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After Ten Years of Terminal Liberalization. Even the Differences are Different -Impressions about Japan-. Special Issue on Visual Computing. An Efficient Texel Generation Method. Special Issue on "Medical Image Technologies". Bruce works at Dynalab, which offers Japanese and Chinese fonts. Google Fonts link: Nanum Gothic. Bruno Selles [Vasava Fonts]. Shinobu Masuda's font Moeyo may be bought from Font Pavilion.

Lorenz Lopetz Gianfreda 's foundry in Bern, Switzerland, est. Brunner , Brockelmann , free , Kristallo , very original display face and Billiet In , Gianfreda designed BD Barbeaux a condensed typeface with the fashionable chic of the French art nouveau or film noir. Typefaces from BD Westwork. View the Typedifferent typeface library. Buuchan is a free handwritten Japanese kanji font, drawn by Mikumo Sato.

Yidao Cai's free software. It works just as a print command on your system. With its full Unicode support, it should be able to print other language e. Thai, Vietnames, Arabic as well. Bondance and Flamenco are commercial. His graduation typeface is Havil, a multiscript Latin, Arabic and Chinese typeface family for branding and business documents. This beautifully balanced typeface was inspired by 19th century British and French letterpress poster typefaces. This charming and slabby, reverse contrast is inspired by old Hong Kong movie magazines.

His all caps titling typeface Mosses Serif was designed for the bookstore Mosses. Still in , he was working on the Japanese typeface Tottori. Carsten Strinkau. Graduate of Kunstschule Wandsbek in Hamburg, Germany. The cascading style sheets info page on fonts translated into Japanese by Kazuteru Okahashi.

Japanese typefoundry based in Tokyo. Japanese commercial foundry. The fonts were made by "Setsuna" in Now based in Tokyo, he designed the decorative alphabet Perfume A fresh Japanese kanji and kana font. No downloads. Also some commercial Japanese typefaces. Fonts Bonji Chiehou and Bonjie tattoo-based glyphs. Mac only. Chiharu Tanaka. Japanese type designer.

He created the roman and ornamental family HaruNami , Psy Ops. Handwritten Japanese fonts. Need a user ID to download them. Designer in Tokyo. Creator of an ornamental caps alphabet for children in Chika also made Ribbon Alphabets Chikako Larabie. Spouse of Ray Larabie in Nagoya, Japan.

Chikako Larabie is a font design assistant for Typodermic Fonts, specializing in kerning, and languages. Becker , Moon Cresta , modeled after Goudy Sans , Voivode , headline face , Honfleur , art deco all caps face , Hachimitsu , Asian look face , Kadeworth , rounded retro look sans , Gnuolane Jump , Nagomi , oriental simulation face , Biondi Sans , a copperplate gothic without serifs in the style of AT Sackers , Board of Directors , a Bank Gothic style family , and Wee Bairn Japanese type designer associated with the Tokyo-based foundry Jiyukobo.

Chikao also designed Nihon no Mincho Tai. Jiyu Kobo link. Free fonts: FAMania pixel , Cinecaption , kana, kanji, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek handwriting font , Tompa huge stick figure and pencil drawing dingbat face. The designer is called Akira there, and another URL is given as well. Designer of an outline bitmap font in He works as a designer in Tokyo. Creative Market link. Graphic designer at Dhurakij Pundit University in Bangkok. Creator of the Japanese picture font Basker Jap All design elements are taken from Baskerville Old Face. Commercial Latin fonts: Cihpar Font 04, 01 and Kana font Cihpar Font By Chikako Hannoura.

Listing of CJK fonts, as of On November 15, , Microsoft claimed a major breakthrough in font technology with what they are calling "ClearType". They state: "The effective tripling of horizontal resolution in ClearType subpixel rendering allows much greater fidelity to the true angle of italic type, and ClearType's patented color-filtering techniques maintain high contrast and so enable comfortable [on screen] reading". Review by Anne van Wagener : Calibri is a pleasure to read, Cambria is a formal and solid workhorse serif, the informal sans Candara is her least favorite, Consolas is a monospaced typeface, Constantia is her favorite--it is a clean and readable serif, and Corbel , a sans, is crisp and refreshing.

Typohile discussion. Microsoft we page on the ClearType font collection. Japanese foundry established in Has some gorgeous screen fonts. Also some kana fonts. Japanese font blog. Some links to interesting new free fonts. Many links about Japanese fonts, character codes, unicode, and the like. See also here. Japanese outfit who made the lofo font Eyecatch Japanese commercial font software. Original fonts by Shinji Shimada. Font Pavilion sells his Space Colony katakana.

These are all made by Fumika Pantograph. Fonts by Hiroya Sato. The two free fonts here are Cossamoji dingbats of figures dancing like cossacks , Elena kana and kanji, handscripted and Hetarosia handwritten Cyrillic font. Japanese pixel type designers, both for Latin and kana. At another site , we find more work by Guby b. Other recent fonts include Monolica and Monoloca , octagonal. The Cout Works fonts are also available under the company name Drop Design.

Font Pavilion sells Chape, Connect and Console. Go here for Chain, Chair, Chariot and Condle. Direct access. Newest fonts. The shareware fonts are called C-NUM followed by two digits. Some fonts have katakana versions. Listing of the most popular CSS fonts specified in Japanese web pages. Dense Japanese font site with many links.

No font downloads. Lee between and All fonts cover Chinese, Korean and Latin as well. The fonts are especially useful with cwTeX. A number of glyphs have been modified so that it is more suitable for use in Hong Kong. About 15 original fonts, of which about half are katakana fonts and the others are romaji. Several fonts are free, and others cost about 25USD. Especially interesting are the thick kana fonts juicyfruits2. Some would classify these as Japanese techno fonts.

Alternate site. Font Pavilion sells Juicy Fruits and Metro Models silhouettes of people was designed by Nobutaka Sato All fonts are designed or co-designed by "savwo". These include Aquasky 2. He also made Fat Ultra , Extra Design. Dai Nippon Printing Co. It was originally known as Shueisha. They write: Shueitai is a typeface that has been undergoing development for more than a century. As Japan underwent rapid modernization during the early years of the Meiji era, Shueisha, believing that printing was a business befitting a modern civilized society, began operations with a focus on letterpress.

Before long the company expanded into developing its own typefaces. In it completed a full range of Mincho type, in sizes from Sho-go 0 size, 42pt through Hachi-go 8, 4pt , which it called Shueitai, a new style that came to form one of the two mainstreams of Japanese typefaces and continues to have a significant influence on font design even today. The Shueitai typeface is distinguished by abundant variations matching the size of type and the changing demands of the times.

Whether it is the spirited and powerful Sho-go, the delicate and flowing San-go 3, 16pt , or the bright and solidly reassuring Shuei-Mincho L, all Shueitai typefaces share a vibrant brushwork that adds an expression of eloquence and a burst of brilliance to every printed word.

Currently, Shueitai is composed of 17 kinds of fonts. Niigata, Japan-based designer of Block , a constructivist font , Beens , a soft rounded sans typeface and Liner , a tall display sans. Creators of the commercial fonts Military Kata, hira , Y. Some free stuff : English-Kunyomi font "Kurofune". This font is present to the admiral Perry he came to Uraga in This is "Kanji-font" meets "English-font" sic. Older URL. Daisuke Sugisawa is a Japanese type designer who sells his fonts via Font Pavilion.

BackSeat is a Japano-Latin sales ad font. Go here for Chopress, and here for Backseat, Marmelade and Pomade. Japanese designer. Free Latin and Japanese pixel fonts: Untitled, momoarufa, momokana1, momokana2, momokana3, momokana4, momokana5. In addition, this site has a number of dingbat typefaces, many containing hearts and cute objects: momofancy1, momofancy2, momohana, momoharu, momoheart, momoheart2, momohorror, momokira, momoosyare, momotegaki. Designers in of the font Katakana Textbook. Dan Bailey [Fontosaurus].

Free downloads. Melinda Windsor from Ocala, FL b. Frigate , Apostrophic Labs is a display font family that includes kana characters as well. She is making a new font set, Plastic, at Apostrophic Labs. Kochi Mincho and Kochi Gothic: public domain kanji truetype fonts. Page by Atsuhito kohda. Note: package contains a kanji truetype font from the Kakugawa font library. Freely distributable complete Japanese truetype fonts: wadalab-gothic, watanabe-mincho. Font links from a site in Japan. Free image generator for Japanese using any text message.

Written by Kiyoka. A free XWindows kanji font, and a free PostScript kana font. Plus some Japanese language links. Original kana and Latin fonts by Shuichi Ono, often of the comic book type. The latter fonts are not free. Organized font archive. Japanese foundry with some interesting output: Whisper , curly Latin display font , Walk , kanji font at Font , Shunyo Sora , handwritten kanji face , Shunyo Yama , handwritten kanji face , Shoten , liquid Japanese face , Gakuen , kanji as written by school kids , Bokusui , minimalist kanji face , Bokkoku , a sword-blade style kanji face , Kogatana , sans serif kanji?

Design Signal Co [Yasushi Saikusa]. Successful Japanese type designer, b. A simple schoolyard kanji typeface of utter beauty available from Morisawa. Equally gorgeous and inventful is his Shoutenkaku and Shoutenmaru family, which won an award at the TDC2 type competition. His awards not mentioned above include three Ishi awards, and a Morisawa award at the 5th Morisawa International Typeface competition. Typecache link. They offer Latin fonts as well. Designers of Takoyaki, sold at Font Pavilion. Almost all are geometric techno fonts with Roman and Japanese versions.

Designer of Designitica Neue, sold at Font Pavilion. Dex Web or Dex Image is a Japanese font vendor. It also sells Shotai style brush stroke kanji fonts. Samples: Dex Ninja , Dex Seigetsu. Other URL. Dharma Type [Ryoichi Tsunekawa]. Bebas Neue v2 is free at Github. The connected signage typeface Sneaker Script and the 19th century set of ornaments Gothic Extras followed in and , respectively.

Great Victorian follows the prototypical Victorian style. In , Dharma Type published the great ultra-black creamy signage script Piepie. In , he published the powerful layered Mighty Slab. Typfaces from Victorian Orchid a transitional text typeface characterized by a Victorian era A and a frolicking lower case g , Dr Slab an extraordinary layerable and colorable rounded slab poster typeface , Code Saver a condensed monospaced programming font , Sometype Mono a free programming font family; MyFonts link.

Like Dharma Gothic, it is an antiqued condensed sans serif designed inspired by s-style wood type. It comes in 42 styles. Graphicriver link. In , Dick Pape created the scanbat typeface Range Murata. He writes: Renji "Range" Murata born October 2, in Osaka is a Japanese artist and designer, known for his unique style combining Art Deco and Japanese anime elements. Download page. For the Mac, type 1. Basically, Mas placed all the glyphs in one unicode-compatible font.

The designer is called "Mao". Japanese site which has Kokkei Mizu's free fonts, such as the screen typeface Pixelation Yoshiyasu Ito's free fonts Roman and Katakana : the gorgeous Calligraphism, the interesting Labyrinthism. Commercial Japanese font outfit, involved in various font activities. Takuya Sato: BrokeBack series , Pastel Yosiro: Echo8 , Riddim7 , Vibes10 Hideaki Ohtani of fontgraphic. Atsushi Aoki: PointN Masayuki Sato of Maniackers Design: Zerozero series Designer of the free pixel typeface Simple Pixels I covers Latin, Cyrillic and kana.

Kanji pictures. It covers Latin, Korean, and Japanese. Githib link. Japanese foundry, formerly Alt Rivet. Superb free fonts: Route , a sans designed for legibility , Eunomia , a sci-fi sans , Seshat , Penna , beautiful hairline sans , Ferrum roman capitals inspired by the logo of the Final Fantasy series , Medio didone , Vegur sans , all developed from until Tenderness is a high-legged beauty of art deco heritage loosely inspired by Garamond and Optima.

They published the sans family Aileron in as well. Open Font Library link for Aileron. Free Nihongo-dayori 48x48 pixel bitmap printer font for Japanese. Downloads of many truly free font packages for all languages. They cover European, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The designer is Haryu. Old URL. Most fonts are grungy, and were designed roughly between and Devian tart link. Abstract Fonts link. The designer is Keshikan , who is based in Japan.

Github link. Hkf is Latin connected handwriting. Gdks is a partially full kanji font. Taiwan-based foundry involved in the production of both Chinese and Japanese fonts, est. Wawati is an Apple system font. Major producer of Chinese and Japanese fonts. It retails for USD. Price: USD. Windows or Mac. Japanese company, selling Japanese and Chinese postscript fonts here. Example: 38 fonts for USD. Demo download page. Commercial Japanese foundry. A Japanese font project at Sourceforge being led by Hiroki Kanou. Another subpage of links. Japanese FontStructor who made an attempt at a pixelized art deco face, Test Font There he redesigned Johnston Underground Sans for text setting as well as display use, now known as New Johnston, and carried out a feasibility study for space saving and legibility for the BT telephone directory, proving that Matthew Carter's Bell Centennial was the best suited typeface for the purpose.

He also taught typography at Middlesex Polytechnic between and Meiryo won the Tokyo TDC award. He is currently a senior research fellow at University of Brighton, leading research into Edward Johnston's legacy. From until , he is president of Double Crown Club in London, a dining club and society of printers, publishers, book designers and illustrators in London that was founded in the s. Japanese page, where you can download Kanji bitmap fonts.

Electron is a Japanese site. Click on menu, then sozai, and then font to find these truetype bitmap creations by Shinji Yamaguchi: ele-chromosome, ele-cryptozoite, ele-digital-sneezing, ele-electrolysis-a, ele-electrolysis-k, ele-electrocardiogram. Mostly computer simulation fonts.

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At elefont and before that at subform we could fond the free non-commercial use only fonts Halvar, Bailando, Onaka katakana and Atmosphere fantastic LED font , designed by Swede Mattias Jakobsson in cooperation with Daniel Brandt. Elefont disappeared but is revived at typOasis by CybaPee. During her studies at Tokyo University of the Arts, Elena suzuki created Blur Lines , an all caps typeface that consists of horizontally striped letters based on Trajan.

A great brush kanji font. Yokohama, Japan-based designer of the Victorian layered typeface Modern Cirque Site vanished. Japanese creators of free techno fonts in dot matrix , Mondroid , Athlobatica, Energear, Ocatazke almost Kafkaesque , Sorobin, Xbywire, Siki on koo, Octatrax. The hexagonal typeface Eusocia was added in Japanese outfit based in Sendagaya, Tokyo, which made the commercial truetype font Keitai, based on a 12x12 bitmap.

All typefaces are from , except where indicated. We also find the rather complete Unicode truetype font Roman-Unicode , which cover all European, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Thai and Indic languages, and provide kana as well but not kanji. All parts of unicode covered. Samaritan deals with a pre-Samaritan or pre-Babylonian Hebrew. The last three fonts are commercial.

Some of these may be bought through Font Pavilion. Before that, it was called Extra Designs. As Extra Designs, it offered free original fonts designed by Shin Sasaki. There were also commercial fonts. Some of these are katakana fonts. At Shift Factory : Nippon Bold 2. Paraline is a circle-geometric tri-line font family.

Dub Ainu is a custom typeface for the Dub Ainu band. Japanese pixel font maker also called "eyeballbaby and the unlucky land cycommunications": abb. Two of these are katakana fonts. All of them may be classified as experimental. Many can be used at small sizes on screens "pixel fonts". Many fonts have katakana and romaji versions. Page at DEX Image. All fonts cover Latin and Chinese, and some have Japanese coverage as well.

Hiroyuki Watanabe fatdesign is a Japanese free font maker whose motto is It is one vomited by the individual. Designer at FontStruct in of fatbitboy. Japanese page which explains the nature and design of pixel typefaces, and gives an overview of the main font formats. It can create characters in many different styles and can kern and "smush" these characters together in various ways. Figlet output is generally reminiscent of the sort of "signatures" many people like to put at the end of e-mail and Usenet messages.

Flat-It [Ryoichi Tsunekawa]. Most of his work was done at Flat-It. An antiqued sans serif family that recalls the wood type era , Diamond Ring an art deco typeface inspired by Japanese cosmetics-packaging designs and posters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries , Controller techno meets organic in this rounded squaris sans family , Revolution Gothic an extended version of PAG Revolucion , , which was inspired by retro propaganda posters and wallpainting in Cuba from the 60s to 80s; Revolution Gothic P followed in , Diamond Ring art deco. MyFonts link.

Fontsquirrel link for their free fonts such as Bebas , industrial sans , Boycott, Gesso, and Pusab. YWFT link. View Ryoichi Tsunekawa's typefaces. Designed the commercial katakana comic book font Comic. Japanese site with original fonts by Kato Masashi b.

Some pixel fonts, many techno fonts, some kana fonts, and the Japanese kids dingbat font, Folkdance. Major Japanese free font links. Free fonts as of Aiko , a 4-weight rounded sans with support for Latin and kana see also here. Additions in Kanna W4, Sweet Doughnuts rounded sans. Download page of their free silhouette dingbat images. In , they created the free art deco typeface Jazzkissa. Alternate URL for free stuff. And another URL. Fontsquirrel link. With the help of Mark Abbott I finally located the free fonts on this Japanese page: click prod [van icon], then go to the pull down menu on the right.

These are mostly pixel fonts, all created by Masachika Yamasaki. Mostly, these fonts are experimental and incomplete. Home page in Japan.

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Fonderie de Bertrand Loeulliet [Bertrand Loeulliet]. Fonderie de Bertrand Loeulliet was a Paris-based foundry specializing in foreign languages in the 19th century. Banda Aceh, Indonesia-based designers of the script typefaces Luxurious Line , Ramsteinz calligraphic , Gracias , thick brush , Hello Listie , Glytten , Adelle Script and Loft Yian , the display typeface Vardy , film noir style , and the wonderful rough brush font The Mistie Another Behance link.

Aka Voryu. Font Aid V. Located in Oakland, Font Aid V was created for the sole purpose of collectively designing a commercial pictotype called Made for Japan to support the victims of the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Xerxes Irani, Masayuki Izumi. Type series sold by NEC consisting of 18 full kanji fonts. Font vendor located in Korea. Cute Japanese archive with over fonts. Some of these are pixel fonts. No font, however, has any punctuation symbols. Has a Valentine font archive. Vendors of a 12,font DVD in Japan. Seems to be a Japanese page by Yuko Otobe, where the dot matrix font Pointech may be found.

Not sure if it can be downloaded from here. Japanese language font site. Links, and an archive. Font names. Dead link. Kengo's explanations, in Japanese, of the major font classifications. I have no idea how to download these. Links to made-in-Japan font utilities: FontPeeper 1. Japanese foundry of Hajime Kudo. Fontazilla was: Psychographers is a Japanese foundry that offers free and commercial comic book fonts made by Kou Nakamura. Vietnamese site. Font marketplace that will open in the spring of Annotated and rated Japanese font links.

Digital font FAQ, in Japanese. Hideaki Ohtani is the main designer at fontgraphic. The designer, Michael Hernan made these fonts between , and writes: About Neotechnic Series: This series of Fonts reflect the information industry at the end of the 20th century and its obsession with classification. Each typeface captures a different aspect of our recent info-culture. He obtained an MA in typeface design from the University of Reading in At Reading, he designed Pseudo He started FontGroup in , but that no longer exists and the link died. His old site, sitehernan , has not been updated in many years.

Japanese language site that categorizes and lists many mostly free Japanese fonts in a systematic manner. Commercial Japanese foundry, which is selling the weight kanji family called Kai. Their work is exquisite. Listing and showing of many fonts by Japanese foundries. Commercial fonts, and free demos in all formats.

A partial list of fonts: Square Text old English. Block Letters orthography for kids , Skryptaag , educational. Boulons letters made from nuts and bolts. Morse code. Dictionary phonetic notation for pronunciation. The monospaced fonts Bordofixed, Dactylographe , Normafixed, Oloron fixed width screen font.

The mathy fonts Oloron program, Hexalist and Numberslist. The pixel font 8-PinMatrix. The Bauhaus font BabyFace. The Chinese simulation font Chinoiseries. The Greek simulation font Grecques. Alternate URL for his shareware typefaces. MyFonts link for his commercial typefaces. Alternate MyFonts link. Kei Matsumoto's Windows font viewer for Japanese and Latin fonts. Creator of the free Japanese font Yasashisa Gothic Mostly typographical experiments with incomplete character sets.

Some handwriting fonts. Kana and Latin. Link at Typingart. Fontosaurus [Dan Bailey]. Fontosaurus est. Gumbo and Tirade are commercial. Does also custom work. At some point, it was part of the Chank Army, where Fontosaurus had the commercial pixel font Noonan Creator of Jantze , a comic book font based on the cartoon The Norm by Michael Jantze, and whose profits will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Annoying Japanese site by Morisawa in which users can play with glyph components to create new things. Mizuki Takanashi's Japanese font software for Windows. Information on fonts in ghostscript. Glonty and A. Links to major Japanese foundries. Font archive Japanese. Fontsonic Newconceptsite, also known as Makoto is Japanese pixel font maker. All fonts made in and by "Makoto", who lives in Tokyo. Japanese foundry with free and commercial fonts. Japanese Mac and Windows font vendor. Japanese font editor. Will create a variety of Japanese glyphs based on simple instructions. They write: Fontworks is a leading developer of Japanese fonts for desktop publishing.

We are revolutionizing the way Japanese fonts are designed and produced with our ground-breaking, stroke based Kanji software tools. These tools automate much of the routine work associated with Japanese font production, enabling our designers to concentrate on development of new typefaces. A set of 24 Japanese fonts costs 14,USD.

Individual one weight fonts at USD a shot. Fontworks also markets Gaijimaster, software for oriental stroke-based fonts. Opentype subpage. Free dot matrix and dingbat fonts by "Nisicasino" from Osaka, Japan. Jump site for free Japanaese fonts. Japanese links to free fonts. Links to free handwritten Japanese fonts, with a blog-style discussion. Spanish language site for various non-Latin language fonts.

Japanese font link jump site. Japanese site with some original fonts. Creators of Mofu ji , a very original display face. Other fonts: Minamoji, 3D Kirieji, Ibaraji. Free techno and pixel fonts by Inoue Yoshikazu aka M. Urawa : EGG! Fumihiro Yamamoto's fonts are sold through Font Pavilion. He made the alphading font Robot 1. Japanese blog on the theme of free fonts. Marukan font Mac only.

Designer and art director in Tokyo. His Latin typefaces include Rail Line Alphabet Tokyo , based on parts of the Tokyo subway map , and Cunard Proto , a beautiful calligraphic typeface family. Designer at Font Pavilion 12 of Sechinparadise Japanese foundry where you can download the Mac fonts Starpoint and Circular 9. At Shift Factory , we can buy Shannin, Lemon 2. Virtually no punctuation. Site not updated since Characters not normally available in Japanese fonts. In the glyph shown on the right example borrowed from Philip Ronan , we read Mori Ogai, an author who lived from until The middle kanji, the "O", which means seagull, is an old kanji character that no longer forms part of the standard set of JIs-approved characters, yet Mori used to write his name with it.

One has to look for special fonts to find the "gaiji" glyphs. Gau stands for "Graphic Arts Unit". Finally, he made Editmode16 commercial screen dingbats font, A free Japaneses font made in Advertised as a Japanese game font site. Plus the kana game font Hyria-kana. All made in Japanese free font maker. Most of these are pixel fonts or experimental. Obsolete URL. Gen Mori's fonts are sold through Font Pavilion: Stereotype is an experimental font.

Free original Mac and PC techno or pixel fonts at this now defunct Japanese foundry. Genshichi Yasui's free truetype fonts that emulate screen pixels.

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Direct access to all Techno fonts. Some katakana and kanji fonts, such as RsbNVhE. This also exists in type 3 format. Craig Toshio Oda explains how to use the free Wadalab kanji fonts with ghostscript. And here , we find instructions for using the Wada fonts with ghostscript on the Mac. Designer of the commercial katakana fonts Cleaning and Moriguchi Check also Snake Cube Font interesting!

P22 connection. Creators of the Japanese typeface Epgyosho. Jason Glavy, who lives in Yokohama, runs Glavy Fonts. He used to have a bunch of Japanese fonts on his web site, including his Jindaimoji series. At some point, he was associated with Saronix Japan. These fonts are well researched, and are based on drawings and findings by Dalby, Dr.

Welmer, and Jensen. Japanese site with free original fonts Pop , Restaurant --note, the T is missing; it can be hacked to reappear, by the way , Soda kana font , and some commercial fonts 3 Cinderella dingbats, and 11 animal shape dingbats called Cookies. Japanese foundry, est. The Japanese "gothic" typefaces gosshiku are equivalent to the Latin sans-serif typefaces.

Typically, strokes have a uniform width and do not have any decorations. Maru gothic is the typeface used in Japanese road signs. Japanese creator of the katakana typeface Himuka Japanese page with an original dingbat font, Gracie. He set up Grafisticceria. Claudio created a commercial icon font called World Outside in In FontPavilion01 , they published Framework. In FontPavilion07 , they published Funya-Chara an absolutely fantastic series of dingbat fonts. Ebooks and Manuals

Free and commercial predominantly techno fonts. GoMotor is in the Pavilion collection. Font Pavilion also sells his Fancy Balloons romaji, katakana for comics. Free fonts: Diesel, G. Niigata, Japan, Horsham and Cambridge, UK-based designer who proposed the Kobi Serif typeface in I found the idea of Kobigraphs whilst researching methods of communication for the blind.

The website dotlessbraille. Researching the website further I became curious about the idea of this typographic bridge between embossed braille for the blind and visual letterforms for sighted persons to read braille more easily. Braille is becoming something of a dying form even though it is extremely important for blind people to know some form of written communication.

It seemed to me that helping to make braille as accessible as possible to everyone through using the Kobigraph would help raise awareness of the issues of blind literacy and encourage everyone to try learning braille. The Kobigraphs visual form can be read by sighted persons at a glance as opposed to braille - which is usually colourless dots printed on a page. And as the Kobigraph uses the same cell structure as braille, the dots could be raised to allow blind users to read too.

The links between cell dots could also be raised to help users further guide their way around a letterform more easily if they have not built up the necessary tactile abilities needed to sense individual dots. In , he made a multilingual display typeface for Latin, Devanagari and Hiragana called InterSans. The package distributed in this site provides the patches for gs6. They are Unicode compliant and contain also complete Latin, Cyrillic and Greek character sets.

GT, who specializes in global brand identity and package design. Takaaki Goto designed the slightly arched Kana Sans type family In , he added the beautiful geometric sans typeface family Mirai meaning, the future. Japanese font foundry committed to making open license fonts based on old prints. It is run by Judicare and Eunice.

The fonts: GL SnowBentley Snow crystals after photographs by Wilson A. GL Morris After William Morris's blackletter typeface Troy Type GL-MahjongTile GL-Runen : Elder Futhark runes. The original goes back to Karlgeorg Hoefer. GL-Suetterlin : German formal blackletter-inspired handwriting taught in schools for some time. Renamed GL German Cursive in These fonts are quite complete and contain hundreds of dingbats, arrows , and symbols.

GL Otomanopee and Hiragana and katakana. Sourceforge link. About MB in all. Slow page, but good quality fonts. Unfortunately, this server shut down. The fonts: Habian, habian2k, habian2kh. The letters are monospaced and Courier-like. The fonts are based on the old bitmap fonts jiskan Hajime Kawakami. Japanese graphic designer, b. Cat dingbats. Juline , FontForum. Kotohogi , FontForum. A display sans. A hairline sans. An artsy typeface inspired by Mondriaan. Dingbats based on a cartoon character Hajime created for a Japanese mag in the s. An informal typeface including Latin, Hiragana and Katakana.

Letraset Magatami A contemporary typeface. A sans. Wavy Rounded BT , Bitstream. Gorgeous stuff! Hakusyu is a Japanese font vendor. The latter page has more Japanese font links and a small Latin font archive. Specilaizing in calligraphic and old writing style fonts. This company sells a gorgeous artistic hand kanji typeface called Samurai. Download some Japanese kanji fonts. Article by Kyoko and Uleshka for Ping Mag in on the hand-drawn letters found on the streets of Japan. Japanese studio of Daisuke Nagatani and Ranna Sakai. Creators of the iFontMaker font Bontan , hand-printed alphadings.

Original fonts by Yokoyoko: bmbold, bm-kirakira, bmshironuki, heart-emboss, heartfont, kakurin-Font, kerokero, kerorin. Japanese foundry, also called "Noize of Zappin". The Mozaix series is in a kitchen tile style. Most others are pixelized.