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The track plays as John Travolta's Vincent Vega character speaks to the coke-snorting Mia Wallace over an intercom, trying to picture just how she looks. As the surf-rock boom of the early Sixties began to take off, the Newport Beach, California—area group the Centurians who later spelled their name properly recorded "Bullwinkle Part II" — a song that would sound like any other surf song were it not for its soulful sax solo.

Incidentally, the same year the group put out that single, , they backed Bob B.

Mia Wallace - Pulp Fiction - Girl, You'll Be A Woman - Urge Overkill

The track accompanies a stomach-knotting scene in Pulp Fiction , as the camera focuses on blood pouring into a syringe as John Travolta shoots up. In , Tarantino emphasized that "Bullwinkle Part II" was score music, as opposed to something Travolta's character would be listening to on the radio. What I don't want to do is, and I see it happen in a lot of movies, [is] just turn up the soundtrack to create a false energy. Chuck Berry wrote "You Never Can Tell," along with "No Particular Place to Go" and "Nadine," while doing time in Springfield, Missouri's Federal Medical Center prison for allegedly bringing a year-old across state lines to have sex with her — which didn't seem to stop him from writing his ditty about a "teenage wedding" and skeptical old folks.

But perhaps more interesting is the fact that rock's great guitar hero hardly plays guitar on his single "You Never Can Tell," which sports heaping helpings of boogie-woogie piano and sax solos — perfect for dancing at Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest in Pulp Fiction. It had a profound effect on him.

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When he was deciding on the music Uma Thurman's character, Mia Wallace, would dance to while John Travolta psychs himself to take her on "not a date," he considered a number of songs, including one by the rockabilly duo the Collins Kids. I played it to Uma; Uma flipped.

Urge Overkill

Diamond has said he was apprehensive about licensing the track, based on the ear-severing scene in Reservoir Dogs , but ultimately he was happy with it — once it sunk in. The only original song on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack is easy to miss in the movie, where it plays dreamily whistling in the background of Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames' pawnshop tussle. When you hit it right, the effect is you can never really hear that song again without thinking about that image from the movie.

No, his first choice was the Knack's "My Sharona. And it just seemed so funny to me. In hindsight, Tarantino has said he's glad it didn't work out because "My Sharona" would have been "too cutely comic.

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Only two of the Statler Brothers were actually fraternal, and none were named Statler, but the funniest part of their name is that they pulled the word "Statler" off a box of tissues. They first got together to open for Johnny Cash, releasing the jangly, whimsical "Flowers on the Wall," with its shout-outs to the game of solitaire and Captain Kangaroo , in On the mono "Just For You" LP as well as on the 45, the strings do not come in until the second verse.

It also has a slightly longer fade.


This version would later be featured in Quentin Tarantino 's film Pulp Fiction. Re-issued as a single, this version achieved some chart success both domestically and internationally.

The song also featured in the second episode of the cult UK series Misfits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Neil Diamond. It might not be a "very young girl" but more of getting into that stage of marriage, relationships, and needs a man as a partner in life. The song sounds like it's a guy who really is in love with her, and maybe he is a "bad boy". They do not see past all of his antics, to the depth of him which really does love her.

He wants to be that man in her life, it could be about losing her virginity.

Surf Music and Seventies Soul: The Songs of ‘Pulp Fiction’ – Rolling Stone

I think he is also asking her to make the choice, that she will be a woman, and she has to take that call to be with him or to leave him. I think it relates to "old" sort of relationships, does not mean she is very young, just that she is coming of that age where you have to begin looking for a guy to get married to, fall in love with. Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

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