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Rock-leaning, This Way, came next which then transitioned to the Dance-Pop that encompassed Next, Jewel explored country with beautiful lyrics and melody. She debuted 1 in the country charts with her first country effort. Her bold ability to not only span genre and medium, but have success in each of them are made possible by the consistent philosophic and poetic lyrical viewpoint which permeates everything she does. She defines herself as someone whose purpose is to serve as an emotionally honest mirror for society.

Never using art as propaganda to make herself or the world around her seem more or less perfect than it is. Authenticity is the hallmark of each piece of art she puts out.

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She credits this as the source of her longevity. D But we call religion our friend.

Who Will Save Your Soul

Am C G We're so worried about a-saving our souls, afraid that God will take his D toll, that we forget to begin. Am C G D But who will save your soul when it comes to the vet'rans, now? Solo q naum consegui tirar Am C Some are walking, some are talking, some are stalking their kill.

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G D Got social security, but it doesn't pay your bills. Am C There are addictions to feed, and there are mouths to pay. G D So you bargain with the devil, but you're O. Am C Say that you love me; take their money and run.

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G D Am Say, it's been swell, sweet-heart, but it was just one of those things. C Those flings, those strings you got to cut. G D Am So get out on the streets, girls, and bast your butts.

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Am C G D Who will save your souls, those lies that you told, boy? Am C G D And who will save, save your soul when you won't save your own? I would honestly go in there just for breaks.

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And I always loved the people watching. All different economic groups have to use the restroom: Poor people, rich people…. I remember in New York City seeing a woman shooting up in the bathroom. Transvestites would come in. It was fascinating. So I would go into my little stall and be overwhelmed, and I had dirt from Alaska that I carried in a little Tupperware container and I would smell it.