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Today the truth is starting to come out," Parlatore said. Scott was in the same deployment as Gallagher in Mosul and had heard radio chatter about an ISIS prisoner, he testified. He said when he arrived at the scene and Gallagher and another medic were already there. Scott said the prisoner was unconscious but breathing normally with a wound on his leg. Someone had already performed a tracheotomy -- an incision in the neck to open an airway -- and a tube was in his neck. After the other medic left the scene, Scott said he saw "Gallagher pull out his knife and stab the ISIS prisoner underneath the collar bone at least once.

Scott froze and was not sure what to do and said he "stayed with the prisoner until he asphyxiated. On cross-examination, he told the defense that he never saw any blood after the stabbing. That's when he admitted to killing the prisoner himself, "because I knew he was going to die anyway. The boy was a prisoner of the Iraqi forces, so the US would treat the prisoner and hand him over, he said.

Scott justified that the prisoner was going to be taken to the Iraqis as a prisoner and expressed concern because he said they torture their prisoners. Scott said he was not concerned by what Gallagher did to the prisoner, only what the Iraqis would do. Scott also said he does not want to see Gallagher prosecuted and he does not want to see him go to jail. He admitted he had a motivation not to tell the Navy investigators the whole truth previously.

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Previous witnesses have said Gallagher stabbed the prisoner and shot at civilians in Mosul. The witness said he reported the incident to his superior in Mosul. But he did pose in a photo with the fighter's body, he testified, and realizes that was wrong. Dille said he never posed in the group photos because he said he "felt it was irresponsible. During that same deployment, Dille, Gallagher and others were also assigned sniper duty. Dille testified they were in a sniper position and saw two elderly men standing on a corner.

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Dille heard a rifle shot ring out; one man was hit, struggled, but got away. Dille said he does not know what became of that man and says he saw a vapor trail from Gallagher's position. Over the radio, he heard Gallagher say, "Oh I thought I missed. Dille testified he saw Gallagher firing multiple shots into a crowd of civilians. No one was injured or hit, Dille testified.


But under cross-examination, Dille said he based that observation on seeing a vapor trail come from Gallagher's sniper position and did not see the defendant pull the trigger. Gallagher shot near two women wearing hijabs, as they were walking along a river, according to Dille. He said Gallagher shot close to the women, who started running, and fired multiple shots as they continued to run away.

At no time, Dille testified, did he or any other members of his unit receive any information that these civilians were targets.

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Yulaw is briefly captured by MVA agents Rodecker Delroy Lindo and Funsch Jason Statham , only to escape from captivity during the trial sentencing him to life in the Stygian penal colony in the Hades universe. For two years he has been experiencing increases in strength, speed, and mental ability, but neither he nor his wife, T. Law Carla Gugino , can understand why.

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While transporting a prisoner for the Sheriff's Department, Gabe "feels" Yulaw's presence just before he attempts to kill Gabe. Yulaw escapes, but is followed by Gabe, who inhumanly leaps a very high wall.

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  7. Landing on the other side, Gabe is shot and wounded by Yulaw. Gabe realizes Yulaw is identical to him in every way.

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    Unfamiliar with the interdimensional travel concept, he finds Yulaw's appearance shocking. After checking into the hospital, Gabe is ambushed by Yulaw, which Rodecker and Funsch again foil. Yulaw deters them from shooting him because if he is killed, then Gabe would then be left as the only "One". Dressed alike and identical in every way, Gabe and Yulaw's battle confuses Gabe's police colleagues. Both Gabe and Yulaw manage to escape the hospital. Rodecker is faced with a dilemma: they have to capture Yulaw, but they cannot kill him or allow Gabe to be killed because whoever survives will become "The One", which could potentially have catastrophic damage to the multiverse.

    Funsch insists that Yulaw, as the instigator, must be dealt with in a more aggressive manner. Rodecker makes a fateful decision to "go way off procedure" and split the team. Rodecker pursues and fights Yulaw and is killed when Yulaw breaks his neck. Funsch catches up with Gabe and explains the multiverse and Gabe's abilities to him. Yulaw finds Gabe's residence where TK, believing it is Gabe, attempts to protect him, but she senses he is not her husband.

    Gabe arrives, only to have Yulaw force him to watch while he kills her. Funsch finds Gabe and they team up to find Yulaw at the next wormhole. Yulaw, Gabe and Funsch arrive at the industrial plant, where the final battle between Gabe and Yulaw takes place. When Gabe eventually wins, all three are caught in a wormhole and taken back to the MVA headquarters in the Alpha Universe.

    Yulaw is transported immediately to the prison colony universe after a failed last attempt to switch places with Gabe. The MVA then prepares to send Gabe back to his own universe where he will be arrested and put in prison for the murders Yulaw committed. Recalling an earlier conversation with Gabe, Agent Funsch sends him to a different universe where Gabe can restart a normal life in Los Angeles, beginning with when he first met TK.

    Meanwhile, Yulaw, now in the Stygian penal colony, declares he will still become the One. The camera pulls back to show that Yulaw, standing at the top of a Ziggurat in the Hades universe, battles hundreds of fighters as the credits roll.