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Sisters of Carmel: Consoling Thoughts on Sickness and Death

Selfless: The Story of Sr. Theophane's Missionary Life in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea was written in by a fellow sister of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, but it is just now being published for the first time. Long held in anonymity, Sr.

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Theophane's amazing life of service and apostolic zeal is now finally being revealed to the world. Her story is a breathtaking tale that will inspire a new generation of Catholics to heed the call of service to Christ and others.

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Francis de Sales, the beloved Doctor of the Church, teaches how to grow closer to God through suffering well the most bitter trials. The bed of sickness is an altar of sacrifice, writes the saint in this treasure of spirituality. He explains what prayers are suitable for the sick, how to persevere in patience, and even how to overcome an excessive fear of death.

Most importantly, St.

Francis de Sales teaches about abandonment to God's will in both life and death, drawing from his memories of the deaths of his own mother and sister. Francis de Sales is known to history as the Gentle Saint. Francis was Bishop of Geneva and a tireless preacher, who yet made time to correspond with numerous souls who wrote him for his insight and guidance.

His Consoling Thoughts are compiled from these letters as well as from his other spiritual works. About The Author St.

Bible Verses For The Sick: 20 Comforting Scripture Quotes

His father sent him to a good school when he was young, and he received spiritual formation from the Jesuits. After a disturbing spiritual fear of being condemned, he eventually resolved his problem and decided to dedicate his life to God in He became a doctor of law at the age of 24 at the Jesuit College of Clermont, Paris, and was ordained a priest by Bishop Claude de Granier and stationed in Geneva in He became bishop of Geneva in He was known as a spiritually understanding man as well as a friend of the poor. Though known for his great intellect and theological wisdom, he spoke with simplicity and earnestness, so that all could understand.

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Francis de Sales. Consoling Thoughts on Trials of an Interior Life. The Catholic Controversy.