But is all this brain research really helpful? How can we tell what matters?

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How do we best apply the research in schools for the benefit of all students? From higher education to independent schools, the competitive landscape for education is changing rapidly.

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What are the forces at play? What kind of impact do the changes in higher education have on secondary schools? What does the competitive set for independent schools look like now? What do these new education models offer? Are there meaningful ways to engage with these new competitors? From charter schools to for-profit schools to public-private partnerships, parents have a wider variety of options to choose from. How do parents perceive independent schools in this new landscape? How can independent schools demonstrate their value and best define and tell their stories? We explore the many elements driving competition and how schools can adapt and thrive.

Available now as this downloadable PDF, this workbook helps board members and heads perform at their best. Upon payment, you will receive a PDF of our licensing agreement. After filling out and signing the agreement, please return it by email to nais brightkey. Explanations of fund raising terms, including discussion of annual giving, capital giving, endowment giving, gifts in kind, matching gifts, planned giving, and restricted and unrestricted giving.

You can share Gifts That Give Back electronically by purchasing download licenses, as shown on this page, or as 25, 50, or download licenses. You can also purchase the printed booklet as single copies or in money-saving packs of View a preview PDF of this booklet before ordering.

Upon payment, you will receive a PDF of our licensing agreeement. You can share Gifts That Give Back electronically by purchasing 25 download licenses, as shown on this page, or as 50, , or download licenses. You can share Gifts That Give Back electronically by purchasing 50 download licenses, as shown on this page, or as 25, , or download licenses. Ways to demystify the language of fund raising, including discussion of annual giving, capital giving, endowment giving, gifts in kind, matching gifts, planned giving, and restricted and unrestricted giving.

You can purchase Gifts That Give Back in packets of 25 printed copies, as shown on this page, or as single printed copies. You can also share the booklet electronically by purchasing 25 , 50, , or download licenses. You can purchase Gifts That Give Back as a single copy, as shown on this page, or in money-saving packs of Because schools have been evolving rapidly this century, governance has had to evolve concomitantly. To what degree do schools need to rethink the structure of their boards?

Should day schools draw board members from beyond their local communities? How do boards ensure a continuity of talent and diversity? And how do boards improve that essential relationship with the head of school for the long-term health of the institution? The issue explores new thinking on governance — and looks at the influence of new school models on how we do business today.

Greening America's Schools makes the case for independent schools "going green" and highlights approximately 50 independent and public K U. It describes what it means to be a green school, the benefits and challenges, and includes insights from the higher education experience. Sale price will be applied automatically. When you purchase this title, you will receive an email that will enable you to download a PDF version of Greening America's Schools 2.

Written by school professionals, for school professionals, this handbook offers strategies that will strengthen your entire development staff. Schmidt, J. Glasson, L. Emmelin and H. Helbron [Eds. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. Schmidt, E. Albrecht [Eds. Mentors A. Perdicoulis Sr.

The Trustee Handbook for Health Care Governance, 2nd Edition

Rose, S. Ellis, A. Bendich, W. Halperin, O. Edwards, S.

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Power, M. Pugh-Thomas, R. Therivel, P. Glasson , B.

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Durning , L. Palframan , J. Piper , J. Fernandes, S. Power, P. Pinho, S. Gerasimou, M. Hanusch, H. Kasperidus , L. Ramos, U. Weiland, A. Cerdeira , K. Weiss , J. Jesus , S. Rodrigues, V. Oliveira , T. Fischer, T. Gore, O. Sykes, N. Marot, M. Golobic, B. Waterhout, L. Alves, F. Costa, J. Carvalho, A. Santos, T. Simas, M. Broderick, L. Batista, R. Azevedo Perdicoulis, E. Henriques, F. Novais, N. Cristelo, A. Palframan Teaching Cooperations A. Vilar, H. Botelho, C. Matos, A. Henriques, J. Bulas Cruz, R.

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Amorim, C. He is licensed to practice law in Ohio and Florida. He was appointed to a vacant seat on the New College board for a term beginning June 7, , and ending January 6, Elaine M. Keating is a local philanthropist. She and her late husband, Ed Keating, and The Keating Foundation have supported interests in numerous local arts, social service, and educational initiatives. Keating is former president of E. Mason, Inc. In addition to being a trustee of New College Foundation where she chaired the Student Activities Committee, she has held and continues to hold seats on many other boards.

Keating is a graduate of Carleton College and a resident of Longboat Key. Re-appointed by the Governor; term ends January Her term began on September 4, , and ends on January 1, Lilly currently serves as a trustee for Sarah Lawrence College and is involved in early stage investing across the U. He was appointed by the Board of Governors to a term beginning January 21, and ending January 6, For the past 12 years, George A.

Skestos has lived on Longboat Key, Florida. He served three years in the U. Originally appointed by the Board of Governors to complete the term of the late J. Robert Peterson which ended on January 6, , he was reappointed to a second term which ends on January 6, He previously served on the New College Foundation Board. A serial entrepreneur, he and his wife Susan, also a New College graduate, live in Sarasota. Appointed by Governor Scott, he succeeds Steven Snyder in a term beginning February 8, and ending January 6, Time is set aside at each meeting for members of the public to submit questions, comments, and concerns.

Members of the public are asked to complete a public comment form specifying the matter on which they wish to speak. These forms will be available at the public information table at each full board meeting and must be submitted prior to the start of the meeting. To submit a public comment at Board meetings that are held via teleconference, contact the Office of General Counsel at Comment forms must be returned prior to the date of the teleconference meeting.

A group or faction wishing to address the Board will designate a representative to speak on its behalf. Individuals and representatives of groups will be allotted three minutes; however, this time limit may be modified at the discretion of the chair. To see public notices and agendas of upcoming meetings, click here. Saturday, September 7, at am at Sudakoff Conference Center.