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Manitou MT Caterpillar TH Poland Wielkopolskie. France, Pays de la Loire France, Bretagne Italy, Lombardia BG. France, Nord-pas-de-Calais Manitou MRT France, PACA Merlo JCB TM France, Aquitaine France, Poitou Charentes France, Bourgogne France, Alsace Merlo P Merlo P The Geography and Nature of Terre Libre.

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Conclusion: The Artistic Colonization of the Maures. The book, Terre Libre Les pionniers , was written during and , though not published until , and illustrated by Mabel Holland Thomas, an Englishwoman who would later become Grave's second wife. Enormous rising or setting suns fill compositions, their powerful rays emanating to the edges of the frame Fig. An ill.

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As one guidebook, written by a Dr Onimus, put it in That which characterizes the Mediterranean coastal region is the light far more than the temperature. Already, before arriving at Marseilles, one enters into an environment so luminous that no other region of Europe can be compared to it. Not only the southern coasts of the Ocean, but even Madeira, do not enjoy this clear atmosphere, and one could say that, of all the seas, only the Mediterranean possesses these qualities, only it can pride itself on being, as it were, the mirror of the sun.

Certains spots of the Mediterranean have a luminous intensity comparable to that of the Sahara.

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That the neo-impressionists referred to themselves as chromo-luminarists , artists of color and light, and found themselves increasingly attracted to this azure landscape from the early s onwards is not, I believe, mere coincidence. Van Rysselberghe visited frequently from the s onwards, often staying in the homes of his fellow neo-impressionists, Henri-Edmond Cross and Paul Signac Cross moved to the region in , settling in Le Lavandou-Saint-Clair in , and that same year Signac chose Saint-Tropez as the base for his seasonal trips south.

Indeed, Van Rysselberghe wrote so longingly of going south to Gide in December , only a few months after his last visit in September , and by early he would return, seduced by its call. What did it mean to go metaphorically "towards the light," as depicted in Thomas's woodcut? In a specifically anarcho-communist context, its meanings were multiple, but it was especially a reference to the Dawn l'Aube , to life after the complete overthrow of the government in France, the Third Republic and a new beginning of freedom.

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In fact, the rising sun was a symbol of anarchy itself. Van Rysselberghe had symbolized it as a fiery dawn for the cover of La Morale anarchiste , by the prominent anarcho-communist, Peter Kropotkin Visually and textually it looks to Grave and Thomas's Terre Libre as a guide, in order to reread the anarcho-communist content of Maures landscapes by the neo-impressionists. In other words, this article brings the landscape of the Maures to the fore, discussing tourist and geographic sources as well as correspondences amongst the neo-impressionist circle that assigned the Maures region an exotic, even tropical character ripe for colonization.

I therefore aspire to provide a more complex perspective of neo-impressionist representations of the region, arguing that the works are geographically specific and representative of an island-like "free land" within France itself.

My research is indebted to the work of Anne Dymond and Robyn Roslak. This article approaches Terre Libre as a crucial literary and visual representation of the anarcho-communist ideal, in order to draw parallels between Grave and Thomas's conception of a land of liberty and those of the neo-impressionists.