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China and Europe post double digit increases in R&D spending

Highlights of sub-forums during Summer Davos. Shanghai woman lives out her dollhouse dream.

Chinese players are joining the global R&D arena

Peking University deputy dean speaks at Summer Davos. Creating a 'toyland' from empty beverage cans.

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Most Viewed in 24 Hours. State Council News.

BMW Group Research and Development Center in China

China demonstrates decision of reform, opening-up at WEF. Prevention and control of African swine fever urged. Top Top 10 regions leading battle against poverty. Editor's picks.

Is China a global leader in research and development?

Their investments are moving beyond the speed of inflation. They are making inroads. We may actually be ahead of that now. Droegemeier indicated that constraints on the U. He added the U.

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  2. China’s R&D spending hits record high.
  3. Letter Written, Left Unsent: Obscurity from a Multiethnic Womans Life.
  4. R&D Spending Around the World;
  5. The Seven Deadly Sins of American Democracy: The Legacy of Slavery.
  6. They understand that scientific discovery and human capital fuel knowledge- and technology-intensive industries and a nation's economic health. The report also looked at public attitudes toward scientists. At a time of declining confidence in most U.

    LiuGong Opens New Global R&D Center in Liuzhou

    Public trust in scientists as institutional leaders is among the highest of any set of leaders in the U. In , 41 percent of the public expressed a great deal of confidence in the leaders of the scientific community, 49 percent expressed some confidence, while only 8 percent expressed hardly any confidence.

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    Report: U.S. Global Lead in R&D at Risk as China Rises | American Institute of Physics

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