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Adrian spotted the barrel of a gun moments before a volley of bullets started to pepper the building behind him. He yelped and dived behind a bus stop, throwing his arms over his head. Glass shattered and bullets pinged against stone. The rest of the van doors were flung open in unison — driver, passenger, and the two at the back. The driver bolted for a side street, but Danna was on him instantly: a cyclone of golden wings one minute, and the next, a zealous superhero, clamping one arm around the man's throat and throwing him to the ground.

A woman from the passenger seat sprinted south on Bridgewater and vaulted over the strip of nails, but she hadn't gone half a block before she was struck in the face by an arrow of black smoke.

What happened in Archenemies (Renegades #2)

She dropped to her knees, choking. Still struggling to breathe, she offered little resistance as Oscar emerged from behind a parked car and clamped cuffs around her wrists. Three more thieves rushed through the van's back doors, each weighed down with their bulging plastic bags. None of them saw the thin wire strung across the length of the road. Their ankles caught, one after the other, sending them crashing into a heap on the asphalt.

One bag flopped open, spilling dozens of small white pill bottles into the gutter. Skipping out from behind a mailbox, Ruby made quick work of binding the three, then went to retrieve the red hook at the end of her wire. The last two criminals emerged from the side door. The woman with the nose ring — Hawthorn, according to Nova's binoculars — was gripping the automatic rifle in one hand and a black garbage bag in the other. She was followed by a man with two more bags flung over his shoulder. Adrian was still crouched behind the bus stop when the two shot past him into a narrow alley.

He sprang to his feet but hadn't gone two steps before something whistled past him and he saw a glint of red from the corner of his eye. Ruby's spiked bloodstone sliced through the bag over the woman's shoulder, cutting a narrow slit into its side. But her wire was too short. The woman was just out of reach. The gem rebounded, clattering to the concrete. A single plastic bottle tumbled from the tear in the bag. Growling, Ruby reeled the wire back in and began to swing it overhead like a lasso as she charged forward, preparing for another throw. The woman stopped suddenly and turned to face them, aiming the gun.

She released another round of bullets. Adrian threw himself at Ruby. She cried out in pain as they both tumbled behind a dumpster. The gunfire stopped as soon as they were under cover. The criminals' footsteps clomped away from them. Ruby's face was contorted, both hands gripping her thigh. Something crashed down the alley — the ear-splitting noise of breaking glass and crunching metal.

Adrian poked his head around the dumpster to see a destroyed air-conditioning unit on the pavement. He scanned the roof of the surrounding apartments just as a second unit was hurled down at the thieves. It smashed onto the ground steps in front of the woman, who let out a strangled cry and opened fire again. Nova ducked back. The bullets burst across the top of the building, marring it with a series of tiny craters.

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Adrian didn't stop to think as he stepped out from behind the dumpster, out from Ruby's view, and raised his arm. Even beneath the dark gray sleeve of his uniform, he could see his skin start to glow as the narrow cylinder he'd once tattooed onto his flesh sprouted along the length of his forearm. The concussion beam struck Hawthorn between her shoulder blades, launching her over one of the smashed air-conditioning units.

The rifle clattered against the nearest wall. Adrian studied the roof line, heart pounding. Hawthorn let out a guttural scream and pushed herself up onto all fours. Her accomplice stumbled a few steps away, still gripping his two bags of stolen hospital drugs. He shook his head. As he watched, a series of limbs sprouted upward from her back, not far from where his beam had struck her. Six appendages, each one a dozen feet long and scattered with sharp barbs. They reminded Adrian of octopus legs, if octopus legs had been covered in vicious-looking thorns. Adrian took a step back.

When Nova had mentioned thorn-covered extremities, he'd pictured unusually sharp fingernails.

Book 2: Archenemies

Whoever put the database together really needed to work on being more specific. Ignoring him, Hawthorn reached her tentacles toward the nearest fire escape and hauled her body upward, as quick and graceful as a spider. When she was still a platform down from the top, she reached one tentacle up and over the side. Nova cried out. Adrian's lungs expelled a horrified breath as he watched the woman haul Nova off the roof.

She held her aloft for a second, then threw Nova down. On instinct, Adrian launched himself upward. He didn't think about using the springs on his feet — the others weren't supposed to know about his tattoos — but there was no time to question it. He intercepted Nova's body before she struck the building on the other side of the alley, and they both crashed down on top of the dumpster. Panting, Adrian pulled back to inspect Nova, still in his arms. There was something warm and sticky on her back, and his hand was red when he pulled it away. I hope they aren't poisonous.

Adrian scanned the building, afraid that another attack was imminent, but Hawthorn wasn't coming after them. As he stared, she used her tentacles to swing from the fire escape to a drain pipe, then slid back down to the alley. Two of her tentacles stretched out, snatching up the dropped bag and the single pill bottle that had fallen from it, before chasing after her accomplice.

She slipped over the side of the dumpster, her boots thudding on the ground.


Ruby stumbled out from the shadows. She was limping, but where there had been blood before, now a series of jagged red crystals had burst like stalagmites across her open wound. He used it to draw a quick cut into the blood-soaked fabric of her uniform, revealing the wound on her lower back, not far from her spine. More a puncture than a scratch. Ignoring her, he drew a series of crisscrossing bandages over the wound. They took off running together, though it soon became clear that Ruby wasn't going to be able to keep up.

While Nova sprinted forward, Adrian grabbed Ruby's shoulder, stopping her. You head back, make sure the others are secured. Ruby was about to argue when Danna's voice crackled over their communicator bands. They're doubling back toward the hospital, heading east on Eighty-Second. Probably going for the river. He didn't bother to respond. Turning, he sprinted down a narrow side street. Maybe he could cut them off. Together, they can save the world. As Nightmare, she is an Anarchist - a group of of villains who are determined to destroy the Renegades. Nova wants vengeance against the so-called heroes who once failed her when she needed them most.

But as Nova, her feelings for Adrian are deepening, despite the fact that he is the son of her sworn enemies and, unbeknownst to Nova, he has some dangerous secrets of his own. In this second installment of the Renegades trilogy, Nova, Adrian, and the rest of their crew — Ruby, Oscar, and Danna -- are faced with escalating crime in Gatlon City, while covert weapons and conflicting missions have Nova and Adrian questioning not only their beliefs about justice, but also the feelings they have for each other.

Ratings 4. Renegades Series 1 Renegades 2 Archenemies 3 Supernova.

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  • The book opens with Nova, Adrian, and their Renegades team in hot pursuit of some rogue prodigies, quickly reintroducing readers to many of the superheroes and their abilities. The rogues take a civilian hostage. While the Renegades are debating whether to forsake their rules to fire on the guy holding the innocent girl hostage, the rogues get away.

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    So Nova chases after them. Adrian takes off in another direction to secretly change into his Sentinel suit. But Adrian as the Sentinel manages to get aboard the ship further down the river. When she gets a good view again, it looks like the Sentinel has lost the battle. Hawthorn tosses him overboard.

    Meanwhile, Adrian washes up nearby on shore. She gets to work at the artifact warehouse with Snapshot who can look at any artifact and discern its usefulness. Lets be friends on Goodreads:. The Council gathers all Renegades together in a big conference to show them a top secret project. They have been testing it on imprisoned prodigies and now have it perfected. This makes both Adrian and Nova uncomfortable. The Council then brings the Puppeteer aka Winston Pratt on stage to do a live demonstration. This really bothers Adrian and Nova. But sure enough, the serum works. They see his puppet-like features change before their eyes.

    When Nova asks whether the effects are reversible, she learns they are not. Adrian and Nova feel like this is a big violation of human rights. Nova goes to visit Ace Anarchy. She tells him about Agent N and the demonstration the Renegades did on the Puppeteer. He tells her to exploit her friendship with Adrian because his family is a powerful one. Nova works her first night in the artifact warehouse. Nova keeps it without logging it. Adrian goes to the subway tunnel to try to find the puppet Winston has requested. He thinks maybe the Renegades have missed it in their search.

    The Arch-Enemy is more prone to certain tropes than the common villain:

    Nova is there, too, and discusses the helmet with him. Adrian and Nova let Oscar and Ruby go off on their own. They end up talking about dreams and nightmares they had as children. Nova spots a couple of her things and pockets them. Adrian wants to talk about that day at the park. Nova thinks he wants to ask why she dodged his kiss and ran off. He actually wants to talk about the guts it took for her to kill the Detonator.

    So what happened in book one?

    But then, out of the blue, he finally spots Heady the puppet. When Adrian takes Heady to Winston, he tells the doll it did this to him. Adrian reminds Winston he owes him information about his mother in exchange for the doll. Winston says that instead, he has other information Adrian will want. He says that Nightmare is still alive. Adrian rushes to his dads with this news, but they brush it off. They think he believes it because he wants it to be true so badly. Adrian knows this is the logical explanation, but he still wonders.