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Professional Development. Meet Our Team. Take A Class. Customize Your PD. Get Helpful Resources. Contact PD. Common Core. Foundational Skills Many of the new ELA standards identify a set of skills students must master before they can become fluent readers.

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Raz-Kids Raz-Kids offers students digitally delivered books and comprehension quizzes that allow them to practice and improve their fluency and comprehension anytime, anywhere. Headsprout Headsprout's early reading sequence begins as early as a nonreader level and gets students reading up to a mid-second-grade reading level through 80 online episodes. More About Foundational Skills Alphabet Students need to know that the English language is based on 26 letters, each associated with one or more sounds.

Boosting Reading Skills: Will 'Common Core' Pay Off?

Print Concepts When teachers introduce students to written language, students must understand the basic organization and concepts of print: Words have meaning, left-to-right and top-to-bottom hierarchy; letters create words and words create sentences; words are separated by spaces, and punctuation controls the pace and expression of print.

Phonological Awareness This foundational skill is about recognizing the sounds of language.

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Phonics Students must match a unit of sound a phoneme to the letter or letters that make the sound. High-Frequency Word Recognition Students must be able to recognize and read a collection of high-frequency words — many of which cannot be decoded by sight — and be able to do so with increasing automaticity. Fluency Students must be able to read and comprehend text on-level accurately, at the appropriate rate, and with the correct expression. For example: verbalize a confusing point or show how you use a strategy to comprehend something.

I better read this sentence again. For example: I need to think about this. Let me rethink what was happening. Maybe I'll reread this. I'll read ahead for a moment.

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Partner ELLs with more dominant English speakers and ask each student to take a turn reading and thinking aloud with short passages. After working with partners successfully, ask ELLs to practice independently by using a checklist such as the following. Be sure to explain all the terms and model each. While I was reading, how did I do? For advanced ELLs When students' English proficiency and basic reading skills have increased, you can teach the following steps not just to ELLs, but to all students — because everyone will benefit.

In pairs, have students survey the text and use an idea map to record the main idea and details. Ask partners to read the text. Have partners restate the main idea and supporting details. At this point, they can add to their idea map or make necessary corrections. Then ask students to reread the text and either develop their own questions pretending to prepare a test for their partner or write a short summary of what they just read. After that, have partners check each other's work. Finally, partners can share their questions or summaries with other teams.

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Other ideas For building ELL comprehension Teach students how to use these tools for informational or expository reading: Titles Headings Bold print Captions Side bars Maps Graphs Pictures Bullets Ask students to use the following strategies to summarize orally or in writing : Retell what you read, but keep it short. Include only important information. Leave out less important details. Use key words from the text. These questions can be at the: Literal level Why do the leaves turn red and yellow in the fall?

Interpretive level Why do you think it needs water? Applied level How much water are you going to give it? For commercial use, please contact info colorincolorado. Most Popular. Using Cognates to Develop Comprehension in English.

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Tweets by ColorinColorado. Great skills and strategies to use with ELL students. Why is reading comprehension is important to English learning? Reading is not that hard but it is hard for me.


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