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Rather than sit in a night-club involved in inane conversations I would rather see hummingbirds performing aerobatics, canoe a rogue river, watch a moose cavorting with her calf in a turbulent stream, see the Aurora Borealis fire streamers of color across a darkening sky, study undulating lines of snow geese, buffeted by lofty winds, honking their way to their mysterious destinations. There are yet unseen wonders in nature.

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My adventurous nature was established when I lived for a month on a Chipewyan reservation in Manitoba hunting seal and bear from a dog sled, using harpoons and bow and arrows, living the way of their ancestors. Frogs in a well have a limited view of the limitless sky.

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Beyond every horizon there is a horizon. I lust to explore each wilderness on earth where overpopulation has not contaminated the environment. Bookstore iUniverse site. Login Free Publishing Guide.

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Also available as: E-Book. Time to move on to Romans 8….

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BTW, Your blogging is very therapeutic for many of us. I am in awe.

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  4. For years I thought I was the king of procrastinators, saving my life only by working with incredible speed a microsecond after the last moment. Rationalization was my game, but one of my sons has left me in the shade.

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    But you — you have done the unimaginable, breaking your procrastination by writing about procrastination. Let me guess. Even then you wrote the piece not in one fell swoop, but procrastinated here and there to look up how a word is spelled, and another caught your eye, so you looked it up in an encyclopedia or three and made noted about another blog post. And perusing cat memes. Thanks, Melissa. You saved me from ironing because it would be rude not to respond to your comment in a timely manner This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    Learn how your comment data is processed. The Woods Words help and hope for strugglers and stragglers. I am mostly a practitioner of the latter form of putoffedness.

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    And I am good. After all, tomorrow is another day. The end result was fantastic! Not so much. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts. Commas and question marks of faith April 20, The Len Woods Effect December 30, The fools who dream May 2, About Cindi Woods. Thanks, Dean.