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Comments: Unbelievable! Wilson has just released the Clash racquet is more revolutionary than the T in the early s. This is totally different than any of the racquets out there, and I have tried them all. The Clash gives me so much more confidence than I have ever had, probably jumping my level up by half a level in two days of playing with it.

All of the racquets nowadays either offer you good control with a little power or a lot of power with a little control, the Clash offers both power and control at the highest levels. I feel that it holds the ball on the strings so long that I can swing as hard as I want and still keep the ball in play with good power.

All I can say is the Clash will make you a better player as soon as you swing it. Comments: Bought the Clash after enjoying it during a demo. Now finding it lives up to the hype: easy power while retaining control. With my old racquet which is still great , the Wilson Blade , when I received heavy balls from power players, I had to be properly balanced and winded up to be able to return properly. With the Clash, it somehow absorbs the heavy balls and lets me return it back with adequate power, even without much preparation.

It's great with the serve, super easy to use with volleys, again great at absorbing power. Using it with Tecnifibre Multifeel 17 with 51 lbs tension. Comments: I understand that racquet choices are very personal and what works for you does not mean that it works for someone else. And also I think it can depend on what racquet you were using before having a hit with this. I remembered that time when Babolat came out with their white knight, the Pure Strike Project One 7 , I was really excited but only to be disappointed by it in the end. Passed it on to someone else after several hits with it.

Here came another hyped up racquet and I thought "why not". The rep told me that due to the flex, he recommended that the racquet to be strung up no more than 45 lbs. Only needed first 30 minutes with it, I'm sold, it's a keeper. My previous racquet was the Wilson Ultra Tour. On my 3rd hit with the racquet, whoa, I couldn't believe the level of play this stick has elevated me, I never thought I'd be able to hit like that in my 30 years of playing. My favorite stroke with this racquet is the one handed backhand.

The plush feel on contact is so so good. Another plus is the stability vs weight, surprisingly stable for its weight class, in fact I had no stability issues at all, way better than my Ultra Tour and my Ultra Tour is 0. Lighter stick means so much more maneuverable that allowed me to generate more head speed, slightly larger head, and sweetspot was quite generous.

Lastly, so much more controllable power than my Ultra Tour. This racquet is a game changer, at least to my game.

Comments: 4. I agree with all the reviews. This racquet played really light for me.

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Felt great on the forehand side, but it lacks plow through, especially on the backhand. I did not volley with it however. My current stick is last years Wilson Ultra Countervail. When I switched back, it instantly felt more stable. Comments: I have now had three 2 hour sessions playing with this new racquet. I strung my Clash with Dunlop Black Widow at 42 lbs. At the moment I cannot say that I love this racquet, I like it, but it's too early to say if I will use it as my racquet of choice for competition.

As I have only had 3 sessions with it, my shots are a bit more erratic than using my Prince. I did notice that I do have to swing a bit more than my Prince to get the best out of the Clash. My analysis: Serves: Good to very good. Forehand: Very good and found more angles with my shots. Backhand two handed : Need to swing more, but good. Slice: Very very good bite on the ball.

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Overheads: Very good. Volleys: Average - probably just me, but I felt better using the Prince, which had more feel. Comments: Fantastic, it's the Beatles and Game of Thrones of tennis racquets. The soft feel is reminiscent of older wood and metal racquets, which many of us grew up with. You can do a poly hybrid and still have great feel and touch. Easy on the arm and wrist, plenty of controlled power. Looking forward to how far this stick will take me, congrats Wilson, you changed the game! Comments: I demoed this racquet for an hour.

It felt much lighter than my Pure Strike 16x19, yet the strung weights are very close. I could feel the extra flex and it made an unusual sound when hitting the ball. Feels solid and control oriented, I could swing away and the ball stayed in. My partner tried it and could not get any depth at all. Comments: Played with this several times over the last 10 days. I have enjoyed almost every aspect of the racquet.

If I get too excited, and try to overpower shots, I do lose some control. Love to use my one handed backhand too. It felt way too light with no sense of plow through. It felt like a crisp, modern, tweener racquet. Didn't feel the supposed added flex. This racquet is not for me. Comments: I received my Clash racquet today and played three sets with it. You know the feeling you get when you play with a brand new racquet- everything seems sharper and you feel more confident in your shots? I did not feel much with the Clash. I strung the Clash with VS gut in the mains and crosses at 53 pounds of tension.

There was noticeably less spin and while there was decent pop, the string bed felt dead I do not even use a vibration dampener. It might be the cold conditions here in Northern California, so I will give it some more time. Comments: The flex is great. I have been searching for a replacement racquet for years. I have finally found it in the Wilson Clash I have played 11 sets over that last 3 days and I have no elbow issues.

I do have to make some small adjustments because I have a lot more power with this racquet without losing control.

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If I swing nice and easy the racquet performs great! If I try to muscle up like I had to with my Head Radical, the ball flies long and I do not have the control that I need. Overall a great racquet and my stick for the up coming USTA season. I'm a 4. If you are looking for a new racquet, you must demo the Wilson Clash. Comments: Impressed with this racquet. It does have a unique feel to it. Feels very solid. Strung with Head IntelliTour 17g at 48 lbs.

Comments: Just received and hit with this frame for the 1st time, I have been using the Blade The feel and comfort is perfect. Powerful, but not over powered.

– Parafia Kołaczkowo

A very good frame. It gets very erratic and hard to produce spin. It's very whippy and offers control, but it's unpredictable when you swing faster. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview These group of drills will teach you how to hit with more spin, control, depth, precision than ever before. How can I improve my deep topspin shots cross court? Is there a way for me improve my slice down the down? How can I be more offensive in my doubles matches? These are all answered in this book with pictures and detailed explanations on how to do things 10 times better than you are doing them now!

Written by a professional tennis player and coach to help you reach your tennis potential no matter what your level of play. Learn basic and advanced patterns with this new training method that will get you hitting better in very little time. Learn to control the balls height, spin, speed, and direction with these drills. Product Details About the Author. About the Author As a professional tennis player and coach, I traveled around the world and competed against some of the best tennis players in the world.

Being to share what I believe is most valuable with my students throughout the years, has helped them improve their games and overall perspective about the game. My books and videos train and teach you about some of the most important topics in today's game. The more you know about the game, the better you will do in your matches.

Over the years, tennis has changed a lot and that is why I have compiled some of the key topics, and put them on video or in my books, that will improve most tennis players games for good. Short sessions of training with common gym equipment can target specific tennis shots for improvement. Strength training for the upper back can help you in developing dependable top-spin groundstrokes on both sides, forehand and backhand. Rather than being pushed around the court, developing balance in the upper body is essential for staying steady when power is headed your way.

Abdominal workouts should be part of your regular routine first and foremost. Exercises like the Lat Pull-Down and similar techniques can help you withstand and create power. The Seated Row , another great training exercise for tennis strength, also works out the legs and core. Both of these workouts help your groundstrokes stay balanced and consistent, even on your non-dominant side. Other upper-body training should also target the biceps, specifically with Dumbbell Reps and Bicep Curls. These activities are perfect for building up muscle that tennis players use frequently.

Although your legs generate a tremendous amount of your power, arm workouts like these are also needed to effectively transfer power to your racquet. They also produce results that can be seen in a relatively short amount of time, as compared with endurance training. To create this consistency, the Single-Arm Dumbbell Row is another dynamic workout you can use. For this one, you are crouching over a press bench with one foot on the floor and one knee on the bench, targeting your trapezoid, deltoid and forearm. Although this is a more advanced exercise, it successfully targets muscle groups that tennis players tend to put stress on.

The same balance and power that strengthens your ground-shots can also benefit your volleys. The power of your opponent needs to be absorbed without sacrificing the precision of your return shot at the net. The ability to dictate at the net continues to be extremely relevant in both competitive and recreational settings. For players like John Isner of the US, the combination of serving and volleying is still as relevant as ever. Isner, who recently made a deep run in the US Tennis Open, exemplifies how physical strength can lead to shorter points and match wins.

Women players Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens similarly combine various shots in a given point, while infusing power into most of their tactics. In volleying overheads the interior of the shoulder needs to be strong in order to support the intense motion.

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It specifically places stress on the interior rotator cuff. As always, be sure to slow down your motion and focus on balance and hand-eye coordination.