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Submit a video. Fingerstyle Guitar. This "introduction" block sets the stage for what is to follow.

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Put down your guitar, and enjoy learning about Martin's background, influences, and philosophy about music and the guitar. If you are anxious to get going, you can skip ahead to the "Underlying Concepts" block or even "Learn By Playing Tunes" block. Just be sure to get back and watch these important videos!

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Underlying Concepts. The "Underlying Concepts" block starts very basic and progressively lays down the foundation for Martin's approach to fingerstyle guitar.

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Even if you are already an advanced guitarist, Martin asks that you go through all of these lessons. This block ends with Martin teaching two versions of the jazz classic "Satin Doll. Here we switch almost entirely to music, musicianship, and advanced techniques for making music on the guitar. To get started right, Martin teaches a simple but soulful version of his own composition "True.

Fingerpicking Guitar Exercises & Hot Licks

Learn By Playing Tunes. Watch, listen, play. It's all here: A progressive collection of tunes that represent every skill and technique Martin employs in his fingerstyle guitar playing. Thank you again!

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It spans the first 3 stages of the Beginner's Course and related songs and should be the place you start for sure! Quick Skip to Prefix Anchors Just click on the prefix below and it will zoom you down the page to that area!

Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton (Super easy beginners song guitar lesson BS-209) how to play

I plan to re-film these at some point in the future and bring them up to date and improve the quality. Books paper ones!

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