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Not only is she completely fine with having another human being murdered, she is also starting to get agitated at the fact that Macbeth seems to be getting cold feet about the plan. This quote also shows how Lady Macbeth also breaks the mold of the stereotypical loving and dainty wife. Shakespeare aims to present Lady Macbeth as someone who oversteps her boundaries, and tries to change situations out of her control.

Shakespeare takes Lady Macbeth much farther than her character traits, and also has her represent the theme of disruption of nature.

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While Lady Macbeth has many more than three character traits, Shakespeare puts a special emphasis on three special traits…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. I thought of the power I would get once Duncan was out of the way. I barely realized what I was doing at some points. Then at others, I was consumed with the smell of blood and my sight was overwhelmed with red. I pushed this away while retching and finally, the deed was over and I rushed away.

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Do you believe that moral responsibility and legal responsibility are one in the same or different? Oh, that is a very difficult question. Did you feel you were in control of your actions or did you feel that you were led by other forces? If so, what were those forces? Hmm, I believe that I was in control of my actions.

I knew what I was doing. I think that I would have been able to stop if I wanted. But there was something else there, driving me. Something like the magic of the witches, or the belief of the magic of the witches.

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If applicable, do you feel you were morally responsible for your actions? Do you accept responsibility? Oh, yes. I am responsible for the death of my best friend, Banquo and my cousin, the king, Duncan. I know that this is my entire fault and my hungry quest for power. Do you.

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A Comparison of Characters in Macbeth and The Tempest Essay The main characters in a story all have very similar characteristics as the main characters in other stories. Read More. Words: - Pages: 3. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 8.

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Androgyny in the Characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay Androgyny in the Characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth In her book, Woman and Gender in Renaissance Tragedy, Dympna Callaghan addresses the presentation of women in Elizabethan England, stating that "women were clearly socially subordinate, and the preponderance of discourse on the gender hierarchy was misogynistic" Callaghan Words: - Pages: Debate is always good. There are many reasons why that may have happened and the tour gives us an opportunity to address some of them. I never like it when people hate the work.

You want to engage them, but debate is great.

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The whole point of telling stories is to get people communicating with each other. It all enhances their understanding of what a great piece of work Macbeth is. A lot of young people already saw it at the National Theatre.

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What were you most pleased or impressed by about their reaction to it? They were engaged and felt like it spoke to them. They were deeply engaged with it as we found from the feedback we received.

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They were fully engaged with what they were seeing; they were getting it, they were receiving it.