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Haha, thanks Alex for sharing those other examples. Curribarcelo: Then how can you explain the language mess within the actual movie. I really hate Mexican translated movies. Thanks Nicolas, I had no idea it happened with books also!

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Yup, all these translations were aimed at Latinamerican countries. As a translator and subtitler, I must say that the translators are never or practically never in charge of the title of the movie. This task is usually done by the Marketing or Sales department, or any other person in the publisher or distributor, who thinks they know so much English, they understand what everything is about.

Unfortunately, it is always easier to blame the translator. On the other hand, Dicker, I would like to know where did you take these titles. Maybe your examples were for Latin America. So, well, that is the only thing I wanted to say. Have into account that translating a piece of text is not easy. If translating a document is difficult, imagine translating a movie, where the original is English, a language with many words that are monosyllabic i. Now you tell me how am I going to fit a three-syllabe Spanish word into the split-second-pronounciation of an English word.

So, as you may think, pretty difficult to try to find the shortest words and sentences, so that the translation fits in the same time-lapse than the original English. To make it even more exciting, most of the companies deliver their movies to be translated with all the screen in black, and only the mouth of the actor is visible.

This is for copyright reasons. Thanks for the post and the list. There are plenty more. Home Alone is definitively Mi pobre angelito here in Argentina. This particular list is from Mexico, although it sounds as though these titles are also used throughout much of Latin America thanks Vanesa. Poor Bruce Willis. First his ex-wife hooks up with Ashton Kutcher, then he gets stuck in a Glass Jungle. Be my guest, Dicker.

Ah, and you can call me Curri. As movie translator too, I share your anoyance jajaja about the title. Duro de Matar!

Love it. That could apply to just about any Bruce Willis movie, including his latest Looper. Film distributors are to blame! But what is done here in this article is a word for word translation from the Spanish translated title… In addition, when someone has to translate titles he has to take into account that it must be an attractive title… it s not all about literally translation friends….

Producers decide titles, not translators. And translations must be adapted to lips movement and customary rethorics. Thanks Rafael, I totally agree. Translating movies sounds like a tough gig! Usually the distributor in each country is in charge of marketing and decides the title according to their own criteria, that is why we end up with some ridiculous titles.

The thing is titles should not be translated, but localised. Sin embargo, es verdad que otros son un tanto descabellados. Where were these Spanish titles used? For sure not in Spain, where many of these movies titles were simply left in English…. That said, there were some horrible translations there, especially the Ferris Beuller one, lol.

Not only the titles but the translations in the movies themselves are bad really good example watch Barbershop in Spanish it also sounds like the same people translating in every movie. Thanks for bringing this to light. Hey Dicker: Thanks for the post! I have been reading it in the distance, as I am Spanish and in Spain titles are almost always different from LatAm. That would make no sense at all in Spanish. Title translation is usually a decision of the distributor of the movie in the target market, much to the dismay of the translators. Thanks Jaime for your comments, and certainly not implying that any mierda should golpear with any ventilador!

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I assume these are the Latin American titles for these films though right? Yep these ones are mostly the Latin American titles. Obviously they use tricky names to justify their jobs, so non native Spanish speaker can take them over! In reality, the google translator can do a better job most of the times. Seriously… sometimes there is an easy way to have the same English title in Spanish. On The Couch. Skip to content. A little forward. Maybe we could start with a drink? I HAVE to see this movie. It takes us right to the edge.

Of the lie. Wait, what? About Dicker Dicker enjoys watching movies and eating duck. This entry was posted in Best and Worst. Bookmark the permalink. December 22, at am. Anonymous says:. September 3, at am. July 14, at am. June 5, at am. Joan says:. June 28, at am. Fechy says:. April 11, at am. Dicker says:. April 11, at pm. April 9, at am. Jay Vissers says:. March 18, at am. March 19, at am. Felipe says:. February 12, at pm. January 15, at am.

October 3, at pm. I definitely make tons of mistakes I have a keyboard problem,. I meant made and did work. October 3, at am. Which in that case although it shows titles vary from country to country and from language to language, the German title perfectly suits and makes sense even literally translated into Spanish, French or English For Point Break, I understand the title but I did not see the movie and to translate something properly, we need to know what the movie is all about.

May 2, at am. October 2, at pm. And I will stop here because it would be just endless going with everything you mentioned. Alex Freakspaulding says:. August 30, at am. September 1, at pm. August 29, at pm. Lina says:. Ana says:. August 28, at am. Leo says:. August 26, at am.

August 26, at pm. Leonardo Vigueras says:. March 27, at pm. April 2, at pm. March 22, at pm. April 13, at pm. February 13, at am. Gustavo A. This book begins with a heartwarming scene between a human parent and child, but moves on to loving care in many animal families. Children will love reading about how baby animals spend time with their moms, celebrating Mother's Day—or any occasion!

Griego bilingual. Young children will treasure this collection of Latin American nursery rhymes. Preserved through oral tradition, these rhymes have been passed on from generation to generation.

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They have been lovingly gathered and translated for this book and many are accompanied by instructions for finger play. Illuminated by the beautiful paintings of Barbara Cooney, they are now available for a whole new audience to enjoy. This books celebrates the love between daughter and mother. Each of mom's dresses is unique and each is a mirror of her feelings. Here is a video preview:. Bright collage illustrations and simple text reinforce the theme that everyone has a mother, and every mother loves her child. This commission will never affect your purchase price. Shopping Cart. My Account.

Welcome to Bilingual Marketplace! Login Create Account. We hope you enjoy this list! By Laurel Porter-Gaylord Spanish This book begins with a heartwarming scene between a human parent and child, but moves on to loving care in many animal families. Here is a video preview: I hope you enjoyed the list.

Did I missed your favorites? Click here. Juliana S. Apr 27, Juliana Shoumbert. Comments 0. Pero hazlo una realidad.

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