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The ceremony doesn't usually take place on a Sunday except during Easter Court when The Queen is in residence. The schedule is set by the British Army and is subject to change. The sentries are changed throughout the day. Please note that traffic is stopped when the guards make their way between the barracks on Sheet Street, along the High Street and into the Castle.

Traffic is usually stopped between am and am as the guards march to the Castle and between am and am as they return to the Barracks. View Map. The Guard March is also weather dependant.


Please check the schedule in the 'About' section of this web page as Guard March days vary from month to month. Skip To Main Content. Follow Us Facebook Instagram Twitter. Visit Conference. My Planner To build your own Itinerary, click to add an item to your Itinerary basket. Already saved an Itinerary? Site Search. Changing the Guard. Call direct on: Tel Book Tickets Online. A band usually accompanies the guards, although this is subject to weather conditions.

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When to watch the guards marching in Windsor The Guard March takes place all year round, dependant on the weather. The old guards then march back to the barracks at about am. The guard march and Windsor traffic Please note that traffic is stopped when the guards make their way between the barracks on Sheet Street, along the High Street and into the Castle.

What's Nearby. You can follow the procession down the Mall our next option all the way to Buckingham Palace. Above is a video of what you may see assuming the band is present. This tends to be where tour guides take their groups to see the ceremony as The Mall gives guests a close-up view of the parade.

This location also gives guests the option to leave once the parade has finished, as you will not be trapped at the gates outside the Palace. The only downside here is that, occasionally, there is no marching band present during the parade. Below is a Google from the Victoria Memorial. However, if crowds are big outside the Palace then the view into the courtyard is restricted.

Also, it gets quite busy here as well, so coming early is a must, and many times once the ceremony begins, you will not be able to leave, regardless of whether you can see anything or not. NOTE: You will want to stand on the side of the Memorial facing Buckingham Palace, though anywhere on the memorial will afford you nice views. NOTE: This area is the most crowded! This is as close as you can get to Buckingham Palace which means this is where the majority of people come. Providing you get here early enough, you will have a great view of the part of the Changing Ceremony that takes place in the courtyard.

The Google view below is just one of the views from the palace gates. However, there are drawbacks here as crowds are huge, which means coming early is essential, and there is no leaving once the ceremony has begun. Also, here you will only be able to see a snippet of the parade, but all of the ceremony in the middle. Many visitors are surprised to find that once the Guards are behind the gates to Buckingham Palace, there is a lot of marching and counting but very little fanfare or performance.

So for this reason, some people not all!

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

This is a great place to be if you just want a taste of the Ceremony. Once the Guards march you are then free to leave and go elsewhere. Watch the band lead the new guard out of Wellington Barracks. Crowds here are usually smaller but if you want to see as much of the total ceremony as possible, then this is not the place to do it.

However, this is a really great spot for those who want to get a taste of the guards and the marching band, do not like large crowds, as well as a great spot for families with younger children. Whenever the Changing of the Guard is taking place, our tour groups will get the up close and personal experience of standing on the Mall as the Guards walk past. We also avoid all the crowds and any obstructions that could get in the way of our photos!

Royal Residences: Buckingham Palace

The Changing of the Guard schedule is dependent on season and weather. Any day that the ceremony takes place, the public is welcome to watch! Here are helpful hints on planning your visit to witness the Changing. Surprisingly, the Buckingham Palace website is not the most reliable place to check out the schedule. There are a number of reasons why the Changing of the Guard may not take place, but the most common reason is b ad weather.

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You can ask police officers in the area if they have heard from the soldiers and they can likely give you an update. If they are standing outside the guard boxes blue-grey boxes positioned outside the Palace then the Ceremony should be happening. Occasionally, in reverence and remembrance, the Ceremony will not take place after tragic events such as terrorist attacks, the death of members of the royal family or other heads of state.

Security — We have found that recent terror activities in Europe have meant that the schedule of the Changing of the Guard has changed because of security concerns. This greatly depends on the time of year you visit and where it is you intend to stand. In the summer season, some visitors will arrive at the gates to Buckingham Palace or to the Victoria Memorial as early as ! Earlier is better during this time of year.

Guests, who are here in the winter months and wish to stand at the Palace gates or on the Memorial will find you can arrive minutes before and still obtain for yourself a reasonable viewing spot. If you wish to view the Guards marching from the Mall or Spur Road, you will find it much easier to secure a good location here. In the winter months, simply give yourself a few minutes to get into place.

During summer, arrive earlier but minutes should be sufficient. In Summer May until August :.

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The Mall. The Victoria Memorial. This starts to get busy fast. Buckingham Palace.