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Cobb County Public Library System. Search Search Search Browse menu. Sign in. Recent updates. I'll start with him because he's amazing and I've always known, ever since he first appeared on the books, that eventually he and Rachel would have little something going on. I'm not entirely sure what it is but that flirt, and how it's working up really slow, I just love it. The tension is there and so is the passion. Rachel has finally come to the realization of what she is and she's embraced it but that's just the beginning, she can be really powerful and partially her accepting what she is, is because of Trent.

Another reason to love him and I'm certain he'll give me more reasons to do so. HAPA, hmm, are a hate group, they are humans fighting against the Inderlanders and yes that's just as frustrating as it sounds. They think of Inderlanders as cockroaches that have to be eradicated from the face of earth. The entire book was focused on them and how they'd use Rachel's blood to exterminate every "monster" walking on earth.

This book was a such a nice follow-up to the previous one, despite being stressful like every book in this series this was a little bit more laid back than its predecessor, and we went back to the entire "homie feeling". There is also a new character. No, two new characters actually.

I'm sure you'll like them. Especially Wayde. So this surely is the longest series I've ever attempted to read and I'm actually through with the 10th book, which means that there are only a handful left before I finish this series. Ugh, just the thought makes me shiver. Nov 17, Fiendishly Bookish rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , 5-star.

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Harrison smartly leads wi At the end of Pale Demon, Trent sagely outlines to Rachel the danger of rendering herself helpless in the midst of so many enemies. A Fiendishly Bookish Review Apr 16, Suz rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ok, so I finally finished it like, right now.

My initial, off the cuff thoughts - I'm tired of watching Rachel get put through the wringer with little to no happy, and lets be honest - Rachel gets a LOT of wringer. We're so close to the end of the series and I'm thinking the HEA we've been promised is going to be a fade-to-black kind of thing with us never getting to see the good bits that make you heave a deep sigh and want to hug the book.

I want to have a Hollows book end in which I'm so ha Ok, so I finally finished it like, right now. I want to have a Hollows book end in which I'm so happy for Rachel that I want to hug the damned book, not take a breath and feel like I need a vacation - or a therapist. I don't think one book in 10 like that is too much to ask for.

Next, what happened to Rachel while she was wearing that bracelet? Before she put it on she was a bad ass witch that had been studying with a bad ass demon and could sling some bad ass spells and had kind of left the earth magic pea shooter in the dust long ago. Suddenly she's back to relying completely on the pea shooter and she's too unprofessional to test the accuracy of a weapon she's never shot and she pilfered off of a failed assassin before she takes it into a field op? Since when? This is but one of several large holes in this particular book that made getting through it more difficult for me than usual with this series.

Rachel is one of the baddest magic users around, she's one of a kind, she sees things nobody else does, and yet she lets anyone and everyone walk all over her and she's too much of a pussy to to hurt people who are trying to kill her. That trope is tired, retire it for god sakes. A NEW villain? An entire group of well funded villains that are taking people away and we don't get to find out how that ended for Ivy? Not kewl. It feels like a "Rachel is going to be alone forever" set up to me. The domestic arrangements with Ceri and Trent confuse me - and when it comes to alternative domestic arrangements I am a VERY difficult woman to confuse!

I'm sick of the dribbles here and there with Trent.

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Shit or get off the pot already. How many series do we have to watch people dance around each other for a damned decade? What exactly was the purpose of Wayde and why in the hell did she put up with him for so long? More in the school of "who is this person and what did Kim Harrison do with Rachel Morgan? Did he just get left in the lobby or did they finally send his stupid ass packing?

The book had all the standards we love. Jenks was foul mouthed, Rachel was hated and blamed by everyone and for everything, Jenks and Ivy jumped to Rachel's defense, Rachel bagged some bad guys, Rachel and Trent had a moment or two but nothing you could honestly make any kind of bank or bet on, or extrapolate anything significant from. Not my favorite offering in the series. It felt scattered and unfinished to me.

View all 19 comments. Jan 20, Lyndz rated it really liked it Shelves: witches-wizards , mypod-audiobook , reviewed. I dub thee, Kim Harrison, Queen of Idiom. I am a sucker for a well-placed idiom. I constantly find myself cracking up when I read this series and this book was no exception. I really love this series. I feel about the hallows series the same way that I felt about Nancy Drew when I was little. That being said, this is one of my least favorite books in this series. I should say right up front that this series is definitely not for everyone.

My biggest issue; I wanted more AL!! Yes, I hated the demon in the first couple books, but I kind of like him now, like a lot. There was a lot of nothingness going on. A lot of running around not actually accomplishing anything. Rachel had a bracelet of charmed silver around her wrist for at least half of the book that prevented her from using magic at all.

And sadly there is not a whole lot of epic magic in this book. Hopefully something with lots of demons and smoke and sparkles and magic. Even though this is one of my least favorite books in the series, I still had a good time reading it. I think the fact that I am in love with this world, coupled with my fondness for the characters is what really saved this particular book for me. In my opinion Harrison could do no wrong with this series aside from killing off Ivy or Jenks or Rachel. Sep 25, Duchess Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , 5-star-read , genre-urban-fantasy , read-in , z-audiobooks.

Not that there is really any down and dirty here We got a lot of face time with Trent in the last book on the road trip. We get a lot more Trent here, and while I'll warn you not to expect the stars, I can say that I was left completely stoked to read the next one. No wait, it was a hospital room, and he had his hands on your ass and you had your tongue down his throat. I can see why you might be confused. Sue me The story here is ongoing crazy with regards to Rachel's identity And boy, does that cause a ruckus.

Everyone wants the demon blood. Powerful magic there. Also, Al is unaware that Rachel is alive still, and since she's wearing Trent's charmed bracelet, Rachel remains hidden from the demon world.

A perfect blood

That also means that she's completely cut off from magic, which poses a major problem for her. Magic has always been such a huge part of her life. So many, many different species coming together and befriending Rachel, I can't help but anticipate a major show down eventually. Pixies, fairies, elves, witches, vampires, weres, demons, gargoyles I know I'm missing some. But boy, don't you just FEEL it coming? They noved on, and I'm ever so thankful. I listened to the audiobooks This series is so multi-layered and well done It's funny at times, with characters that end up feeling like family.

By the way, does anyone know where all of these Trent Kalamack quotes are coming from? Am I missing some extras or some teasers or something? I want inside Trent's head!!!!! View all 17 comments. Sep 20, Tabitha rated it it was ok Shelves: angels-demons , paranormal , weres-or-shapeshifters , witches-druids-shamans , own , vampires , urban-fantasy , magic.

I just recently finished an entire re-read of the series in order to have it all fresh in my mind. I have to say - I love the series overall, but I do not really love Rachel right now. I don't hate her mind you - but a reader rather expects a certain amount of character progression and growth over the course of a long series like this one. I, however, did not feel like she exhibited any during at least a little more than the entire first half of this book plus a number of previous books to ref I just recently finished an entire re-read of the series in order to have it all fresh in my mind.

I, however, did not feel like she exhibited any during at least a little more than the entire first half of this book plus a number of previous books to reflect any of her experiences through the course of the series. People have flaws, that's to be expected - but jeez sometimes I wonder how she has managed to even live this long - sheer dumb luck and having others pull her fat out of the fire??

I was constantly getting aggravated with her while reading this and wanted to ass punch her. That's what left a bad taste in my mouth. If I ever did a reread again I would probably leave this one out of the rotation. The interactions, oh don't get me started, all of them seemed very 'topical' like a itch cream you put on to get past some poison ivy or something. Yeah I threw all the Reallys in there just to annoy you There were of course some saving graces to this book otherwise I would have rated it much lower than a 3 - but for the life of me - I really just can't think of many of them right now.

So call me a Negative Nancy. I still enjoyed seeing the characters I've come to love. There was some nice emphasis on Jenks and Ivy "moving on" with their lives - though I got tired of hearing about Rachel whine about it. I liked the idea of Jenks and Belle getting friendly - it worked for me. Other than that - nothing is coming to mind. Ok, so I change my mind - after writing this - I have to give it a And no I'm not PMSing I just can't justify something higher in my opinion. Though I'm sure many will disagree. View all 4 comments. Oct 07, Mel rated it really liked it Shelves: shapeshifters-or-were-animals , series-i-love , favorite-authors , fantasy-urban-fantasy , vampires , science-fiction-romance , magic-or-witches , paranormal-romance , arc , demons.

Woohoo, lets get out some champagne and celebrate because the girl is finally behaving like she has a head on her shoulders and is actually using it! Yes, I am talking about Rachel. Our girl is finally growing up. The story is every bit as good as Pale Demon. Ivy and Jenks are progressing wonderfully. Al fans will be happy too because he makes several appearances. There are surprises and plot twists to shock, but still no hot and heavy action between Rachel and Trent. I have always been a huge f Woohoo, lets get out some champagne and celebrate because the girl is finally behaving like she has a head on her shoulders and is actually using it!

I have always been a huge fan of Trent and believed with all my heart that he was simply misunderstood. This book will help anti-Trent fans begin to view him as he really is. Again, Harrison has left us with another cliff-hanger and I am breathlessly awaiting next year. I wish she could put out two books a year. This book probably deserves five stars, but I am very impatient and tired of waiting to learn who Rachel will give her heart to.

View all 15 comments. Lately I've become accustomed to a certain irregularity in the latest volumes of this series. From time to time a great story appears, but then one has to drag himself through some pretty boring ones. I loved "Pale Demon" but unfortunately this one wasn't on the same level. First of all, this series has a lot of "crutches" and the author keeps using and abusing them: in all books there's always some level of repetition regarding some aspects.

For instance: Rachel's hormones live on constant overd Lately I've become accustomed to a certain irregularity in the latest volumes of this series. For instance: Rachel's hormones live on constant overdrive. If there's a new guy in town, she'll make sure to notice him and his pecs. Rachel may say that she isn't romantically interested in Ivy, but she will always show some kind of jealousy towards the living vampire; Jenks will be as foul mouthed as possible Also can I say how tired I am of Rachel's reaction to her vampire scar?

As always we will get the same old descriptions on how Rachel's kitchen is As such the stories tend to drag and drag, and it feels as if half of the book is just filled with repetitive filler. As for the story per se in this one, it was interesting, I just wish that what surrounded it wasn't the same old things.

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It depends on how crazy you like your reads View 2 comments. Feb 27, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. Rachel hunts a hate group determined to create its own demon, and she faces changes in both her abilities and her personal life. The first half of the book gets back into an old-school Hollows investigation, but it also emphasizes Rachel's unfortunate tendency to be miserable about whatever circumstances she's in. We get some much-needed separation from Ivy, but a good bit of that time is devoted to conflict with yet another attractive new guy.

It's not that I'm against the introduction of new ch Rachel hunts a hate group determined to create its own demon, and she faces changes in both her abilities and her personal life. It's not that I'm against the introduction of new characters, most of the ones in this book were interesting. But the latest resident of the Vampiric Charms church comes off as a total afterthought.

The last time we see him, he's slipping into unconsciousness as Rachel incapacitates him to run off headlong into danger. There's no mention of the man at all in the weeks-later epilogue, as if Rachel cared as little as I did about the aftermath of that incident. As usual these days, Trent and Jenks are my highlights. Rachel herself appears less competent than she did in the beginning of the series, apparently months had passed but she was still unprepared for being in the field without ley line magic. The book could have used a bit more editing as well.

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Imagery or phrases were sometimes repeated, and I kept getting distracted by unclear sentences and muddy dialogue. I hope the remaining Hollows books keep the focus on Rachel's existing relationships, especially her understanding with Trent. He's the most intriguing character in the bunch, so it would be nice to see Rachel finally start to give him the consideration that he's earned.

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  3. A perfect blood Kim Harrison.
  4. Nov 25, Bookmom rated it really liked it. The coven has recognized that Rachel Morgan is a demon. Al and those in the ever-after believe she's dead and she's wearing a spelled bracelet made by Trent that prevents her from doing ley line magic and keeps her out of the demon collective.

    But all is not well. As far as the government is concerned Rachel is dead, so she can't even get a driver's license or her car registered in her name.

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    And it turns out that since demons don't live in this reality, there aren't any laws protecting their rig The coven has recognized that Rachel Morgan is a demon. And it turns out that since demons don't live in this reality, there aren't any laws protecting their rights. Both David and Trent are working on that for her. When leaving the DMV office after a great deal of aggravation, she's called into a back office where Nina, a live vampire, channels an unnamed dead vampire Rachel encountered once before; the head of the I.

    They'll make sure she gets her driver's license if she'll go to a murder scene with them. It turns out someone had twisted a demon curse to transform a witch into a very malformed demon that died a horrible death and the I. It turns out this is the third body found. Against their wishes, Rachel responds to their blackmail attempts by calling in the FIB since this falls under their jurisdiction. It's the first time the two agencies work together. HAPA is a group that hates anything not human and a sub group has escalated into doing magic themselves to more effectively combat their enemies; and they need Rachel's blood to create their own demons to fight the battles for them.

    Rachel is so worried about protecting her friends that she fears having the bracelet removed, even though Trent is trying to talk her into it. Al believes she's dead; he's going to be rather angry and Rachel fears being made to live full time in the ever-after. But what she finally realizes is that her fear of being whom and what she is is crippling her. Trent and Rachel's relationship is slowly building. Very slowly. I assume that will eventually happen. In the meantime it's somewhat fun to see the one step forward and two steps back dance she's taking, and we're still learning about Trent.

    She still makes some stupid choices, but more often than not she's actually thinking before she leaps. We do see some growth on her part. And she's realizing that Jenks and Ivy are moving on with their lives and she needs to as well. What I really love about this series is that Rachel is constantly growing and the direction in the series gets adjusted every few books to match Rachel's growth and what's important to her. It keeps the series fresh. We also get issues that appear to be either black or white until you begin to see the other side.

    This also adds to Rachel's growth while she balances new understanding with her own rigid morals. I couldn't recall that she'd died, why Al thinks she's dead, or getting the silver bracelet which most think was put on her by the coven. Since this is so important to the story I went back and reread A Pale Demon before going further in this book.

    Reviewed for Amazon Vine Voice Dec 02, Jen Davis rated it really liked it Shelves: hollows , urban-fantasy , arcs. Ever since I finished the amazing and phenomenal Pale Demon , I have been counting the days until I could get my hands on this book. Pale Demon was epic: huge action, major personal developments, and a sweeping array of the major characters in the Hollows universe. A Perfect Blood went in a decidedly different direction.

    The first half of the book was hard for me to connect with. Rachel is being very introspective about the events of the last book and attempting to live her life without the benefi Ever since I finished the amazing and phenomenal Pale Demon , I have been counting the days until I could get my hands on this book. Rachel is being very introspective about the events of the last book and attempting to live her life without the benefits of ley line magic.

    She has been staying away from Trent and trying to find her footing in society now that she is "out" as a demon. As the story begins, she is called in by the IS to consult on a horrific serial killer case, with overtones of demonic magic. It turns out the bad guys are actually trying to turn witches into demons, hoping to use their blood to twist curses. Rachel jumps into the case with both feet. This is partly to avenge the victims, but also partly because she knows she could be an ultimate target. She already has the perfect blood they need.

    In the meantime, Rachel is sporting a new were-bodyguard --and having angst over the fact that Ivy and Jenks seem to be moving on in their lives without her. And all I could think to myself is: this would be so much better if Trent or Al were around. Trent made an innocuous appearance or two early on, but I kept wanting to skip ahead to get to the part where the spark comes back. The book just wasn't doing it for me --until Rachel gets put in big danger around the half-way point.

    That's when the sun came out from behind the clouds. And from then on out, the book rocked. I became more invested in the storyline involving the killers. Al finally made an appearance. And we see more of the "real Trent" beyond his businessman facade. Is there romance? Well, it's complicated. And sometimes ambiguous. And riveting and exciting and frustrating. Rachel is at her best when she embraces who she really is and what she really wants. That's true when she's kicking ass and when she's navigating through her personal relationships. It just took her awhile to get to that point in this book.

    Apr 20, Carly rated it liked it. I'm so looking forward to reading this book. Most of the characters have really annoyed me in this series but I find myself really caring about the outcome - Trent in particular has been spectacularly douchy but I still kind of want him to end up with Rachel but I just don't think she could ever, EVER trust the self serving, manipulative, pointy eared little fruit. All in all this series is bri I'm so looking forward to reading this book. All in all this series is brilliant and definitely worth reading Feb 20, Lina rated it really liked it Shelves: awesome-female-lead , guilty-pleasure , love-interest-had-a-personality , paranormal-romance , urban-fantasy , paranormal-fiction , secondary-characters-ftw , sequel-bait-ending.

    View all 3 comments. Shelves: urban-fantasy , fantasy , paranormal , action-adventure , favorites. Doing a serious happy dance! I've been waiting all year! This series just keeps getting better and better! Short Synopsis: Rachel Morgan is back! However, a human hate group is killing witches and has plans to eradicate anyone non-human.

    Rachel finds herself thrown in the middle as she tries to help the IS and FIB find these murderers, but soon discovers their hidden agenda to use her blood as the catalyst of their non-human species cleansing methods. Review: I had been patiently awaiting the arrival of the next book of this fantastic series, A Perfect Blood.

    Blood pressure: What is normal?

    Whereas the explosive Pale Demon was a fast paced, adventurous thrill ride, A Perfect Blood was a bit slower, less adventuresome but just as amazing, in a different way. We see a different Rachel in this book. Though I liked this Rachel and I think it shows a profound maturity on her part, I did miss that quick and troublesome action she always threw herself in, in previous books. I also think that her time away from her powers has left her a bit crippled. Trent is back in this book and he and Rachel are trying to find common ground after their previous adventures.

    It looks like they are really trying to find out who they are as individuals as well as who and what they can be as friends. There even appears to be a growing romance between them that neither seem to be aware of, at least not consciously. I LOVE that! Weather they ever act on it remains to be seen!

    We also got to see Ceri with her daughter Ray as well as Trent with Lucy. I have always liked Trent, even when he and Rachel were at their worst of odds, but I saw a shift in him during Pale Demon and it was nice seeing a more evolved character in A Perfect Blood. His bad boy act is slowly taking a back seat to his adventurous side and he took action in this book which was awesome!!! In fact, he makes a guest appearance only twice, so that was kind of a letdown.

    I really enjoy seeing Rachel in the Ever-After. And Al is one of my favorite characters! We also find that Ivy and Jenks are living their lives and moving forward as characters, which is terrific. Jenks in particular has some interesting interactions that leave you wondering where that will end up. We also get a few new characters this go around. Nina, a low level living vamp is playing meat suit to the new head IS honcho who seems to really like staying in the basement. I hope we find out more about him in the next book. Conclusion: This book was a terrific read.