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Coaches, are you ready to change the world?

50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World

Discover how you can make a valuable contribution to building a better world, starting today! Whether you are a life coach, business coach, executive coach, internal coach, or from any other coaching niche, this book will provide you with ideas, examples, and resources to make a difference. Available in paperback and as an ebook in multiple formats.

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Coaches are volunteering, fundraising, starting organizations, or working with under-served communities.

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But despite all of these activities, there are still many coaches who feel as if they would like to do more, to work more directly for peace, or for the environment, or to alleviate poverty. Coaches can clearly change the world. But how can non-coaches change the world? And how can your book help? Absolutely, anyone can change the world.

Since all coaches hold these identities in addition to being coaches, I thought it was important to point out the ways that we can make, and are making, a difference in our daily lives. This section of the book is filled with ideas and resources that any would-be world changer could benefit from. For example, offering your professional skills pro bono to groups and individuals that could need them, or eating low on the food chain, or doing business with socially responsible companies.

These are activities anyone can engage in that will help make this a better world for all of us. These are exactly the types of concerns that coaching addresses. I help them work through their fears about taking action. I assist them in learning to make choices and decisions that align the way they spend their time with their true goals and dreams. When you work with a coach, any goal you desire becomes more achievable, even if that goal is changing the world.

Not everyone wants to change the world — at the most basic level, everyone wants to avoid pain or feel pleasure. How can coaching help my readers achieve this? If your job or your relationship or your finances are painful, you need a change. If you want to feel more fit or more successful or more personally fulfilled, you need a change.

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Please share 3 simple coaching tips which my readers can apply and benefit from in their daily life. As usual, I have several things on my plate. Along with writing articles, doing interviews, and speaking engagements, that should be enough to keep me busy! As I said at the beginning, I am revamping my coaching practice in And I am making space for a few more clients in January The session will be over the telephone and last one hour and includes preparation notes sent to you beforehand and a follow-up email with supportive notes. The idea of this session is to help you wrap up and prepare for The session must be scheduled by 5th January and the aim is to get you all set and ready for the New Year.

The session is designed to make you feel energised, excited and ready to welcome with renewed gusto. Currently, I only have time for 10 individual sessions like this and if this coaching by me resonates with you, I invite you to book a session right away. For your convenience, I have created a PayPal Button for you Once I have received your confirmation, we can set up a mutually convenient time and we can begin in earnest!

Of course, you have the option to continue coaching with me in and we can discuss that after this initial session if that interests you. Also, thanks to Jason Chan for his amazing contribution at the PS Look out soon for more information about some more Kindle books I am publishing shortly. As a new coach, this was a great interview and interesting to learn more about C.

That is wonderful that you were included in the book.

The clients that I work with are feeling a lot of pain, so I appreciated C. All the best! Your words were inspiring and reminded me that we as coaches really do, do great work, even if I do say so myself! For me personally, helping people become unstuck from problems so they can positively create change in the life is a feeling like no other. I wish you great success with your book and Arvind all the best for your coaching practice in ! Coaching is an interesting topic for me though I had some bitter experiences lately.

Really liked the interview Btw, I am a first timer here — came via the Top 50 blogs on PD and your narration and pics from the Nirvana school. Thats really something to learn from, you followed your heart!

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Indeed helping out others is always a good feeling, but we have to know how to help others but for that we need to understand people and why they behave such way. If you want to improve all areas of your life and be happy, then you have come to the right place! All rights reserved.

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No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Arvind Devalia. Privacy Policy. Can you remember ONE moment in time when your life changed forever? Never under-estimate the power of a single moment! We can all do so much for the world around us if we choose to do so. And we can all dramatically improve our own life if we really want to.

Ask yourself why?

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Interview with C. We can all learn so much about life and coaching from her:- 1. Please tell us more about your latest book. Why 50 ways?

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So I decided to write a book that would do three things: Showcase some of the ways in which coaches were already making a difference, to increase awareness about our efforts, Describe 50 specific ways that coaches can engage in world changing, to help those coaches who feel as if they would like to do more, and Provide inspiration and camaraderie to coaches already on a world changing path, to help us recognize ourselves as members of a global tribe.

How can my readers change the world through being coached? In order to avoid pain or feel pleasure in your life, you need to change something! Coaching is one of the best approaches available for making changes of any kind. When you notice yourself stalling about getting a thing done, ask yourself what that thing represents to you. Try to uncover the fear, resistance, or self-doubt that is preventing you from taking action. Just notice how often you exercise, or what time you quit work, and write it down.

At the end of each week, look over what you did. This simple act of noticing and tracking will begin to change your habits in the direction you desire. So we try to do everything but, and none of it feels right. Instead, admit what you really want, and seek a path that will begin to lead you in that direction. Finally C. Thanks C.